Mad Scientist vs God’s Arm:

This was a thoroughly entertaining chapter. Mayuri going full throttle against Pernida makes for pure bliss. He’s pulling all sorts of tricks and techniques in typical Mayuri fashion, and even if it’s plot connivence, it’s still incredibly fun to read. Kubo has always admitted Mayuri is his favourite character to draw, and that’s obvious with this chapter (and this fight in general). His expressions, abilities, and monologuing are pure fun – you can tell that Kubo enjoyed drawing this chapter; the action was swift when it needed to be, and packed with dialogue at just the right moments. As an avid Mayuri fan, this chapter was a dream. I’m sure Kubo feels the same.

It’s also worth noting that in the new Bleach databook released this week, various Shueisha authors drew Bleach characters in celebration for the series’s 13th anniversary, and about half of them drew Mayuri. That’s right – more drew the mad scientist of the 12th division than the actual main character of the series. I’m loving the buzz surrounding him right now, as well as how he’s possibly played the most pivotal role of all the captains in this second quincy invasion. Mayuri is truly a force to be reckoned with. He’s now mastered a quincy technique, and re-arranged his own muscles and nerves to combat Pernida’s powers. It’s ridiculous, but it’s Mayuri, so there’s not much point questioning it. Just embrace the madness and have fun with it!

Overview – What’s Next?:

This was a great fight chapter, even if we didn’t learn much more about Pernida. Mayuri is still amusing in his own way, and Pernida does seem to have its own conscience, differing good from evil. Maybe next week we’ll find out more about its origins and how it ended up in Juha Bach’s army, or maybe Mayuri will continue to steamroll this fight like he usually does. Either way, I’m bound to be a happy fan.


  1. Really enjoyed the chapter too! That psychopathic scientist has to be one of my favorite characters from Bleach. BTW, just a friendly reminder that the expression uses “wreak” not “wreck”. It’s a common mistake I see a lot, including professional journalism, but it’s one of my personal pet peeves. Here’s to improving your writing! :^)

  2. As someone who feels that Bleach has been a total bore since the Arrancar arc, the recent string of Mayuri-focused chapters have been a huge step up in quality.

    I think what makes him so awesome is the knowledge that, as much as you want to see him win, you’re also left with the feeling that he really deserves to die for the atrocities he perpetrated in the past. He’s a reprehensible ally with more depth than most of the main cast.

  3. Yeaaaah, but this is still just typical “I’ve got one more ace up my sleeve!” fight. The excitement of reading Bleach died when Aizen got his butt kicked.

    Also, #JonVoyage.

  4. It really makes me wonder how the hell Ishida even nearly killed Mayuri during the Soul Society arc, back when they were all significantly weaker than now.

    And im still confused as hell as to why the Right Hand of the Soul King because a Sternritter. He was kind of there with the rest of the elite quincies before Ukitake did his thing. Now this thing is an enemy? Wut.

    1. Ishida has gone on the Overdrive Mode, he broke his Quincy bracelet to gain Overload Quincy Spirit Powers. he even consume the World particles to power up his Shoot. Lucky for him the Captain stand there and let him do as he pleased, because the curiosity take over his reason. But as an afftereffect, ishida lost his Quincy powers.

      curiosity has nearly killed the cat here

    1. I think it more likely, that Yhwach had only acess to the left arm, because it feel in the human world. I think the Soul King was created and dismembered so the newly created balance could stabilize. One body part in each of the worlds. The left arm in the human world, the right arm in Soul Society, the legs in Hueco Mundo and the Dangai. It would be cool if there were a body part (the Soul King also lacks genitakia btw) for Hell, but since the whole debacle with the movie, Kubo seems to have abandonned hell.

  5. Mayuri is one of the few people suitable to be fighting Pernida right now. I can see Shunsui, Urahara, Aizen, and Byakuya having a chance, but his moveset seems to be keeping him alive at the moment, which is very impressive since he is fighting an elite by himself. Still, it does not look like it will end well; seems like every time you cut Pernida, the severed limb will just grow an eye and create more enemies for Mayuri to tackle. Not to mention Vollstandig. At this point, Bankai will probably be his only option because he will need to poison the entire body of Pernida to kill him. Mayuri cannot hold back anymore to try and save a specimen, because it might spell his death.


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