「それぞれの、掌の中の灯が照らすものは。」 (Sorezore no, Tenohira no Naka no Akari ga Terasu mono wa.)
“The Thing That the Light in Each of Their Hands Shines On.”

Oh Hachiman, if anyone is deserving of a harem, it’s probably you.

It’s been a real treat seeing Hachiman grow like this. Without discarding the straightforwardness and sugar-free speech that we respect Hachiman for, he’s discarded the pariah mentality in favor of something more honest to his desires–a desire for something genuine. What that genuine is can’t be specifically pinned down, though I’m sure most of us can feel what Hachiman means. If Yui, Yukinon, and Iroha can be moved and understand Hachiman’s raw intent, then so can we. It takes guts for Hachiman to have really put himself out in the open, in such a vulnerable manner, but it is paying off tremendously. By solving the root cause of his problems–finally being true to one’s desires–a huge number of issues resolve itself in the process. A lot of these effects get glossed over due to the show rushing through the conclusion (presumably to make enough time for the next arc), but the fact that we do get these conclusions after all is a great reward after the fiasco that was a stumbling and pensive few episodes. Iroha has gained confidence in her abilities (and in others), Yukinon is slowly discovering her purposefulness, the Christmas party is a success, Rumi finally gets the attention she deserves, Orimoto is being way more respectful of Hachiman, and as a cherry on top, we get a few seconds of Kawasaki and her cute sister. I am saddened that all of these conclusions had to be glazed over, but given how well the show has played through the actual conflicts themselves, I can forgive the show for not having enough episodes to fit everything in.

It’s also saddening that this season is coming to a close, since I feel like I haven’t had enough Hachiman and friends to really feel satisfied. In fact, I would’ve gladly welcomed a two-cour for this series, if not to just continue the show even longer, but also to make sure that this next arc concerning the Yukinoshita family doesn’t either end on a cliffhanger or is concluded in a rushed manner. However, considering the amount of source material available (or so I hear), this isn’t a feasible wish. It’s just that in all of my years of blogging, it’s been rare to see any show approach the levels of carefully crafted drama and simultaneously realistic and deep commentary that Yahari has had to offer. It’s been such a ride that at times, it is both hard to write about the show’s complexity, yet engaging enough to want to overcome those barriers. Perhaps that’s also a consequence of a show that touches on subjects that even we do not have the answers to. A charm that Yahari keeps close to its heart is the willingness to engage that it won’t have a perfect solution or a grand insight in the end. It is a show that, even in episode 10, admits fully that there is still so much to be fought through and resolved, that no answer that will come up will be easy. Yukino is still struggling with her self-identity and family issues, Yui struggles to get closer to Hachiman, and Hachiman himself is still on the lookout for his genuine connection. We’ve got a few more episodes to go, but it looks like one of these three will be dealing with their issues sooner than the rest.

Comments are always appreciated and thanks to everyone for putting up with my tardiness once again! Here’s to enjoying those last few episodes in what has been one of the most engaging series this season.

End Card


  1. note how iroha says that rejections would help make the person more conscious of them, and remember how many times she has rejected hachiman.

    id really like an iroha ending, maybe not even as a romantic partner but a good companion for hachiman. she’s one of the few girls who didnt discriminate or be disgusted with him, hell she’s one of the few who follows his advice without doubt and really shows that she appreciates his help even when he hasnt done much.

    I put her up there just above komachi and hiratsuka sensei, the characters who arent that bothered with his personality and methods.

    1. I don’t think anyone’s a better fit than Shizuka. She knows him so well, its almost like they are two halves of the same whole. Even Hachiman himself thinks so. The most important thing is being with someone who you can be open with and tell everything to, no matter what it may be, and Shizuka is that woman for Hachiman.

      1. as mecha said, shizuka is kinda off the table due to their age difference, which hachiman himself has said, or at least for now. maybe in the far away future once hachiman becomes an adult, he’d take her if he hasnt found anyone.

        same reason for komachi really. id like it to be her too but even hachiman denies incest.

    2. Following the example of another popular Light Novel where the protagonist chooses a girl other than the two “primary” love interests, I think that Hachiman has at least three girls that suit him better than Yui or Yukino.

      Iroha is naturally contender #1, even her rejections of him have changed in tone from “no way in HELL” to “maybe later”. They’re both schemers and sly, they both know that about each other and if Hachiman is looking for an honest relationship, Iroha is actually the best choice since they both accept that they’re kinda dishonest.

