The Door/Garganta Finally Open:

I usually don’t subscribe to the notion that nothing ever happens in a Bleach chapter. For the most part, I think it’s just a lazy excuse used by those who don’t care for the series and are reading it just for completion sake. Chapter 627, however, was the closest to ‘nothing happens’ that I’ve ever read. At least with last week’s chapter we saw Juha’s new form, this week we just had some rather dull conversations between the characters, followed by the world continuing to crumble, along with an abundance of reaction shots. One thing I did like was the interaction between Ichigo and Riruka. There has been a focus with Ichigo and one particular girl in the past few chapters, and this time it was Ichigo’s time to appreciate Riruka’s love for all things cute. It was sweet, and much like Nel in the previous weeks, it casts her aside as the final love interest (not that either of them had a chance). It’s going to be Orihime, or Rukia, or nobody in the end. This arc seems to point to Orihime, and I have a bias towards that pairing, so time will tell.

Another good thing was that the travelling is over, and the door down below is finally complete. It took far, far too long, but we got there in the end. This reiatsu-door has been one of my least favourite parts of this entire arc, and I still think it could have been done in two-three chapters instead of however many it ended up taking. Other than that, this chapter didn’t accomplish much. The Soul Palace has been changed to Vandenreich architecture, so that may spell some changes going forward.

Overview – What’s Next?:

A disappointing chapter, but hopefully this means that now that the two sides of the battle are arriving at the final battlefield, this could be the beginning of the end. The build up to this epic climax has been so long that I can’t predict how long the action is going to last. Hopefully we get a good amount of fights with characters that are still to reveal their abilities before Ichigo has his showdown with Juha Bach. This chapter got the characters where they needed to be, let’s just hope the wait was worth it.


    1. If you look at Chapter 542 of Gintama (titled, “Shinigami”), there is a villain who got introduced called Utsuro. He uses Tensa Zangetsu.

      Both Kubo and Sorachi (the author of Gintama) are well known trolls. Gintoki (the main character of Gintama) can see spirits, use Final Getsuga Tensho and also has a spirit (Lake Toya) living inside his sword. Both MCs have met each other before.

      Given these facts, what do you think of the chances that one or even both authors are setting us up for something?

      1. Gintama have had a lot of cross over with lots of different mangas, so I’ll probably rule out the idea of Bleach trying to be ‘funny’ and bring the Gintama universe into Bleach’s.

        In that sense, Bleach’s story is more of the serious kind rather that Gintama’s candid and spontaneous type.

        Tan Ah Kao
  1. i mean, how many Chapter was there to build this freaking Spiritual Door? I bet, this Door will lead to random place, as they planes before. a detour of the original Plan to stretch out the “Last Arc”?

    Introduce us old “lovely” Enemys, to take the away the next chapter. Some sweet cookies for the fans, and then yell at the Fans for not getting Fat…

    I do hope, they do not need “Tomtom” Navigation System now in the Sereitei, after the rebuilding. If they now need another Chapter to find out the Way to the King, then i really drop this Manga. It would be sad, but not impossible for me. Even if it a long running Manga Pal. You can not kick our fantasy with feet as your please.

    Gods need worshipers to pray for them, not Slaves…

  2. I can show you the woooorld,
    Shining, shimmering, splendid
    Tell me, princess, now when did
    You last let your heart decide?

    huh Kubo??? when are you gonna let your F@$king heart decide already?!?!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. I think that Ichigo will end up with nobody. Canonically, I believe he has feelings for Rukia, and I believe Orihime’s so-called women’s intuition misfired heavily when she became convinced that Uryuu made Rukia a great dress because he liked her. More like Uryuu could see that Ichigo fancies Rukia. And even Orihime herself has gotten jealous during the Arrancar arc, showing that deep down, she might know that as well.

    Oh, yeah, and there’s this here.

    1. As one final troll at the very end of the series there will of course be no romantic pairing, Ichigo will end up friend-zoning everyone because Kubo hates you all.

  4. So apparently, Memories of Nobody is now canon. Yoruichi looked really scary. Also I don’t think this is the final battle. Ichigo and the shinigami are too weak and there are too many mysteries, which Kubo said will be relevant, unsolved. I think this confrontation will not end well and Ichigo has to escape using Yukio and Riruka as an convienient means.

  5. Rukia vs. Orihime depends on how Ichigo ends up. If the series ends with him a human and living in the real world then its probably Orihime. If he ends up as a Soul Reaper/Quincy hyrid living somewhere other then the real world then probably with Rukia.

    The third likely option tho might be that Kubo will choose to have him end up with no one and he will troll the fans. At least Naruto had a satisfying conclusion with Naruto/Hinata and Sasuke/Sakura. The new manga series there is enjoyable with the next generation of ninjas.

  6. Kubo better pick up the pace next week.
    This chapter is just pitiful. Like he’s just drew a lot of face closeups to get through the entire chapter for this week’s quota.

  7. Sorry to ask this, but I don’t know where to post in appropriate place.

    Is no one interested in blogging the new Naruto Gaiden manga? Considering the story is surprisingly good (IMO) and it just lasts for 10 chapters, I think it won’t take too much time and energy to blog its every chapters.

    Thank you.

    1. I’m enjoying the Naruto manga too. In fact I like it better then Bleach. Kubo is ruining the cool parts by stretching them out so much with chapters where nothing at all really happens. At this rate Bleach manga won’t be done til 2017.

  8. Except…nothing really do happen. It doesnt take 18+ pages to show ONE page of relevant content/revelation. Look how much stuff games jam packed in one chapter of One Piece. Hell even Naruto Gaiden shows so much in one chapter right now.

    People arent saying “Nothing happened this chapter” to be funny/trolling. THey mostly do it out of frustration of Kuno’s continuous stalling and how he’s been getting away with it for years within his Publisher.


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