Set-up for Matches:

Finally, we’re getting back to the good stuff. It was still a little slow in how it progressed, but at the very least there was enough dialogue and well-drawn panels (and lots of backgrounds!) to keep me from being bored. Kubo has taken his time to gather everyone together (and then separate them again) so in a way it’s good to see that he hasn’t forgotten about any particular character. Now that the different groups have emerged, and the Elite Sternritter are setting out to fight them, I’m interested to see how that plays out. Askin is first, coming across Ichigo’s group. Unless the Royal Guard step in, these fights may end up just being a chance for some group combat and displays of powers – I can’t see any of the Elite Sternritters defeating a bulk of opponents that easily. Grimmjow stepping forward was good to see, as well. Hopefully we’ll just straight into the action next week.

Good Comedy is Funny:

There’s been some moments of comedy inserted here and there in the past few chapters, but this chapter gave me the most laughs in weeks. All of that comes down to Mayuri and Kenpachi, the two captains who despise each other and are the opposites in just about every way possible. I don’t know what exactly Mayuri was planning to do once he was broken off from the group, but that might be put on hold now that the 11th division (and Hanatarou) are tagging along. I’m genuinely excited for the prospect of Mayuri and Kenpachi teaming up to take someone down. It’d have to be a strong opponent, but that would be one battle to look forward to. My prediction would be Gerard, possibly.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Much better than the past few weeks. Kenpachi and Hanatarou taking a leak in the time of need was pretty damn funny, and it seems like we’re finally getting ready for some battles. That may make the chapters quicker to read, but if there’s a good display of new abilities then I think it will be worth it. Also, the Sternritter group have already made it to the Quincy palace, so I expect their efforts will merely serve as a measure to Juha and Haschwalth’s powers.


  1. My first thought after reading this chapter was “Goodbye Giselle, Bazz, and Liltotto.” It just screams Death Flag. Only other thing that was worth talking about was Grimmjow straight up attacking Askin instantly lol. Like a boss!

    This Guy
  2. It’s strange that Askin of all people is going to face Ichigo’s group. They are ill-suited to fight him. What can Grimmjow do against his Deathdealing ability? Not much. I also doubt that anyone except Ichigo is stronger than the RG. Other matchups would imo be:
    Mayuri’s group vs Ishida
    Shunsui’s group vs Gerard, Lille and maybe Pernida
    Haschwalth vs the Sternritter
    But something doesn’t feel right about the wholesituation. It’s probably going to end in a disaster and a failure for the protagonist soon.

    1. Captain Yamamoto, Vice Captain Sasikibe, Captain Rose is a zombie, Vice Captain Kira, Captain Unohana, Captain Kensei is a zombie, Captain Hitsugaya is a zombie, Vice Captain Matsumoto is a zombie, Vice Captain Yachiru, and Captain Ukitake.

      The list is actually pretty long if the zombie characters stay dead after all this.

      This Guy
      1. Rumor has it for years that she is actually Kenpachi’s bankai spirit.He said he never heard his sword but she appeared around the same time and they have been together ever since. So popular rumor is that she is his sword spirit.

  3. Bleach has been in the bottom 5 in Shonen Jump Rankings for the past 6 weeks. The possibility of it getting cancelled is pretty high if it continues this trend for a few more weeks. If Kubo keeps writing crap like this its inevitable.

    1. Nevermind 6 weeks, Bleach has consistently been in the bottom 5 for about 4 years now. But, it’s the 18th best selling manga of all time and the 8th best-selling WSJ manga. Bleach is a special case, since it doesn’t need promotion with it’s steady – albeit lower since the anime ended – volume sales. It will end when Kubo pleases, which could take a while going by the recent pacing.

  4. Things of relevance that happened this chapter: Kenpachi and Mayuri breaking off from the main squad, and Grimjow attacking Askin.

    Number of pages it took: 3

    1. and the betrayed Sternritters, got her own Sun Gate and ended directly on the Top of the Building. But i bet they wait until the others arrive. i do not think they want to try alone head-on the King


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