      Hachiman has stated that if Shizuka-sensei were ten years younger or he were ten years older, he would have fallen desperately in love with her. However I have the feeling that a 16 year old Shizuka would have simply shoryuken-ed Hachiman if he had confessed to her. ^_^” As it stands now, she certainly knows him best outside of his own family and she does have some affection for him but their relationship as a mentor and student might colour their feelings and make a romance difficult.

      Hina is the dark horse candidate but like Iroha its a relationship based off their mutual flaws. They are both rotten human beings and need someone who can accept that part of their personality. Hina is also fully aware of Hachiman’s good side after witnessing it for herself in Kyoto and seems amenable to a romance with Hachiman, guilt over the fallout notwithstanding. Plus its the only relationship where they seem to be easily comfortable with each other. While it would be hilarious for Miura to get that traumatized look when she realizes that Hina is getting married before she is, for Yui… not so much. It would be also the relationship between a house husband and a stay at home wife. A hikkomori family… ~_~

      All bets are off naturally if we are suddenly introduced to Saika’s identical twin sister who also has his sweet personality.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Yahari%20Ore%20no%20Seishun%20Rabukome%20wa%20Machigatteiru/Yahari%20Ore%20no%20Seishun%20Love%20Comedy%20wa%20Machigatteiru.%20Zoku%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2030.jpg

    The lolis are strong in this one……. I’ll turn myself in now…

    On a serious note, I think Yukinon is being forced into a marraige interview or something. This obviously have something to do with Hayama. What ever it is, its gona be awesome!

    Note: I am an anime-only fan so I could be wrong.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Yahari%20Ore%20no%20Seishun%20Rabukome%20wa%20Machigatteiru/Yahari%20Ore%20no%20Seishun%20Love%20Comedy%20wa%20Machigatteiru.%20Zoku%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2031.jpg
    At least we got a little bit of Saa-chan and her little sister, though I kinda wish there was more time to fit in their earlier scenes, since they’re enjoyable.

    Oh Yui… *facepalm*

    As far as source material goes, we’re currently into vol. 10 material, which is the last one currently published of the main story. There is a drama CD which has been translated over at Kyakka, under “Vol 6.5 Bonus Track”, if you want to know how they spent their Christmas. It’s a side-story, but it has a nice Christmas song sung by Yui’s and Yukino’s seiyuu.

    1. Don’t forget 10.5, which has some really good side stories in it, and 11 will come out in 10 days. (Already on my wish list.)

      To be safe (it’s not a plot spoiler, but it’s book-based discussion)
      Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Another source of Fluffy episode in the Fu**ed-up RomCom of Hachiman’s life. As time passes, I’m starting to wonder if Iroha has developed feelings for Hachiman.


    This scene has some fluff though

    On Yukino’s case it is also starting to show but not on this episode but rather in the last episode


    This episode though thoroughly shown it in the scene where Haruno called Yukino. And Yukino’s expression when she saw both Hachiman and Yui together in the Mall.

    On another note though, I wonder what is the riddle they are talking about.

    Another side note. Those meetings are really giving me a headache. Glad to see it is finally over.

    Last side note. Is this another social suicide of Hachiman?


  5. good anime gods… where can I start?
    -Iroha first crying on Hachiman’s shoulder, then asking him to TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY for SOMEONE ELSE REJECTING HER!!!! – and in such cute way I can’t blame her…
    -Yukinon demolishing the corporate slang club, and forming succesful strategy for event
    -Orimoto growing up a little and offering some respect to Hachiman
    -Komachi the best wingsister, setting up Hachiman twice into 1on1 dates (not her fault Yukino’s sister had to ruin the situation on second one… Elder Yukinoshita is kinda, reverse Komachi, revelling in sowing destruction and tormenting own sibling)

  6. “though I’m sure most of us can feel what Hachiman means. If Yui, Yukinon, and Iroha can be moved and understand Hachiman’s raw intent, then so can we.”

    Well, I can’t, someone explain this shit to me. o_o’

    1. In short, Hachiman wants to genuinely care about Yui and Yukinon and for them to know he cares about them and vice versa: he wishes for them to care about him and to know they care about him. If everyone plays tsundere too long they might completely miss it, so someone had to break down first to show that it’s possible to communicate how one really feels. Hachiman finally did it, Yui does it all the time despite risking breaking like a glass and Yukinon admits she is still not ready, which is still much for someone like her. It’s hard to openly tell someone you care about him and accept it when you hear it but sometimes absolutely necessary to continue with relationship. When you miss your chance, you will most likely never get close ever again.

