Jugo’s Powers:

So the flashback continues, thankfully. Bazz-B and Jugo are still the main focus here, showing them 5 years later after training all that time, hoping to take down Juha Bach. Bazz-B reaffirms that he’s the prodigy of the two, showing off his abilities with ease. Interestingly enough, Jugo still doesn’t have any quincy abilities. Basically, he’s a Quincy Squibb. Now that I look back, we haven’t actually seen Jugo use a quincy bow in the series, have we? Correct me if I’m wrong, but he has always stcuk to his sword, which is backed up by seeing him training his swordsmanship ability in this chapter. I’m sure he must be able to use some quincy abilities in the current timeline.

Juha Bach and his ‘Other Half’:

Bazz-B mentions the myth that every so often there is a quincy born without abilities, and they usually end up culled because of the fact. But Jugo didn’t have his parents or a quincy community around him to sentence him to death, so he’s managed to survive. I’m just wondering if his lack of talent is what makes him Juha’s ‘other half’. We see that he wasn’t at all affected by his reiatsu when he rode in on her horse, but there’s also the fact Juha already knew his name. There’s certainly more to Jugo than meets the eye, and a part of me thinks that Uryu might be his equivalent in the current timeline. Still, I really enjoyed the scenes with Bazz-B confronting Hubert – who, along with Argola, was also amongst the revived officers when Yamamoto used his bankai, which means their death is imminent. Bazz-B may be a hothead, but there’s nothing evil about his motives (at this point, at least). It’s just a shame that he killed Kira at the start of the arc…

Overview – What’s Next?:

A simple chapter, but another enjoyable one. I just hope the flashback keeps going and expands to more characters: more Sternritter, and then the original Gotei 13. I want to see the first war in all its glory, and I have a feeling that we might. Kubo would be missing a great opportunity if he doesn’t show some of the original captains fighting against the original Sternritter. Fingers crossed that next weeks delivers.


    1. I just look at the pictures too! Bleach doesn’t provide much in meaningful or interesting speech bubble anymore other than yelling out their moves. That and the fact that there are usually 2 panels per page. It’s ridiculous how this seems to keep on going.

  1. Well, i think the Battle will be over, when Juha get to sleep. Then his Powers transfer to him, and he will make it quick then. I hope the other Sternritters that came with Bazz-B will then try to assassinate Juha when sleeping. But then his Bodyguards will surly want a word with them…

    But then, how they fill the stages of the “House of the Dragon”? (Bruce lee insider)


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