Heading for the Palace:

Now that some familiar faces have returned, it shouldn’t be too long before they reach their final destination. We got some more details about their pinpointed location, which is good, but there wasn’t much else to take from this transitional scene. Riruka and Orihime still have their back-and-forth, and Riruka is still a Tsundere-lite. And Chad actually said something this week (he got some dialogue last week as well), so maybe he’ll be relevant again? I kind of doubt that. Regardless, this was a fairly simple first half to the chapter; hopefully the next time we see them they will have already made it to their location.

The New Soul King:

I’m glad Juha’s absorption of the Soul King wasn’t dragged out too long. I said last week that I expected to see a new badass design, and we certainly got something… different. I don’t know how to react to the seven-eyed black goo monster that Juha has become. I’m with Askin on this one – he’s just plain creepy, but clearly the power is overflowing from him. We see Soul Society/Vandenreich start to crumble far below. We don’t know how exactly, but if Juha is the new Soul King, his already overpowered arsenal of abilities has just reached god-like heights. How the hell is this guy going to be defeated? He can see the future, has Yamamoto’s immense bankai, was able to defeat the strongest Shinigami in a 1v1 battle with some simple quincy abilities, and he’s only getting more power as time passes. He has to lose in the end, but I just don’t see how that will come about. There must be some major flaw to all this – I just hope it doesn’t feel contrived when its revealed.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Not as good as the past two chapters, that’s for certain. Juha’s reveal was memorable, even if his new form is questionable. It’s creepy, but not exactly what I was expecting out of the final villain. Maybe he’ll change over the course of several chapters like Aizen did. If it meant a better look than this one, I wouldn’t complain. There were some nice character moments this week (the Sternritter’s reactions, Orihime and Riruka, and Ichigo and Grimmjow), but it wasn’t enough for this chapter to stand out on its own, especially compared to what we’ve been getting as of late.


  1. Isn’t it more important, that Yhwach is the new Soul King and thus can’t be killed without destroying the world? I think it’s a given that Squad Zero now switches sides and protects the new one. Maybe Urahara will too? I wonder what kind of world Yhwach wants to create, hopefully it will reveal how things were before the Shinigami.

    1. I think now is a good chance for the Royal Guard to show their abilities if they’re bound to serve the Soul King, even if it is Juha. Also, whenever I thought about how Bleach could end, Ichigo becoming the Soul King was one of those options I can up with. That seems even more likely now if he defeats Juha and decides to take the role in order to maintain balance.

      1. I think that most people think that Ichigo is going to be the next soul king. Personally I hope Urahara becomes the next soul king. Besides a good king can’t act off of pure emotion and make rash decisions the way Ichigo does.

        Red Alchemist
      2. The next Soul King?

        If it’s not:

        Humans faction (Can a Human be the next Soul King anyway?)

        Ichigo, he is to short tempered. He is a Fighter, and extremely focused in defending his Friends in need. So no

        Glass-kun, it’s Ichigo Quincy Friend. He may have a cool head, but he still have to deep Bonds with Ichigo, that Ichigo would not be happy about it. he would fight for his sake against the Soul Kings curse…

        Sado-kun, he it still in development. His Mysterious Powers and Armor that come with that, is still a big Mystery. And he is also a Fighter, that deeply trust Ichigo. And here also the Bond with him is in the Way, also here Ichigo would fight the Soul Kings curse

        Orihime, There is still the big Mysterious Powers like Sado-kun. Her Power is perhaps on the same par as Ichigo or behind. all thiks aside, the bond with Ichigo is the same. Also here he would fight against her Soul Queen curse

        Shinigamis (There is reasonable way to be Next Soul King. Alone their Lifespan and Body)

        Rukia, i think Nii-sama will accept it inside his Head. But Nii-samas heart will not allow that. I think he would sacrifice himself to spare her Soul Queen fate…

        Well, to cut short

        The only one that are reasonable to be Soul King, is The “Guy with this Hat!”.. Yes that Trained Ichigo and is friend of Yorichi-sama. Because he knows what comes with this Soul King curse, and i think he is the best suited to carry it on his Shoulders, for the Universe sake.

        If there are allowed to have for every World an King (to share the Black goo Powers), then for
        Huenco-mundo is:
        Grimmjaw (he is well known on the Fans. Because the temporary Queen got taken out of the Quincys and looks like she got not threaten very well.. Thats the curse of sexism Picture…). The best Men suited for be King is already turned into Dust. There is no way back here…

        Human-world is:
        Kisuke Urahara would fit here. because he spend a Lot of time in this World. Well, yes. he also could fill in the Shinigami world. so here a 50/50 change

        Shinigami is:
        Well, this is more troublesome. The Old Captain Commander is no more, or they can revive him through his Sword Hilt spirit.. is the Sword not a piece of their Spirit Body?
        Someone of the Old Gang, could do it. They live alone that long to have this responsibility to carry on. i my case the current Captain Commander is fit for this, even if he has a weakness against Woman :). Yes, Shunsui Kyroaku, he could share his fate with his Buddy (if he survives the last Arc of course). or the previous Kenpachi is not dead, these Three could be the Rulers of Shinigami World. overlooking the different Timelines where the Souls come from and such. One Ruler (real Soul king) Fighter (like the old Captain commander) and Supporter (politics to run the Social lines in the World)

        So that is my deep thought, in how are fitted to be the Next Soul King guessing

  2. I really think Aizen is going to take over as soul king. Whether or not he’s forced to do it or does it willingly I don’t know, but I just have a feeling he’ll somehow fill the gap that Juha leaves when they defeat him.

    This Guy
  3. I got Father vibes from Yhwachs new form. It’s the eyes and darkness that gives it that vibe. Coincidentally Father absorbed God just like Yhwach. Anyway, I like this. Villains should be powerful, especially the final villain.

    1. I like powerful villains as well, but this guy’s a little too powerful for my taste imo. He seemed pretty invincible to me back when he stole Yamamoto’s bankai, but now this is just insane. I expect those godlike powers to be nullified somehow, however. Maybe the Soul King’s remaining limbs will play that role.

  4. Well, perhaps they (Ichigo an co) can strip this Black Power goo Mantle of from Yhwach, like some cloth piece, and then the goo act like T-1000 and return to be Spirit King…

    1. The Black Goo is right now used as some sort of Extreme Power Booster, everybody could shed it of from him and just wear it himself. Perhaps the one truly Compatible with the Black Goo, can absorb it right, and we see an Hybrid new Person. With dual Personalities.. And as God he can revive the Dead Captains.. Deus Ex Machina at is best

      Well, or perhaps 2-3 Persons can wrap inside this Goo to share the Incredible Power output that even Yhwach can not use 100%, and nothing spills out anymore

      Btw, we still do not saw anything from the “2nd Born” Quincy. I bet his Time to shine is near

  5. This was the first issue that I didn’t bother reading and just skipped through by just looking at the pictures. Loved this series back in the day but now it’s just so slow, boring and lame in so many ways. It honestly feels like a chore when reading the latest issue.


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