    1. Yukino is not in good terms with her family, specially her mother. This is why she lives separate from them. When her mom says that their family dinner is also her birthday party is a lie to get her to return home with them for whatever social thing they got going and Yukino wants no part of it. This why Yukino turns to 8man for help but Haruno quickly shoots it down. 8man also figured out the lie and looks at Hayama with a death stare but also putting Yukino in that situation.

      Yukino’s family problems are a huge question mark and are the source of a lot speculation between the Light Novel readers and the soon for those who watch only the show. The next 2 or 3 episodes will cover the entire published novels. So there will be quite the wait until we learn what is actually going on and what Yukino needs help with.

      1. What we do know about Hayato and Yukino is that
        1) They were once childhood friends
        2) Their family are close friends
        3) Something happened in middleschool that broke the friendship between Hayato and Yukino and left Yukino particularly bitter about fakes.

        There is also the incident when Harino made the comment after seeing 8man with Yui at the festival about Yukino “not being chosen again”

        So we can surmise that during middle school the friendship between Hayato and Yukino became a target for jealousy and Hayato chose to put priority over his shallow friendships rather than his relationship with Yukino. It seems that he has regretted it ever since. There does appear to be more to it and the family relationship may have and may still have played a role.

      2. That does make more sense than the engagement idea some people are throwing around, but at this point we are all just guessing. We will have to wait for the next volume to get more clues about the status of Yukino and Hayama’s relationship and how their families are involved with it.

      3. I’d find it funny if Hayama was actually in love with Haruno instead. Maybe Yukino was fine with (or didn’t mind) the engagement and Hayama was just pretending to be fine with it cause of his family. Then Yukino finds out about Hayama’s feelings, adding to her already big inferiority complex toward her sister, and how Haruno and both families know but doesn’t care cause it’s just some business arrangement anyway, which adds to her already cynical view of people.
        AH, I hope they don’t end this season with a cliffhanger.

      4. It’s all speculation on my part, but I’ve always been under the impression that Hayama has had a huge thing for Haruno, in spite of the way she treats him and the way she sees him (as a boring person who tries too hard to meet other peoples’ expectations.)

        Then again, Hayama at some level is probably a big M. >_>a

      5. One wild guess I can throw out is that while Hayama is not engaged to Yukino, he did play a role in her failed romance. Yukino’s first crush might have had the choice between the two Yukinoshita sisters as a fiancee and Hayama, having feelings for Yukino, used his riajuu powers to steer the man to choose Haruno instead. That level of betrayal would explain the antipathy Yukino shows him as well as Hayama’s constant insistence that he is not as nice or as good a person as Hachiman regards him as. Since he still carries a torch for her, Hayama is also having conflicted feelings about Hachiman. He is well aware that Yukino likes our fish-eyed protagonist exactly because he would never do something that deceptive or manipulative for his own benefit. In other words, Hayama has caused Yukino to completely abandon the “popular crowd” (not that she was all that keen on them before) and find someone who is the polar opposite of Hayama.

        Or Hayama might actually like Yui instead and keeps his feelings under wraps since this would tear his circle of friends apart.

  7. No matter how many times she denies it, Iroha is warming up to Hachiman really fast and Yui and Yukinon are already noticing it except for Hachiman himself.

    It’s slowly going back to being a romcom again. But boy, I see a huge storm coming up ahead yet again.

    When I thought I can finally relax a little bit with that lighthearted scene of Yukino and 8man on the train, that last scene with Yukino’s mom just took away that little respite that I was begging from the series. I’m on the edge of my seat again waiting for the next wham line/episode. Yukino has a lot of issues in her personal life. Grave issues at that.

  8. Okay, someone link the picture of the batman begin cast as Yahari cast. Because Iroha is definately Bane and trying to break that back!

    Also. Orimoto need to be added to Liam nelson, the original girl that broke his ass.

  9. If Hachiman just said what Yukino said to the planning committee a few episodes ago, then this whole debacle would have been resolved so much faster. Any bystander would recognize the other school’s bullshit roundabout time-wasting rhetoric accomplished nothing at all. Yukino simply called out their bullshit. However, Yui was necessary also to suggest an upbeat solution. Basically, Hachiman was slowed by his internal anguish that he could have fixed this ages ago if he had the confidence to bluntly hurt feelings like Yukino did (although he can’t fill the Yui role).

    Obviously Irohas is rejecting Hachiman just reflexively now (how many times now?), but Hachiman may have a new harem candidate.

  10. There seemed to be a distinct lack of Rumi in the play, for Hachiman asking her specificly if she wanted to be in it. That or she was wearing a blond wig.

