Modified Bankai:

This chapter is a turning point for Mayuri, in more ways than one. I’ve always been vocal that he’s my favourite character in the series, but even this chapter had me cringing at just how despicable this man can be. He has no care for his subjects, which extends to his own zanpakutou. We know that Mayuri is sick and twisted and loves to torture his victims – that much has been clear since his brutal introduction in the Soul Society arc. But the fact that he’s modified his own Bankai into something screaming in pain and purely for his own desires turns my stomach. Yet, it’s incredibly fun to read.

The massive baby form of Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou was strange enough, but when another baby burst from its C-section scar, things escalated to a whole other level of bizarre. If I’m reading Mayuri’s explanation correctly, his bankai now seems to be able to give birth to a different Konijiki Ashisogi Jizou’s in order to best combat his opponent’s abilities that he’s gathered through the fight until that point. It’s hella convenient, but it’s Mayuri, so it still makes sense within the realms of Bleach. With each passing chapter, Mayuri seems to be getter stronger and more out-there, but has he now ran out of tricks?

Nemu’s Stare:

Can someone please tell Nemu to stop staring at Mayuri during this whole fight? It’s definite foreshadowing for something going horribly wrong, and she’s bound to play a part in what’s to come. She may seem emotionless, but there’s clearly something behind that seemingly blank stare. Is she scared for her master? Does she think he will lose? Whatever it is, I’m worried for Mayuri, because he doesn’t seem worried in the slightest. He wins his fights with relative ease, but this one is bound to be a different beast altogether.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Mayuri’s new bankai was shocking and disgusting, as you’d expect. Mayuri is throwing one trick after another, so I feel he may run out of options if this isn’t the end of Pernida – which it clearly isn’t. His new bankai may have gobbled Pernida up, but something is bound to go horribly wrong next week, and Nemu is likely to jump in. Also, next week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue will feature Bleach on the cover as well as having lead colour pages. It may just be for the 13th anniversary, but there is ever to be an anime announcement, next week would be as good a time as any. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I don’t want to get my expectations too high, else I’ll just end up disappointed.


  1. For me this chapter was a real let down, if his modification isn’t somewhat explained, it feels just like a deus ex machina… and that is so boring and not mayuri-style. :/

    1. i feel you…but maybe this is not the moment for full elaboration. i felt once i saw that Preggo bankai that we were moving BACK TO THE OLD BLEACH…THE GOOD BLEACH…just for a moment at least…….

      thats why alot of us ARE STILL HERE……..never GIVE UP HOPE!!!

      p.s- F.U kubo

      BROOKLYN otaku
  2. “We know that Mayuri is sick and twisted…”
    No! We don’t. Twisted? Yes! That I agree, but definitely not sick. The guy is very inquisitive, heck I’m inclined to assume he fits the trope for every typical inquisitive scientist (Self-experimentation). To what extent, only Nemu would probably know, then again she might be the guinea pig for his tests.

    I do concur about the Nemu stare, it certainly looked quite ominous. One can only assume Mayuri’s insidious smile turning upside down pretty soon, if not too soon. Probably the unleashing of the modified Ashisogi Jizou has serious repercussion(s) on the user eg. shortens one’s life by half or whatever. Or did she see something Mayuri overlooked?

    Wow!! 13 years! I find it hard to believe I’ve been reading Bleach for 13 years, but upon closer pondering the numbers add up, unbelievable.

  3. While i do hope i am wrong in this, Nemu gives off the impression that she is waiting for just the right time to kill her own captain after Pernida gets Mayuri to the brink of defeat…

  4. I think Nemu is the Anchor for the Captain for not lose entirely to madness. Like the twin Top Claymore Sisters

    Did not the Captain created her? She is not an normal “Human”

    1. I think Mayuri is going to lose. He has never really lost a fight except for when he fought against Ishida. Kubo always does this: make the good guy look like he’s winning and then do a complete 360.


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