Bazz-B vs Jugo Climax:

So here we have it, the final chapter of the Bazz-B vs Jugo fight. It was obvious that Bazz-B was never going to die from last week’s wound. Still, he certainly coughed up a hefty amount of blood, before using Burner Finger 4 and then Burner Full Fingers. Sadly, we never got to see the true power of his final move, since Jugo did a SS-Byakuya move and teleported behind him, already having slashed him open. Honestly, the sequence that followed was made effective because of how it was panelled. When Kubo occasionally ditches the massive action panels and shows the characters slight motions like this, it makes a more lasting impression – for me, at least. I would love to see Bazz-B admitting defeat in the anime; paired with a classic Bleach track before it cutting off when Jugo cuts him down… it would make it even better.

1000 Years Gone:

I said I would be disappointed if the flashback didn’t expand further than Bazz-B and Jugo’s story, and if this truly is the end of this look into the past, then I’m keeping to my words. Kubo has such an opportunity to show us some of the most hyped moments, giving us glimpses of characters from the past that have been hinted at, and showing what uncontrollable damage Yamamoto, Unohana, and the other original Gotei 13 captains could do against the Sternritter. I would have loved a volume-worth of chapters just showing some bloody, intense battles that shaped the 1000 year blood war. Maybe we will in time, but I’m doubtful after this chapters conclusion. Sorry, Bazz-B, you’re interesting and all, but I would have liked to see a little more from your flashback.

Overview – What’s Next?:

So Bazz-B bites the dust. We all knew it from the moment he confronted Jugo, but as the chapters have gone on, we’ve really gotten to know these two a whole lot more than I suspected we ever would. If more Sternritters got this treatment, maybe they’d be as popular as the Espada and their Fraccion, which had their own mini-fanbases when Bleach was at its peak. Overall, it was a very nice fight, with a surprising flashback that could have been so much more. Still, things turned out a lot better than I anticipated, and I would definitely want to see this in the anime one day. C’mon Studio Pierrot!


  1. Tis but a scratch…
    But seriously, the comparison to Renji vs Byakuya was so obvious, that I doubt Bazz-B is going to die. He is going to get the Grimmjow treatment. And it’s not like there is a Quincy who can heal wounds or even raise the dead, near of him.

  2. Anyone else think this whole buzz b backstory was an absolute waste of time? Even if it had continued for longer, I honestly don’t think I could actually bring myself to care about any of these quincy characters. Just conclude the damn story already I just want to know how it ends at this point

    1. No it wasn’t a waste of time to me. It revealed a bit about Jugo’s powers and also about the start of the Sternritter. If you don’t care about the bad guys then sure it was a waste of time, but I for one love to know the motivations and backstories of the antagonists. I really hope we get them for Giselle and Liltotto too. Maybe Kubo will reveal more of Sternritter lore through their flashbacks.

      This Guy
      1. I totally feel you dude, but do these characters actually interest you? They seem so random. When ever a bleach character has sudden character development through the reveal of a motivation no one would suspect, I always assume it a traditional Kubo ass pull. And honestly 90% of the time its an asspull.

    2. I’d say Komomura and Tousen’s whole “friend vs friend” story was better and I felt more, but there was so much time spent there and not here so it may be unfair to compare them. Bazz-B just came across as a cocky punk who enjoyed burning people. It feels weird in the last three chapters that we just now see he and Jugo were friends. I would have liked to see more of their relationship before this point as it would have made these moments stronger because with Komomura and Tousen’s whole conflict when Tousen left Soul Society there was at least something to look forward to. We wanted to see how they’re story was going to play out…Jugo and Bazz-B we really didn’t know they were such close friends until 3 chapters ago.

    1. Bleach characters rarely die that easily, expect more of him later on when character “X” stumbles upon his injured body and decide to heal him, so that later on he could show up and deliver some cool lines of dialog before trashing someone’s party XD

  3. I think Bazz-B was more concerned with winning against Jugo than killing Yuha Bach, that being said we might get to see a rematch in the near future, having a character with a power so broken helps to keep the death toll low, I´m looking at you Orihime.

    1. Well, the problem here is, these 3 Strenenritters, took a shortcut with their Sun Gate. they are at the Top. Our Ichigo and Orihime team and such, are not even entering the Building on the basement. So.. time will run out. Or this “i spill blood on you, and you are turned into a Zombie. My Zombie!” pal of him, will do his magic


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