Zaraki’s Attempt – Who Needs Arms Anyways?:

I’m glad we’ve stuck with this fight for the time being. Out of all the potential match-ups, it’s this one which has potential to be the most exciting and intriguing. Pernida is still a complete mystery, not having their true form revealed in this chapter, which was a disappointment for me. However, the fight itself, and the back and forth between Zaraki and Mayuri was exactly what I expected. They’re a funny duo, especially when the action starts. The panel with Zaraki’s arm starting to twist again was a pretty shocking one, but that arm then being ripped off in the next page easily trumps it. It’s typical Zaraki from there on out: hack and slash until it dies. Unfortunately, that’s not going to work for Pernida. It’s an unfortunate match-up, since it doesn’t show Zaraki’s true strength off. He’s still a little numb in the head, charging in like he does, getting his legs broken in the same way as his arms. Thankfully, Zaraki’s damage is put to good use.

Mayuri’s Attempt – Understanding the Nerves:

Mayuri Kurotsuchi – my favourite character in the entire series – pulls it off yet again. Not since Soul Society arc has he so much as batted an eyelash against his opponents. He destroyed Szayel without even touching him, delivering a poignant speech on perfection – one of Bleach’s finest moments. He easily defeated Giselle earlier on in the arc, and trapped Hitsugaya in a painful, hilarious loop of constant demise. He’s just been having fun, and this is no different. Zaraki charging in allows Mayuri to confirm that his paralysing shikai stops the effects of Pernida’s ability. From there, we learn that Pernida in fact manipulates the nerves of their opponents, causing those compulsive movements (hence, the Compulsory). It makes perfect sense, and now that Mayuri’s figured out, things are gonna get even more interesting. Brains trumps brawn this time (yet again).

Overview – What’s Next?:

It’s likely we’ll see Pernida’s identity next week, which I’m looking forward to. If not, then I’ll be severely pissed. I’m dying to see what’s under that cloak. At the same time, I hope this isn’t nearing the end of the fight – I suspect Pernida will turn it around next chapter and reveal there’s more to their powers, or Mayuri will find himself in hot water. I do hope he faces some difficulty in the upcoming chapters; as much as I love Mayuri taking down his foes with relative ease, I’d like to see him shaken up in what’s likely to be his final fight of the series. Maybe he’ll be stripped of his regalia and we’ll get a proper look at the (handsome) monster beneath the makeup, headpiece, and glowing coat. One thing is for sure: this is a battle of monsters, and I want it to feel that way.


  1. Kenpachi was like….
    “Oh, a cramp. Better take my arm off”

    As for Kurotsuchi, that was some fast analyzing, brains definitely beats brawns…
    Then again, I did not know that his shikai had an ability like that.

  2. Zaraki……………………gomen, but i dont have respect for you anymore.
    you were supposed to be O.P. but after the start of this ARC….what kubo did to you…..smh

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. Unless I missed it somewhere along the way, isn’t this the first time we’ve seen Mayuri use his Shikai since… oh, I dunno, the ACTUAL FIRST time he used it during his fight with Uryu?

    Truth be told, I’m honestly not complaining here. It’s genuinely refreshing to see him use it since I personally like it a helluva lot more than his Bankai.

    Ryan Ashfyre
  4. This will all be worth it if Mayuri shows his actual face again before the series ends. Because back to when I could remember in the anime, they showed what he really looked like when he was taking a shower (or regenerating, idk)….and all I can say is….damn.

  5. Why are they even sending Ichigo to fight Ywach? Send Mayuri. Of all the Shinigami, he is the worst enemy for the Quincy. Mayuri practically studied the Quincy, he knows their abilities almost better than they do.


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