Mayuri & Nemu:

This fight is turning out to be one of my favourites of this entire arc. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it since it began, purely because Mayuri is my favourite and Zaraki being there as well made for an interesting combination. But as it’s gone on (and it has, for a while now) Mayuri has been pushed against the wall time and time again, yet he manages to avoid death by an inch. Now that Nemu is working alongside him, it feels complete. The back and forth between them this week was genuinely caring, especially from what Mayuri said. Even when he found it creepy that she was watching him so carefully that she noticed he didn’t take his regrowing-arm drug… that was kind of hilarious in a sick way. None of this excuses Mayuri for his horrible treatment of his artificial daughter, but looking at this chapter (and last) as a standalone, you’d think he genuinely does care for her. To the point where he turns his back to Pernida at the most crucial point, to tell her to fall back.

Pernida’s Evolution:

Pernida is still a weird one – possibly the weirdest character in all of Bleach. I’ve seen so much of it that I’ve forgotten it’s basically just a giant hand, but I agree with Mayuri this it did sound and act more like Zaraki this week. Using Mayuri’s logic, that must mean that whatever Pernida fights or is around for a period of time affects how it evolves and adapts, to the point where it even uses Mayuri’s new bankai technique, giving birth to a new, unscathed arm to finish the job. This is not an easy fight, and it shouldn’t be. Pernida is one of the elite sternritter, and if this is how strong each of them are, then I’m keen to see who fights the other three and how they fare in comparison.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Nemu’s face at the very end was definitely the shock of the chapter. She’s showing more emotion than ever before, and it’s strange to see. Is she worried, furious, determined? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly, but if I were to place my bets I’d say next week she’s gonna try and save her father, possibly die in the process, and we’ll get a flashback about the pair and how this strange relationship came to be. I don’t want either Mayuri or Nemu to die, because I like them both very much, but if it has to be, it has to be. Just make it a good, memorable death, Kubo.


  1. Well Mayuri has to pay for his crimes and he also forgot to take most of his drugs with him. He is a dead man. But the bigger question is, who will take on Pernida after Mayuri? There is no one else who should be able to fight her/him/it. And if Pernida dies in this fight it’s a bit of waste. That’s the left arm of the Soul King.

    What if the Soul King will be the final enemy? I mean he would have Mimihagi’s, Pernida’s and Yhwach’s abilities and maybe even more.

  2. Perhaps we will see here her Shikai, or he true Role for our Captain. Perhaps her Eyes in the last Pictures show us an Transformation or really in how she use her Shikai to protect the Captain

  3. Hilarious how the “elite” sternritters were all this strong, but all of them pretty much got 1 shot by Squad Zero dude, then Kubo Asspull bought them back to life out of nowhere lol.

    Well Im kinda looking forward to what Thor can do now.

  4. Kubo is in top shape right now, great dynamism in the fight, interactions, battle tactics, unpredictable weird shit… this is growing to be one of the best fights of the whole conflict, and what’s more, it’s getting very emotionally charged.
    Mayuri’s propeller beam discs are fabulous, I want the same. His resourcefulness is amazing and he manages to dodge all of those arrows. A brilliant fighter in all regards.
    I really hope the remaining ST get as fleshed out as Bazz, Haschwalth and now Pernida. Was he a quincy infused with the king’s left arm or is it the opposite? Most puzzling character in ages.
    Lastly, Nemu’s face shocked me, wasn’t expecting such an intense expression. Please Kubo, keep her safe! (who am I kidding ;_;)

  5. Bleach fights should have been like this from the get go.
    You don’t see Pernida, in detail, explaining the inner workings of his abilities and their affects on himself and those around him like every. other. damned. character in the show. No, Mayuri is finding these things out himself and adjusting as necessary, only this time it may come at a cost.

    Why do we only get a glimpse at Kubo’s brilliance when we’re dealing with Mayuri fights?
    Also I just heard Kubo is shutting down his twitter due to complaints and threats from bleach fans…
    Wow that’s utterly rude of people.

    1. Imagine Kenpachi fighting this enemy. Brain? It’s overrated. I cut all with Power

      This Fight is a well covered one for our Scientist addict Captain, you can not use it for all fights so far. it depends of fighter and enemy

      1. Kenpachi’s shtick has been to overcome unlikely odds with sheer force from the beginning. It’s not important whether or not the enemy explains their power as they fight.
        The rest of the fighters on the otherhand aren’t like kenpachi and are more inclined to determine their enemy’s strength rather than get a glorious explanation and overcome with that development.
        I’d like less explanation of powers mid-fight all together, it’s not a necessity or a good writing trick imo.

  6. ‘that whatever Pernida fights or is around for a period of time affects how it evolves and adapts, to the point where it even uses Mayuri’s new bankai technique, giving birth to a new, unscathed arm to finish the job’

    No, it’s whatever his nerves come in contact with that allow Pernida to evolve.

    1. Did we saw her dead Body? Did Kenpachi killed her for real in his Blood fighting Lust? Did perhaps his Sword rescue her? Like she done, heal your enemy to enjoy Long fights?

      So, Unohana is only M.I.A. (Missing in Action)

      1. I meant that Nemu might have been an attempted clone of Unohana and thus this fight might be the trigger to unlock that possibility. With regards to Unohana, so long as there is no dead body seen or no evidence of the being able to redirect the dead. Nope, Unohana is not dead.

      2. For me she not resemble the Dead Captain. But perhaps our Manga-ka has favorite Female Bodies that he like to draw, like the Konoha Sisters in Sidonia

        At last, she is not the first Clone. We do not know, how many Clone’s she succeed until now. And perhaps she surpass his exceptions with the Social interaction and with Ichigo and Human world. Perhaps this stimulants let her Clone Soul grown bigger.


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