14th Year of Serialisation:

It’s that time of the year again, when Bleach hits its serialisation anniversary and gets its yearly cover and lead colour page. I mentioned it last week, but it’s crazy to think that Kubo has been drawing this manga for thirteen years now, going into his fourteenth (and final?). I don’t know if we’ll see another Weekly Shonen Jump cover this time next year, since there shouldn’t be too much left to cover. However, if we’re going at the pace seen in this fight, then you never know. Regardless, that colour page was exactly what I’ve been waiting for! The sternritters have never got their group colour page, and Kubo did a great job here. It’s interesting to see them all in colour, especially those that didn’t feature in the story for any great length of time – still, all are attended for, and that’s what counts. I do wish we got an anime announcement with the cover page, since this is probably the best/last shot. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Nemuri Nanagou:

The chapter itself was actually really surprising. Well, the fact that Pernida broke through Mayuri’s bankai stronger than ever wasn’t a surprise in the slightest, but the focus on Nemu and her relationship with her father was rather poignant. Still, I could do without the abuse on Mayuri’s part. This is tame compared to what we’ve seen from him before, but I didn’t appreciate him throwing Nemu around and talking down to her – I may love his character, but I hate that aspect of him. What we get from that interaction, however, is very notable. Nemu’s full name is in fact Nemuri Nanagou, which implies that she’s 7th ‘Nemuri’, matching what Mayuri says about her being the ‘current one’. There have been more Nemus before her, but going by Mayuri’s words, this one has gone through the most with him and he doesn’t want her to die just yet, since he’d have to start all over again. Are we going to get a Nemu flashback back, explaining who the first “Nemuri’ is? Is it Mayuri’s real daughter from long ago, or someone else entirely? This chapter has piqued my curiosity, and now I want the answers.

Overview – What’s Next?:

The fight is still going, and Mayuri is struggling. However, he’s not close to losing just yet. It seems like everyone is expecting him to be destroyed by Pernida, but now I’m not so sure. His plans may not be working, but he’s not exactly flustered. As for Pernida, we learn that it can use a bow, and that it was always a Quincy. This just opens a whole new can of worms – is the Soul King a shinigami, quincy, and everyone else at once. Perhaps each of it limbs represents each group in the Bleach universe. For another fight chapter, this one hit an emotional cord and revealed some more about Pernida and the Soul King, so I’d consider this one of the best of the current fight. Wext week we may get that Mayuri/Nemu flashback. If so, I’m anticipating the revelations.


  1. The ending actually gave me the impression that Mayuri is now going to include Nemu to fight Pernida. But in a way that’s going to get rid of Nemu, as Mayuri doesn’t seem to be too pleased about her acting on her own.

    1. I think if Nemu is going to die in this fight, then it’ll happen by her rules. After what Mayuri said this chapter, he clearly wants to keep her out of danger, but Nemu may sacrifice herself for her captain or do something else entirely. Either way, if they do fight together that could be very interesting. I do wonder if she has a legitimate zanpakutou with its own abilities.

    2. I got the exact opposite out of the end of the chapter. It seems more like Mayuri is trying to make excuses for Nemu to NOT fight or be killed, saying that he’s put too much work into her current iteration and she has had too many unique experiences which would be a pain to replicate if he had to start over again.

  2. I doubt that Bleach is going to end any time soon. Kubo said there are many, many battles he has yet to draw and that eventually “everyone” will appear. There are also still many mysteries Kubo wants to adress and still seven days. Kubo also said this arc is going to be longer than the Arrancar saga, which means we have only reached the half-way point so far. Bleach will probably go for about three more years.

    I wonder though if the left arm is that strong, how strong was the Soul King before he was sealed, with all his limbs and how could he be sealed, I think we may actually see the true Soul King in combat one day

  3. Great chapter!! This is what I want to see from Bleach. You just cleared up he reason why Mayuri was going off on Nemu after saving him. Now I understand why he’s alwayz treating her like shit but it is what it is. Pernida is one creepy but powerful Quincy. The possibility of Mayuri getting killed would bring a new intensity to Bleach but regardless of the outcome I would love to see this battle animated

    1. I actually think Pernida is kinda cute. Its like it embodies everything that Kubo forgot :P.

      “Quincies have personalities.”
      “Quincies use bows.”
      “Moral of the story: left arms are important.”

      Its strange to think that one of my favorite Sternritters is now a hand, though. A hand that has better characterization than most other Sternritters. Anyone else agree?

  4. Fourteen years, how time flies by! It’s been ten year since I discovered Bleach. I hope it still has a few years in its life. Great color page by the way, it was nice to see the SR who got brief screentime.
    I was expecting Pernida to survive but I didn’t think the Bankai would be rendered useless… I have no idea how this fight is going to be concluded and I love it, Kubo is really unpredictable at times. More backstory for Nemu would be a joy.

  5. Maybe Nemu is a missing piece to his bankai or something and once she joins it ashisogi jizo becomes mega op or something.
    Idk, the copy I read said something about a secret revealed….idgi

  6. I’m willing to bet that Bleach will last for a total of more than 15 years like Naruto did. In other words, I think Bleach will end by the end of next year. As for whether it gets an anime, the graphic novel sales in Japan are still quite high, so there’s definitely a possibility, but it would need to get closer towards the end in order to accomplish that.

    1. It’s a Weekly Manga. And i wonder in how long he can keep this up. I speculate we will get something similar to “Bruce Lee – The Way of the Dragon” (the Stage Boss fights)

  7. Bleach is a historical manga that dresses itself up as a shounen manga. Like Naruto, the main character disappears for large quantities of the time. Ichigo is more of a Deus Ex Machina than anything else.

    One Piece is the only one that focuses exclusively on its main character.

    Why doesn’t Random Curiosity cover One Piece???? Luffy just punched an admiral in the face. It’s awesome.


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