Flashback Over?:

I’ve been enjoying this flashback a fair bit, but if this is the end of it then I’ll be fairly disappointed. I’ve appreciated this look into Bazz-B and Jugo’s past, but I’m much more interested in the war that follows and the formation of the Sternritters, and possibly seeing some of the original Gotei 13 captains in action. We might still get that, but this chapter seemed to finish off the story of Bazz-B and Jugo with a seamless transition back to the present. I would never have guessed these two had been so close to one another, or that they were even alive over 1000 years ago, so we’ve definitely learned a lot in these past three chapters. But still… I was to see more.

The Jugo Revelation:

This week’s chapter was mainly just a three-way conversation between Juha, Jugo, and Bazz-B. It also makes sense now why Jugo is the ‘other half’ of Juha Bach. The myth of the talentless quincy every century or so is indeed true, and Jugo is the last quincy born of that kind since Juha himself. We saw in Juha’s own flashback chapter mid-way through the second invasion that he was a gifted child since his birth, being able to grant powers and possess all sorts of non-traditional abilities. In a similar way, Jugo has been unknowingly boosting Bazz-B’s power and potential just by being near him. He’s essentially a very powerful support, and now his Balance power makes sense. Non-traditional quincies have to stick together, I suppose, and Juha’s decision on the matter was final.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Bazz-B’s story might be over now, but I’d be interested to see how he exactly got the letter ‘H’ despite Jugo betraying him at the end of the chapter. I just hope there’s more to come, because this could head into some seriously exciting stuff. Kubo would be a fool to miss out on this opportunity, so I’ll have my fingers crossed for next week. Also, I don’t think Bazz-B is dead quite yet. Stomach cuts are never a finishing blow in Bleach, so I suspect he’ll get back up and deliver an emotionally charge speech to Jugo next chapter.


  1. Nonetheless, this was an EXCELLENT chapter and short arc.

    Really wish Kubo would do more of this.

    I think Kubo wanted to do a mature story like this, but to pander to his audience he was forced to focus on teenage hijinks.

  2. I feel like this flashback could’ve been told faster than it should have been, but overall it really did bring to light some interesting revelations in Bleach’s lore, plus it really helped you empathize more with Bazz-B and Jugram’s characters. Pretty sure it marked a death-flag for Bazz-B though.

  3. I think Kubo wanted the story to be about Aizen vs Yhwach. But because this is Bleach and thus a shounen manga and the teenager HAS to win at the end, he had to add in Ichigo.

    Yhwach vs Aizen is literally the perfect match up. One who can see everything vs one who can make illusions of everything.

    1. Or maybe two. Bambietta seems more interested in cutting guys than actually doing it. She looked rather dispassionate when the fodder guy was in his room and wanted something from Giselle really badly.
      Liltotto looks too young, unless you don’t care about that
      Well two out of five, better than nothing and Candice seems to prefer having sex withh fodder over killing them. Not that it matters, since they are all fictionous.

  4. I wonder if there are more like Yhwach. He sounded like there were other quincys before him and that there will be other quincy like him, besides Haschwalth. Ichigo and Ginjou have both shown the ability to distribute powers and Ginjou could even steal powers, maybe they are like him?
    The 200 years sound suspicious. I can’t be a coincidence that the quincy massacre happened 200 years. Maybe the shinigami wanted to exterminate this quincy and killed all the quincy to make sure.

  5. Ichigo is defenetly like Yhwach and Haschwalth the talentless quincy, he eaven gave powers to Chad, Inoue, Nel and porbalby some others meybe perhaps eaven Ishida got some powerups becous of Ichigo, I think we will learn this soon enough .


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