Grimmjow vs Askin:

Finally, no more running around or setting up the battlefield. It’s nice to see a chapter that’s been well received for the most part, after the past month or so delivered some rather forgettable content. Grimmjow and Askin are a funny match, but one that I’m intrigued to see more of. Whereas Grimmjow is loud, aggressive, and doesn’t hold back in a fight, Askin is sneaky and calculated, with a tricky ability that doesn’t conform to normal shonen fighting standards. I can’t see Grimmjow soloing him; a little help from Ichigo & co would make for am even more interesting battle. However, Grimmjow does seem to possess an ability that allows a temporary release. Either that, or his claws are a new ability that will be explained in time. Still, Askin won’t be running away for too long, and Grimmjow will chase him down until he gives him a real fight.

Bazz-B vs Haschwalth:

As much as Bazz-B seems like the Quincy Grimmjow, it was him that stood out this week. He’s one of the longest surviving Sternritter who has still to show his true powers – though now we know that he and the other remaining quincies can no longer use their vollsandig after Juha’s sacrifice. Still, he’s shooting burner fingers at Haschwalth in what was a impressivly choreographed fight. I’d love to see these panels in motion one day, if Studio Pierrot ever decide to animate the final arc.

There were also a few hints dropped that will be relevant down the line. First off, Haschwalth doesn’t trust Uryu to go out on the battlefield without supervision, and I think that’s a smart move. The two have never been on great terms, and the betrayal is bound to come at some point, so it’s only natural that Haschwalth would prepare for that possibility. Secondly, Haschwalth and Juha Bach’s abilities will apparently swap once night comes and Juha goes to sleep. That could mean that we’ll see some seriously impressive powers from who we could already consider the second strongest quincy. And lastly, we have the flashback about Bazz-B hinted at the end, and how Haschwalth ties into it. It looks like Bazz-B may have burnt down some place important to him – at least, that’s what I’d predict.

Overview – What’s Next?:

The back and forth between the two pairs this week made for a great chapter. I loved the action, after so much stalling and preparing for the final battle. We’re finally diving into the meaty stuff, and it feels good. I really hope next week focuses purely on Bazz-B’s past, with more of his fight with Haschwalth. If they really were close friends once upon a time, I want to know what that was like, and what they could mean for them going forward. This was best chapter in a while, which is odd considering it focuses on four different villains fighting each other.


  1. All I want is for Grimmjow to have a second sword release lol
    Also curious to see what other kind of new abilities he might have besides that “Shadow” trick he did with his hands.

    Also wasnt expecting Bazz B to be so ruthless. When he shot that guy through the back of his head through his eye, really caught me off guard.

    Its also extremely disappointing that the surviving the Quincies that weren’t part of the elite squad has lost the ability to go into their holy form. Now its pretty much confirmed that they are gonna get slaughtered for betraying the king.

  2. I think the flashback panel was before Bazz-B got his power. It would make sense, before he met Yhwach, As Nodt wanted to escape his his fears and got the Fear, Gremmy was a powerless brain and got the Visionary and Bazz-B wanted to escape the flames and got the Heat. Makes one wonder why Giselle got the Zombie.
    If Yhwach sleeps and gives his power to Haschwalth at night, he could actually become killable.

  3. I actually felt kind of sorry for Bazz. It seemed he really thought Haschwalth was his friend. I also kind of wonder if Hasch really didn’t know about the whole sacrifice thing. He’s kind of hard to read.

    This Guy
    1. Perhaps when Yawach took them in, in their Quincy Bodyguard service, he done something with them. Or it is perhaps a side effect of Yawach’s sleeping “curse”, with time his own Ego will get crushed

      So, the Old friend is only present with his Body, his Mind is somewhere else

  4. So… BazzB starts the fight with 1 finger, then 2, fully aware how strong the other is. I just can’t see how this was a “impressively choreographed fight.” as well, just a grab, to a jump, to a hitting the head with the sword hilt, then a burner finger through the cape. And BazzB’s logic of the sleeping -> swapping powers/power levels (not really sure which was implied) and then killing him is probably just stupidity, since it isn’t that easy to do. Overall, many wtfs by BazzB this chapter.

    1. Well to be fair, neither of them are really taking it seriously right now. They’re kind of just fighting while having a conversation, this is probably just his idea of a warm-up. When things start to get intense, he’ll be throwing his strongest moves on him, though I can’t say the same for Haschwalth. As strong as Bazz-B is, I can’t see him competing with the elite four Sternritter let alone the second-best.

    2. It was well drawn from good angles, especially if compared to other big names such as OP or Naruto. Both have ridiculously drawn fights.

      Tbh, that’s what Kubo excels at- drawing gorgeously.


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