Pernida – Left Arm of the Soul King:

You gotta hand it Kubo, I don’t think any of us saw this coming. For the past few weeks people had been speculating like mad to try and predict Pernida’s identity before it was revealed. The most popular prediction was that it was Yachiru in some shape or form, after disappearing when Zaraki used his shikai against Gremmy. But that’s a mystery yet to be touched upon, because Pernida is actually the Soul King’s left arm. It’s pretty shocking, but makes complete sense. At least now we know Kubo didn’t forget about they set-up with the Mimihagi (the right arm) after Ukitake sacrificed himself. Back then, some of us thought that there would be a quest to find the other body parts of the Soul King, since his arms and legs were missing in the current story. As it turns out, the Soul King’s limbs are destined to play an important role in the final battle, which I think is only a good thing. Two down, two to go.

It’s hard to draw the line between what is Pernida and what is the Soul King’s left arm. It seems like a different situation from Ukitake, but Penida itself seems to be adamant that that’s its name, and it even has the ability to speak. If you ignore the fact that it’s a giant hand, the double pupils look like a little creature trapped inside the palm of the hand. I don’t think that’s what will be revealed, since the dual-pupils seems to be relevant to the Soul King – after Juha took his place, he’s had the same feature. Still, who predicted this reveal? From everything I read and watched online, no one called this one. Good job there, Kubo.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else to the chapter, other than Pernida’s reveal. But it’s enough to keep us talking, and Mayuri is even more fascinated by his opponent now. Nemu, however, seems worried for her captain’s sake. We’ve got too many hints of Mayuri’s potential loss in the past two chapters that I feel it’s inevitable at this point. Pernida has to strike back at Mayuri next week and deal some serious damage. I can’t predict how exactly it’ll play out, but besting the Soul King’s left arm will be no easy feat, even for the most sadistic, smartest captain of the Gotei 13.

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  1. I like it when Kubo pulls this sort of twist. Like Ichigo’s mask popping up and the whole prelude to the Arrancar arc. When Kubo wants to, he can foreshadow really well while still delivering a truly surprising reveal.

  2. I was expecting some sort of bishie to come out but Kubo knows how to remain unpredictable every now and then. Mayuri never looked so happy and I totally understand his excitement toward the unknown. But I hope Zaraki is not out of the picture and that he’ll come back to show us some more of Nozarashi.

    Khalid Maghni
  3. Oh, epic Bleach is EPIC 😀
    Mayuri will be in a pinch, let’s see if he’s as good as Kubo is telling us, hehe.

    BTW Samu, thanks a lot for discovering me AnoHana. Superb! Tears flowing every ep.
    Shigatsu & AnoHana great surprises 4 me. Thanks!

  4. I feel bad for the soul king. His dates with his rosie palms must be awkward, what with the talking hand and everything. Migi’s long-lost twin brother has finally be discovered.


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