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「お前だったんじゃねーか」 (Omaedattanjyaneeka)
“So It Was You”

And here I thought things couldn’t get any crazier.

Super Fun Episode

Even though I’m a huge Seirin fan, I must admit that the best episodes are the ones where the opposing team manages to catch them off guard. In Rakuzan’s case, I never expected a team-focused Akashi would become such a fearsome opponent. Dropping the focus on his solo play in favor of empowering his team (much like a certain blue haired shadow..), he instead used his skills to unlock a pseudo-zone for his team. Something that sounds ridiculous as an idea but ended up being awesome in execution.

Not wanting to be shown up though, Seirin managed to return the favor twice over with a little help from an enthusiastic crowd. Somehow pulling out more strength from who knows where, Seirin’s counter to a team completely in the zone was something even more impressive — a team even deeper into the zone! Utilizing the bonds of trust that they’ve built up together, the way they utilized it to outmaneuver Akashi’s Emperor Eye while simultaneously scoring was a spectacle in itself. As an added bonus, we got to see Kagami execute some of the slickest drives this series has seen thus far. With a combination of lightning fast passes and fancy footwork, he was weaving in-between everyone without a moment of hesitation.

Full Circle

While I’m willing to bet the show is waiting for the finale before finally showing us that the basketball which Kuroko plays is the truest way to play, it was nice to see a little foreshadowing of what’s to come. The biggest shock was probably watching Aomine shed some tears as he realized just how much he cast away and just how incorrect it was to do so. Realizing that it takes more than one person to truly win a game of basketball and that without your team, it’s impossible to reach an even higher level.

True Akashi and Looking Ahead

Just like I said last week, this would be the time when Akashi would prove whether or not he would be a likeable character — and he passed the test with flying colors. Casting aside that arrogant attitude of his, but not giving up on his beliefs that he is absolute best, it was a blast seeing him in his final form. Hopefully things don’t get too ridiculous next week. But with the last few seconds ticking down, it looks like it’ll be a race to the finish! Everyone’s pulled out all that they’ve got and now it’s just a question of whose style of basketball will reign supreme. Knowing out Seirin boys though, it’s best never to count them out when they’re down since that’s when they’re at their best!

See you next week! Also due to a SNAFU, the end card is the last cap for this week’s episode. ヾ(*´ー`)ノ



June 20, 2015 at 8:43 pm