「願望」 (Ganbo)

After every great battle comes an aftermath filled with grim reminders. The treatment of the injured, the remembrance of those that didn’t make it, the realization of the fight still yet to come. For some, it’s an important time to rest and recover for the next fight—to take solace in being able to be with friends or family one more time. For others, it’s a time they’d rather not have, the battle preferable to the mental struggles and survivor’s guilt. Whichever boat you’re in, it’s never a great time dealing with the conclusion of such events—even if the battle ended in your favor—and this episode highlights almost everything about what the Sidonia crew are dealing with, especially after Tsumugi’s valiant solo-defensive show.

The thing is, the gloom and doom need not be the highlight in every situation like this, and there’s much to be discussed about how some light-hearted moments, a little bit of encouragement, and some distractions from the big picture are not only welcome, but necessary—both in the context of people fighting and series depicting them as well. If there’s one thing the series does well in particular, it’s the ability to split off serious moments with those of a more comedic nature, and there’s been no shortage of hilarious moments this second season. And while I don’t think any moment’ll beat the rice ball/door moment from a few weeks ago, it doesn’t change the fact that seeing Nagate get smashed in the face and choked half to death was pretty funny in and of itself—serving as a great setup to showcase the kind of person he is and the touching scene of Tsumugi getting a chance to “sneak out” and see actual people going about their daily lives.

More importantly though, the scenes highlight the rapid change in opinion in regards to Tsumugi in general, and it’s a rise that’s not unlike Nagate’s own rise from the title of “rice thief.” Then again, that’s just the kind of place the Sidonia is—one where opinions can change dramatically depending on your heroics in battle—and it’s great to see the parallels between Tsumugi and Nagate—even if the former will likely still have to deal with her physical body being too different to ever live with regular humans in the residential area.

Still, despite all the extra firepower and the recovery of both Tsumugi and Izana, it doesn’t change the fact that Yuhata believes the Sidonia has no chance against the large Hive Cluster. What this dictates is the inevitable reveal of yet more weaponry by Kobayashi, Ochiai, and Co., and it looks like that’ll be exactly what happens if the preview’s to be trusted. Looking forward, it looks like the fireworks are just beginning, and the timing couldn’t be better as we begin to reach the midpoint of the season. Here’s to more Tsumugi heroics and to the power of rice balls! Before that though… please tell me that they’ll show what happens when Nagate stays over at Izana’s house. Because that’s material for comedic gold if I’ll ever seen it…




  1. I liked this was more of a people episode Tsugumi included! Izanz V2 wiil be interesting !
    Samari / Koichi embrace and the rejection was a moment!

    I almost got A Space Odysessy moment when Hoshijiro before Nagate ! Dream or not ?

    Yes Tsugumi was willing to be killed to save Sidonia / Izana and deserves to be a hero after gettng stuff thrown at her!

    Yes the Good Capt has something in the works!

    Tsugumi seems more human than not reading books and being able to see Sidonia’s residental tower again! I just like Sidonia’s vastness and the crazy plumbing all over the place!

    I like in the preview we get to see Yuhata in the model / hobby shop it’s actually important!

    1. Hey, give Tsuruuchi some respect.

      Who scored the most hits from The Ponytails of Sidonia? All he haven’t got is from the number one ponytail in Sidonia. I bet he’s looking for something that would warrant a medal so he can go close enough to Cap’n Ponytail.

      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. i wonder, no one is noticed where Nagate had his head in this Gravitate switching… I just happy, that they do not give us the Gundam Reconogista” joke. Both where having Fear, there was not the time for this kind of emotion. Izana is long a Woman

      Nice, that they remembered it, also in the last Scenes. kawaii face of her, well cached Animators

  2. celebrinen
  3. info600
  4. Loved how this episode started out heavy but ends up being lighthearted in its majority… Nice break from all those tense battle against the Gauna.

    Oregairu has been relentlessly delivering power punches to me every episode so its really nice that Sidonia lightly jab me this time.

    Oh boy! Tsumugi’s tentacles is so KAWAII! Tentacle fetish brought to a whole new different level and light. And there’s that line art showing the tentacle eating in Bear-sama’s diner with Tanikaze and Izana.

    And did Tsumugi actually got jealous when she heard Tanikaze stating Hoshigiro’s name while he was asleep? That’s your mom Mugi-mugi!

    1. She is slowly showing us female touches. Why did she got blushing and sink more into the Bathtub to hide her “Breast”? reaction? And Tanikaze’s question is all out asking a “buddy” to let him sleep over. But her reaction is begin to shift into the Female “harbors”

      Yes, i definitely see some Females reaction on Izana. i wish she could grow Boobs to also show it on the outside

  5. This is sad for all of them.


    Nagate: Still traumatized at the loss of Hoshijiro, haven’t been able to move on. Clings to anything that reminds him of her. Even the fight against Benisuzume can’t give him a proper closure.


    Tsumugi: Likes Nagate, and Nagate is happy to befriend her, but he’s in some unconscious levels attracted to her because she reminds him of her mother.


    A Third Gender. Recently made into a third Cybernetics. Still Third Wheel…

    1. Well, it can not be helped. Tsumugi has the same Voice as Hoshijiro. And i use this to give her Seiyu my respect. She only has very little resources now, to “show” us Emotions. She must compensate it with her emotion in her Voice. i give her Credits for that

  6. Just a quick note, it’s “Senki” not “Seneki”. You can delete this once you’ve read it. Great blog, btw. Your errors are always minor and never as egregious as Gawker Media’s, keep up the good work.


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