Many Familiar Faces:

This chapter was definitely one for the fans. Golden week has come and gone, and as is all too common, Kubo ended it on a pretty damn good cliffhanger with Grimmjow’s return. But as it turns out, this chapter was even better than last weeks. First off, Grimmjow is still Grimmjow – wanting to fight Ichigo at any given point regardless of how out of place it is. He’s not my favourite character in the series, but at least he’s consistent, so I’m sure his many fans will be happy to see that. Frankly, I care a lot more about Nel’s return (and her return to her adult form). Her reunion with Ichigo was pretty damn cute – as was Orihime’s jealousy – but the best part was her almost-instant switch in mood when she shot Grimmjow down as ‘Number 6’ and basically dismissed how powerful he was compared to her. You can argue about how much the Espada numbers really matter, but I think it is fair to say that Nel (and Harribel) are both stronger than the fan favourite. I would believe Nel having a better chance against the villains that remain that I would with Grimmjow.

We also saw two familiar faces make a surprising return: Riruka and Yukio. First off, I loved Riruka in the Lost Agent arc. I always enjoyed the scenes she shared with the main characters (Ichigo, Rukia, and especially Orihime) and part of me really wanted her to join the main characters for the final arc. Of course, that didn’t happen, but I’m over the moon that she’s back. I expected her to be written out of the series completely, but she’s back with a super cute onesie, and her and Yukio’s powers are being used to set-up an effective counter-attack when the time comes. I’m glad their rather obscure abilities are being put to use, so kudos to Kubo for that. It really does feel like Ichigo’s harem is returning one after the others (except for Rukia – then again the apparent main characters of the series have only had about four scenes together in the past 6 or so years). I’m rooting for IchiHime in the end, and it’s Orihime that’s had the most time with Ichigo this arc, so I can’t complain.

Quincy Waiting Room & Juha’s Absorption:

How many times has Juha absorbed the Soul King now? At least this time it looks like the deed has been done, and I highly expect him to return with a new look. I had to laugh at the Elite Sternritter sitting in the Soul King’s Palace as it were a waiting room, but at least we know they’re all together again and will likely see them in action before too long. I just hope the Royal Guard factor into this as well. Perhaps if Juha becomes the new Soul King then they will be bound to protect him and switch sides? That would even out the numbers on both sides (though the power levels would be very skewered).

Overview – What’s Next?:

As I said, this chapter was for the fans, and as a fan I had a grin on my face the whole way through. It’s fantastic to see familiar faces return and being put to use in the best way possible. The plot is progressing once again and this chapter was quite dense in content, so I hope next week delivers the same enjoyment that the past two have.


  1. The amount of testosterone that would irradiate out of Kenpachi, Kugo, Grimmjow, and Bazz-B being in the same room would cause even Hanataro to grow chest hair.

  2. Juha would surly gotten younger in appearance, perhaps a bit of Soul King’s face and a cameo of Aizen’s face for the Fans and for the Girls. He surly is now Mr. Sexy

  3. Lol, typical grimmjow. In one panel he tells Nel that their strength placement numbers don’t mean anything and then the next panel he literally asks to fight her just to see who is ranked higher.

    1. Makes one wonder if the rest of the Espada have been replaced.

      Anyway, where on earth was Grimmejaw when Hueco Mundo was invaded? I know he was the one that killed Quilge Opie, but what took him so long?

      On the side note- “Inoue…’re probably thinking ‘cripes, why would Urahara-san make soemthing like that..’ but lemme tell you, that’s not it…” Lol, this is something worth noticing; if only Ichigo noticed the same thing Sado noticed from Orihime.

      On the good news, even of Orihime is busy, Nel can use her drool in order to heal Ichigo.

      1. I believe even Grimmjow is not stupid enough to go alone against all the Quincy. And yeah, now that you mention it, it definitely was him. But why didn’t he reveal himself to Ichigo back then? Waited for a ‘cool’ entrance? xD

  4. I swear, Kubo must have had so much fun drawing Nell and Grimmjow’s interactions with each other. Plus it’s great to see Riruka and Yukio back!

    BTW Samu, I would just like to thank you for being so timely with your reviews. You actually post them right on the day a new chapter is released and don’t constantly procrastinate like that lazy bum Prooof who was previously covering Bleach before you. I’m glad that you replaced that sorry excuse of a blogger.

  5. Wow….i guess im not a “fan”….i thought i was, especially sticking with this manga through thick and thin.. but i honestly just now clicked out of it on page 16, didnt even want to read all the bullsh!t they were talking about…

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. I wish Ulquiorra came back, but that ain’t happening. The only probable way to revive him is if Mayuri gathered Ulquiorra’s ashes into a jar and forced it into a gigai, or something.

  7. Squad Zero joining Juha? Please no. We’ve seen enough stupid things in this series already.

    But anyway, that NelxIchigo moment was great, as was Orihime’s reaction, especially with Chad’s remark.

    Now we just need Harribel rescued and join the harem.

  8. One for the fans? Is that sarcasm? Bleach stopped being for the fans ages ago. If it was for the fans it should have ended after the Soul Society arc instead of continually bastardizing everything it once was.


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