    Kioku from Laptop
    1. She was wearing a blond wig lol. It’s very clear in the LN, but the Anime doesn’t state it outright. The only hints you have is that Rumi looks the exact same, but with a different hair color (the sad thing is that…a lot of Anime characters have the exact same face…).

    2. @Kioku from Laptop: I had the exact same response. In it’s rush the cover the material, IMO the anime short-changed Rumi’s part here. Well, not just Rumi, but how it relates to Hachiman questioning his former belief’s/approach to things. At least the anime threw a nod to Kawa-something’s (:P) little sister.


      @Cheerfulk: Well, a wig/coloring her hair would be the only explanation I can think of, but even then – why? Just an odd thing to do and the anime did a poor job with details here IMO – more than just simply “not stating it outright”. Far too cryptic – shouldn’t have to guess this stuff.

      1. It’s because the nature of these LN adaptation anime is that they’re mostly for the Japanese LN readers. This is one of the most popular LN series right now, so if you’ve read it, you’re watching the anime. (So no explanation necessary.)

        It’s aimed squarely at the Japanese market of LN readers, because they will pump out large piles of cash for the merch, including the anime blu-rays. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t have been a second cour. Anything they get from overseas is like a bonus to them.

        If you haven’t read the LN, then this anime is essentially a big fat ad, demanding, “WHY AREN’T YOU READING THIS ALREADY?”

        That’s why they feel like they can get away with so much stuff glossed over in this episode– because most of their target audience has read the books, and we’ll all go, “Oh yeah, that part. Ahh, that part,” and fill in the dialogue in our heads.

      2. @s_w: I have read the LN, and I kept wondering “where’s Rumi in the play?” Frankly, I wasn’t 100% sure initially if it was her in a wig (or hair coloring), or if the anime just skipped over that (like a lot of things). That’s my point – it wasn’t clear even if you had read the LN. Pretty sure I’m not the only LN reader who at least initially wondered “where’s Rumi?” given some other comments here alone.

        As for the show being an “ad” for the source material/assuming you read the source material, that is nothing new for anime adaptations – especially lately IMO (and some “ads” are certainly better than others). However, there are some adaptations which don’t take this route. By being more inclusive they can better stand on their own (i.e. fewer “blanks” to fill in/less WTF moments), and IMO offer better storytelling (and thus viewing enjoyment) in general. Just because I can mentally “fill in the blanks” doesn’t mean I should always have to do so. Repeatedly doing so after awhile gets annoying. As for this particular instantce, granted JMO, but anime didn’t do as good of a job as it should have.

        Maybe off topic, but another potential issue with such an approach is that scenes someone may have liked in the source material are deleted. Perhaps not critical scenes, but scenes which still enrich the reading/viewing experience as a whole. Personally, I was looking forward to scene with Kawasaki’s little sister and Hachiman. Not crucial to the main story, but one I liked in the LN, and it was disappointing for me that it was not included.

  11. Relationship Map of our three leads:

    Hachiman recognizes Yui likes him but, according to Hayato, is oblivious that someone else likes him as well

    Yukino used to be friends with Hayato and is hated by Yumiko.

    Yui is the bridge into Hayato’s clique for Hachiman and Yukino and seems to get along with Yumiko in general.

    Tinfoil Hat time:

    We know (in theory) Hayato likes someone whose name starts with ‘Y’; given how often Yumiko seems to get nowhere with him it’s clearly not her which – in the immediate cast – leaves Yui and Yukino. Considering that Yumiko knows Hayato well but still gets along with Yui when she tends to get possessive of Hayato one could make an argument that the Y we’re looking for is Yukino.

    While Hayato and Yukino are not on speaking terms he knew her long enough to be able to read her so the “someone” he’s refering to above is likely Yukino.

    Which, brings us back to the episode 12 of the first season: Yukino’s: “We could never be friends” takes on a whole other meaning if you slip an unspoken “just” in there.

    I’m beginning to see a series end where Hachiman is forced to choose between rejecting both Yui and Yukino to protect the friendship between those two while sacrifices his own feelings again or picking one and risking the fallout….

    1. I always thought that the one Hayato actually liked is Haruno. While her first name is an “H”, her last name starts with a Y as well. Knowing how Japanese are they are more likely to refer to people via the last name than the first. Though that might just be a stretch.

      I think that scene in the donut place might be revealing. Especially his comments about Haruno after she leaves and also how easily she is able to call him over. But that’s just the impression I get from the anime.

