This week’s chapter was less about any of the characters as it was about the location all the characters have found themselves in. We get to see both sides of the counter force appear at opposite ends of the new Soul King’s Palace, and I quite like the new look. For a final battlefield I think this chapter did a good job at setting up how it could be used for future fights. Obviously, the quincies have the advantage right now, and a palace that is beneficial to them is just one more thing to add to that overpowered list. If the Royal Guard have to fight for Juha Bach as well (which is my prediction) then I’m going to be seriously interested how this is even going to be a fair fight. Other than introduce the Wahrwelt and setting up what could come in the following weeks, this was yet another slow chapter with little overall progress. The past few weeks (or months, more like it) feel like we’ve been slowly building up to this final conflict. I’m still excited for what’s to come, but I just hope it starts soon.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Yoruichi’s brother’s death flag is even more massive now. He’s a sweet kid, but I can just see his death pushing Yoruichi over the edge (hopefully she has a rematch with Pernida). Shunsui’s mention of Ukitake didn’t feel like a true reflection of his feelings, especially if Ukitake has lost his life at this point. There were a few noteworthy character moments this week, but it wasn’t enough to make this chapter anything noteworthy in the grande scheme of things. The battlefield is set, everyone who is due a fight is on the scene – let’s get the match-ups started so we can finally see all those unreleased shikais, bankais, ressurections, and other powerups. If Kubo delivers some impressive battles worthy of the very last conflict of the series, then I’ll be happy. But the sooner, the better.


    1. To be fair, she’s so short that if I kept her face it would cut out everyone else’s. I had to make a difficult decision, and Rukia’s shortness got the better of her again.

  1. You must understand, the last Chapters he was Hospitalized or had problems with his health. So, i can understand the “nothingness” in the last ones, this go forth and back, i just gave my thoughts (without deeper meaning). So, i just hope that he recovered now much to draw the final arc steps. knowing his style he will give us 1vs1 fight with the Private Bodyguards, where Nr.2 would be the pre last enemy. But he made it so, that they do not need to search for the “king”

  2. Wahrwelt apparently means True World. I wonder if this indicates that the afterlife of the Shinigami is false and that there was another system before the Soul King was created.
    For some reason this doesn’t feel like the final battle. Maybe it’s because Ryuuken, Isshin and Ginjo are absent or because there are many backstories we need know or maybe because of the nine days thing, but I think Ichigo is going to loose this one and has to try again another time.

  3. Uh how can the good guys turn this around, the main villain has killed god and taken his place and is now unstoppable, hell he was unstoppable before he killed god and stole his power. And here what is left of the soul reapers actually believe they stand a chance, at best their nothing more than amusement for juha bach, court jesters.

  4. Making Squad Zero serve Juha is probably one of the worst thing Kubo could do at this point. He already flopped their intro by having all of them but 1 defeated off screen. There’d be practically no redemption for them if they all the sudden became turncoats.

    1. Yep, they are also Living Creatures (yes, they are technical Dead) with their own free will. They are not “NPC’s” that serve to the World mechanics. So Zero Squad autojoin the New King? Ridiculous.

  5. I was just thinking…

    After World Trigger ends with 50 episodes, maybe we are going to get Bleach another time, in its place?(or does TV Tokyo has some kind of copyrights?)

    It’s the only long-running anime I could think of ending right now that could make a space for Bleach (even if it’s a morning show)

  6. >] “Yoruichi’s brother’s death flag is even more massive now. He’s a sweet kid, but I can just see his death pushing Yoruichi over the edge (hopefully she has a rematch with Pernida).”

    Mayhaps we’ll finally see Yoruichi get her sword out for once? Possibly? Maybe? If it takes her little brother’s death to give her sufficient motivation, it better be a helluva blade she’s been keeping in its sheath, that’s all I can say.

    Ryan Ashfyre

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