Sternritters Fall:

It seems like the other vengeful Sternritter took a page out of Bazz-B’s book, and met an untimely end. I knew it was coming, and in a way it’s the most fitting way for them to go out. Liltotto and Giselle didn’t get an extensive fight and flashback, however, so it’s hard to care as much about them. I’m going to assume that they’re as good as dead , even if Giselle shouldn’t be that easy to kill. I had high hopes for Liltotto, since I’ve enjoyed her throughout the second invasion; she seemed like the most level-headed quincy of the entire bunch, and I wish she got her own chance to shine. Juha only rubs salt in their wounds after defeating them, declaring that he wants to go back to his nap. Also worth noting is that Jugo now has Juha’s extra pupils, meaning their powers have officially flipped. Jugo was sounding very suspicious as well, even more so after the recent flashback. Who knows what’s going to go down in the quincy palace…

Elites Arrive – Shots Fired:

I quite like these kind of chapters – ones that show several characters and fights, and set up what’s to come. It’s rewarding to have long, focused fights, but it’s good to see more faces and have it feel like a content-heavy chapter. With the Elite Sternritter now matched up, I’m sure we’ll be focusing on these five upcoming fights for the foreseeable future. Gerard has the short end of the stick, but I’m sure when the groups split up, he’ll be met with a few unfortunate combatants. Ichigo & co are still chasing after Grimmjow and Askin. I did get a laugh or two here, even if nothing has changed since we last saw them. But it was good to have an explanation behind Askin’s ‘gift ball’ ability. We saw it in his very first scene, and not much (or at all?) since, so an explanation was worthwhile. Is Grimmjow finished, though? No way. He may be down, but he’s not out.

Speaking of down, Hisagi got shot down by Lille’s piercing bullets. It’s a deadly ability, and I’m kind of disappointed that Hisagi is being singled out yet again. He hasn’t proven himself at all this entire arc, constantly losing his fights or being shot down before he can contribute. Maybe this will be his time to release his bankai? I can only hope. But the most interesting of the upcoming fights has to be Mayuri and Kenpachi against Pernida. Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Hanataro should be there as well, but we don’t see them this chapter. Mayuri and Kenpachi’s back and forth is amusing as always, but even Kenpachi realises that Pernida is a strange one. I just wish we saw what was underneath that hood this chapter!

Overview – What’s Next?:

After focusing solely on Bazz-B and Jugo for nearly a month, it’s nice to see so many characters in this chapters. Lots of fights are being set up (finally!), and several characters are either down (Grimmjow, Hisagi) or out (Bazz-B, Liltotto, Giselle). These final fights have barely started, but if they have some weighty costs, then I think they should be equally surprising and rewarding. I assume next week will focus on Pernida’s fight, which I’m very much looking for to. I’m dying too know the true face of the most mysterious, twisted Sternritter.


  1. @Kubo or his Editor…

    Are you reading here? You destroyed my solution to revive Bazz-B into killing their “Resurrection” ability friend…

    Cunning move. Well that clean up these 3 on revenge, that took and shortcut to the Top

  2. What was the point of keeping those Sternritter alive in the first place? One of my biggest problems with this ark is that the villains are so unlikable. Other than Bazz, Yhwach, and Haschwalth none of the Quincys have really been developed and have been portrayed as nothing but overpowered sociopaths. Even some of the Hollows in the first ark were fleshed out better than the likes of Liltotto and Giselle who were unceremoniously ended this week due to sheer stupidity. People can say what they want about the Fullbringer ark but at least the Xcution members were fleshed out, if at times shoddily so.

  3. Don’t think anyone actually died this chapter. Gigi “died” to many times already only to show up again. She is like a cockroach, won’t die no matter how hard you try. And Liltotto’s wound doesn’t look like something that could kill her.
    Am I the only one who thinks these aren’t the final battles? I just doesn’t feel like it and there is still the whole nine days thing. We have yet scatched only two days. Grimmjow, Hisagi and the Sternritter will probably fight again during those days.


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