「鳴動」 (Meido)

I would stand in line for this. There’s always room in life for this.

Indeed there is. When it comes to Tanikaze’s heart, there’s always more room for food, and everyone knows it. The keys to his undying affection are in his stomach, and this week’s all about the ever growing harem forming around him. Not only does he live with two people who clearly have feelings for him, he gets visited by another, and has yet one more prepping to give him even more of the rice balls he loves. The fact that a fellow pilot invites him to dinner and gets charmed by him adds another to the mix (potentially), and why not? With his godly piloting skills and suave lines—I’LL LISTEN TO YOUR STORIES ANYTIME!—he’s the cream of the crop. I’d want to photosynthesize with him. Maybe. I’d rather be him though… minus the constant abuse and injuries.

Ahem* In any case, one of the things I continue to be amazed about is how well they’re flipping between adrenaline filled Gauna combat and the more comedic moments. Put together, this mixture makes you realize how the people of the Sidonia universe are still trying to live their lives despite the circumstances, and it really puts things into perspective. At this point they know that every sortie could be their last, and despite the ominous clouds overhead at all times, they pick themselves by enjoying the little things. Clearly Tanikaze enjoys food more than anything else, but it’s nice to see how people are also just engaging in plain tomfoolery, reading books, building model kits, and other similar activities. Granted, the same situation is unlikely to be reflective of everyone on the Sidonia, but there’s no denying that they’re setting a potential example here of things we could learn from regardless. That is, to be people who are more appreciative of what we have in our lives, while also realizing just how lucky some of us are to be able to even make/read posts like this.

Moving back to the story itself, the large hive cluster’s initial assault on the Lem Star System heralds the likely start of a series of battles, and it brings with it the question of what risks need to be taken to gain the reward of a star system without Gauna. The Captain obviously believes the Graviton Beam Emitter to be worth that reward, but it’s clear there’d be some disagreement among the crew members if word ever got out about what happened—especially from Samari, who gets a nice moment in the spotlight as a squad leader who’s painfully aware of the fight ahead of them and the responsibilities she has. The new Gardes Independent Support System highlights the measures they might have to take to win, and in this context, I find it a bit sad that she didn’t get to “photosynthesize” with Tanikaze before the fighting starts. There may yet be plenty of chances later though and I guess we’ll see. I just hope it doesn’t end like the rest of the song I referenced back up top…

Then it fell apart, it fell apart. Like it always does, always does.




  1. info600
    1. I do not run with the Self-destruct theories. Its purpose was an Gravity Weapon, so i think he suck that much Energy out of Sidonia to try creating something similar as an Black Hole. But then there would be much greater impact on the surrounding of the Hole. The “gravity” that pull the Doctor and everybody else out into Space was decompression of Air.

      My guessing? I think this Cannon will have an comeback. He done some sort of Time and Space Jump, and took the remaining Guardians. Perhaps we will see some sort of Male Benizume’s now. Remember they vanished without a trace. Or it really was an mini-black hole incident

      1. Or perhaps it self destructed BECAUSE it is a GBE. If the monstrous recoil can’t reach the Sidonia, there is only one option left to live up to the name of Armbreaker 9000.

  2. “Photosynthesizing” with Tanikaze… did Samari meant going bare naked together with Tanikaze and you know… going all the way? Samari is drunk anyway.

    Also, damn evil space suit. Ejecting the wearing bare naked when something’s off. Where can I buy it?

    1. Well, the Suit was not designed to been worn by a Female.. What are the differences of an Female Body to Males?

      Chest, and Hips. So the Body had the strength of Plant Roots and rip the Suit apart that “self destruct” to protect the user

  3. I felt that pain of panel housing, neighbor burps and i hear it, he takes a piss and i hear it, Tanikaze’s house might be good looking but it’s walls are made of 4 inch cardboard.

    1. Remember how Nagate was looking for a house with A LOT of pipes for Tsumugi to use during last week’s ep?

      …yeah, all those pipes are coming back to haunt him (well, more on Izana’s expense than anything)

      1. It’s definitely the Nudifier beam from Blame! Gakuen. If Izana was anything like Cibo, Tanikaze would had been skewered with laser beams by now (then again Tanikaze is nothing as durable as Killy).

  4. Izana has lot of changes from her prosthics to becominng a female which set up some funny moments. Like you said life itself doesnt change even if you are on a space voyage! Romantic encounters will occur except Nagate is caught uo in it!

    Kunato /Occhai are dangerous ! I admire the Captain for pushing the weapons but at what cost! But remember our space program we had setbacks too!

    Now Yuhata is staying at the Nagate pad! We will see how that goes! BTW poor Sasami is human too nor only needs but some doubts as Guardian CMDR!

  5. Tentacle girl is right though….

    She does look impressive with her uniform on

    Tentacle girl must be thinking of hot and steamy tentacle action with Izana

    And seriously won’t someone just take her already? I think if Tanikaze was born 10 years earlier, he’d fall head over heels for her. Than again, not that many Sidonians have good taste in ladies.

    I’m not sure who’s more dense… Tanikaze or a certain IS pilot

    1. No one is denser than Ichika. Nagate just hasn’t been around humans growing up, Ichika has no excuse.

      The superiority of ponytailed women has long been confirmed. By real science. But I still like Yuhata, I hope they show her moment of awesome (massive spoilery spoiler) Show Spoiler ▼

      Re: Samari, someone would have taken her already if it wasn’t for her megaton punch. I bet if Sei asked her she’d be interested. A similar thing with Sasaki, not many people are dumb enough to try something when she has her wrench.

    1. I am the Plant, want you be my bee?

      If you want to speak through nature. But then, it only works if the other Part knows what function the Bee has on a Plant..

    1. She was upset because she could still hear them talking up in the bathroom, which means Nagate could hear them when they were talking about her becoming a girl maybe because she was interested in a guy.

  6. ooh god they put the ramen scene in it, first the riceball door and now this one.
    i most definetly cant wait for the others.
    that said was wondering where they were going with the cannon seeing its anime original.
    and it did not disapoint, double edge weapons can be quite painful if you dont take GREAT care in the handling with properknowledge part.

    1. It’s been a while since I read that part of the manga, but I do remember the GBE cannon blowing a hole in the side of the ship. That said, the presentation was different, and the cannon scene in this episode is anime-original. In other words, (to avoid spoilers for the anime-only viewer) the end result is the same in both the anime and source material, but how it happened is different.

      1. This gauna GBE is anime only. I’m starting to suspect an anime only end here, it’s already half way through this cour and an S3 is not certain so they might want to wrap it up now.
        Polygon could finally give me a damned Blame series in return for ending Sidonia prematurely.


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