  12. Honestly I’ve never been a fan of Iroha in the LN, but yeesh anime, you’re making it hard not to be one. Despite not having that much screen time, I think Iroha stole this episode. Actually, overall, I thought the show did quite a good job with her character. Specifically for Ep. 10, the early scenes with her were very well done IMO, and it’s hard to deny the plausibility of some attraction to Hachiman on her end. Yui and Yukino, you might have more competition than you think. While later scenes didn’t come off quite as well as I hoped, I have to give the show credit for Yukino’s mom. They captured her just as I imaged – the quintessential yamato nadeshiko.

    In a lot of ways, Ep. 10 is a very typical episode for Yahari this season – good stuff, but held back by rushing through source material. :/ The pace had slowed some the past couple of episodes which I consider the best for Yahari this season (particularly Ep. 08 which I thought was just terrific). Actually, those were some of the best episodes I watched this season period (and I’m watching UBW). Unfortunately, Ep. 10 went back to typical Yahari pacing, wasn’t quite as good as a result IMO.


    @Zanibas: “… but the fact that we do get these conclusions after all is a great reward after the fiasco that was a stumbling and pensive few episodes.”

    Assuming I understand you correctly (i.e. the past few episodes were a fiasco), have to disagree with you there. Important – watershed moment/turning point important, stuff happening with Hachiman (actually the entire Social Club), and to rush through that stuff any more would have been a mistake. As I noted above, IMO the past couple episodes (again Ep. 08 particularly) were the best of Yahari this season (so far) for the very fact they were not as rushed (again, Ep. 08 particularly). I do, however, definitely agree with you that the show (and viewers) would benifit from more time spent on the “conclusion” parts as well.

    1. I read Zani’s line as the events (the joint Xmas event, awkwardness of the club, etc.) that were occurring within the show were the fiasco, not the episodes themselves.

    2. I’m not sure which exactly Zanibas was referring to but I personally felt that the last few episodes weren’t really the strong point of the adaptation. I’m not referring to the content of the episodes as it’s obvious that there is a wealth of content and a good story line but rather the adaptation and presentation of the content.

      I really like how they showed and directed this anime since season 1 but the last few episodes felt far too rushed and at times it can leave the viewer (like me with no LN knowledge) a bit wondering considering how they jumped from one scene to another and one story line to another. In one episode they are discussing the problems of the 3 and Iroha then the next its about the Xmas event with almost no follow up on the original premise, then in the next they jump back again to the problem of the 3 seemingly forgetting the Xmas event.

      I think it’s a matter of running out of time to cover a whole lot of content that they couldn’t really cut

    3. @SK: Honestly I’m not 100% sure how to take Zanibas’s statement which is why I added a qualifier. I re-read that statement a couple of time, and that’s how I ended up interpreting it, but you could be right. If it’s as you say, then objection withdrawn of course.


      @Juan: Well, if you go by episodes per volume, then the pace has technically slowed down. 2 episodes for LN vol. 07, 3 episodes for LN vol. 08 and 3 2/3 (up until 15:00 min mark or so for Ep. 10) for LN vol. 09. There are 3 more episodes left, and assuming they use all of them for LN vol. 10, then it’s roughly 3 1/3 episodes for that volume. That being said, one really should go by word count since volume “X” might have 2x the length of volume “Y” for example. So maybe the pacing on a word count basis is the same. Honestly, it’s all rushed – some things more than others, but generally speaking the entire adaptation is rushed. Nothing new here since Season 1 covered a lot of ground as well.

      However, you do have a point, and after skimming through a couple recent episodes, I amend my above comment. Really it’s Episode 08. Episode 09 was noticeably rushed (as was Ep. 10). With Episode 08, however, they did slow the pacing down considerably. When I first watched it, I was surprised that they spent almost 8 minutes for the scene between Hachiman and Hiratsuka-sensei alone. Episode 08 IMO was the best episode of the season for Yahari S2 and one of the best episodes I’ve watched this season. I honestly thought it was terrific, and that was the main point I was trying to make – the adaptation is good, but it’s limited due to rushed pacing. If it slowed down, it could be really good, and for me Ep. 08 demonstrates that.

      1. Thanks for the info and input as an LN reader. I’m actually planning to pick up the LN but I doubt I will catch up to the current chapter by the time this series ends. Still I think it’s gonna be rewarding to read through it.

        On a side note though, rushing through a series or story sometimes isn’t evident by just looking at the volume count but more signiicant is the content of the volume. Some volumes are just lighter content wise and event wise as compared to others and it seemed to me that this particular arc seemed to be very content heavy and that the adaptation simply didn’t have enough “time” to properly tell the story. If you look at it in comparison with any other arc that’s been adapted from the series I think it stands out as feeling rushed.

        I agree with you on episode 8 though. I think they did a good job with conveying that particular one.


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