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OP: 「恋する☆ひよこ」 (Koisuru☆Hiyoko) by Katakiri Rekka

「生徒会長の嫁ぎ先」 (Seito Kaichou no Totsugi-saki)
“The Student Council President’s Married-into Family”

A lot flirty, a good bit ecchi … and yet, the short format makes even this simple story seem simultaneously rushed and lethargic, denying us the time it takes to properly enjoy the antics. At least for this first episode.

Rushed, Lethargic

Going from manga to anime, this is an odd situation. Everything about the first manga chapter was here, including Ui’s nipples, so I can’t say it was adapted badly, at least at a blow-by-blow level. Yet, the charm I felt in the manga is missing. Part of it is how everything is just a little too fast. It felt like they were telling us that Izumi (Okitsu Kazuyuki) is a stick-in-the-mud tsundere, Ui (Taketatsu Ayana) is a beautiful eccentric. They were hitting the right points, but not letting us feel them.

Yet the episode also felt lethargic, mostly thanks to the animation. Or perhaps it was the pacing, or the soundtrack … something in the production made it feel slow, where studio Seven’s Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me always felt quick and peppy. There’s also the fact that the manga art is cuter than this adaptation, but it’s within striking range, so that doesn’t bother me. If that were the only thing I could complain about, I’d be happy enough.

Flirty & Ecchi

I wondered in the preview whether they would full-on show nipplies and everything. Confession: I didn’t really wonder that. This airs on AT-X, so it was all but certain to go for full nudity when necessary, and lo and behold, it did. Yet they didn’t stay on it long enough! I felt like that was a perfect time to ramp up awkwardness in Izumi, but he was only given a few seconds. ‘Tis a shame.

To Watch, Or Not To Watch?

So far, our “Moderately Low” expectation level is hitting about right. For a romcom ecchi short, it’s not bad, though it’s punching below average, given its source. It’s not bad, certainly, and I’ll probably watch it because sometimes, you just have eight minutes, and it’s nice to pack a little anime in. For that, it’s fun enough. Also, bewbs.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – They brought the silly, the flirty, & the ecchi, but it’s all just a little too rushed & lethargic #anime_okusama 01

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    1. I feel like I’ve seen a thousand or two of pretty girls who look similar. Do I really want to exchange it for some ugly chick from anime like Gangsta? Not so sure.

      Is there really a point in complaining about the high school setting? They do manga and anime that people have the need for. If there are as many fans of high school stories, let them have their fun.

      1. Ugly chick from Gangsta…..-_- I seriously hope you’re not talking about Alex. That girl is physically more appealing and interesting than these plastic sex dolls, then again that’s my opinion.

      2. Seriously, people on the internet… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whether it be a character/real person/etc (and I bet that someone out there would not see anime characters as appealing). Give it a break already.

  1. I agree it lacks the manga’s charm and the character designs are not that cute, but I still enjoyed it. Did it feel slow? Hmm not really. Certainly ecchi scenes were too short, but they’re only few panels in the manga anyways. It’s a bit sad this anime will cover only around 1/3 of translated manga material, but there are few great chapters in the first 12, so good time approaching.

    As a fan of manga, I fully recommend it to everyone, as well as another title of the same author – Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou.

    1. everything is an mistake even the title
      damn this anime so pissed me off -_-

      To Watch, Or Not To Watch?

      of course drop this Stilit,this shit is not belong to someone with your caliber

  2. I know adhearing to the 3 episode rule will is a mistake, but I decided to for it anyway…. though from the looks of things, this generic piece of anime is a drop for me.

  3. Fan-service shows can yield entertainment value when characters have decent personalities, stand by their sexuality and “the service” doesn’t exactly scream “look at this, ain’t it embarrassing, hahaha”. Now, this show is an assault on morality in just about every way. Hopefully that dirty jokes anime will have substance.

  4. I’ve read through the manga online so far the anime follows through.. i’m lookin forward to the next episode i just hope each episode wont be 8 minutes long.

  5. Damn japan,this manga is stupid okay even the anime adaptation is more stupid
    i dont bother to watch the anime nor the watch the preview screen in rc
    the facts this shit has anime show how lowly japanese people tastes now

    1. Short anime is not bad anime!

      * Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken is one of my favorite romance anime (3min/ep);

      * Tonari no Seki-kun is a fantastic comedy (7min/ep).

      (For Tonari no Seki-Kun, don’t marathon it! One episode per week.)

      1. + and this Anime overstep my Line of Ecchi and slaughter in the Light Hentai World?. Not to waste my Time here.

        That was the main reason. if i want Hentai, i can find it somewhere else, and longer then 8 mins…

  6. For those worried, the lewdness drops after this episode. It’s still a bit above ecchi, but not THIS much above!

    Main reason I won’t be watching this and have almost dropped the manga is that I hate Ui’s character. It would be one thing if she was just eccentric, but she almost has a split personality between school and home. At school she’s all “I have a fun idea and your opinion doesn’t matter in the least”, then at home she wonders why she and Izumi aren’t making any progress even though she just spent all day treating him like a whipping boy and laughing as another girl treats him like dirt. She enjoyed herself, so everything must be fine, right?

    Basically she’s a lesser Karma Houdini(trope).

    1. Only drops if the anime don’t follow the manga. The manga gets more ecchi.

      And if it follow the manga, very soon, we will see that sexual abuse and exploitation are complete OK in high school.

      1. Stilts don’t worry, there’s not more abuse and exploitation than the typical anime-like “why are your boobs bigger than mine *grope*” and typical anime-like selling ecchi photos of your schoolmates, but this time with a nice twist. And it won’t even hit the anime as it’s later in the story.

    1. I know what your thinking, but this is not the First anime in doing that. I recall something with Quizar or such, where the MC sucks Breast milk from all kind of Girls for Power up, long ago. So…
      It is just that someone remind to use it again?

    1. I’m not covering this, so I’m not sure how that helps you. I was just introducing this show. That’s what the Snapshot tag is for.

      GATE will get coverage if someone feels like covering it. If not, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll get a slot on the monthlies & an END post. Wait and see.

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