The Sleeping Project

This was the chapter I’ve been waiting for for God knows how long. I’m glad that this fight has managed to flesh out Nemu’s character, providing a backstory that I never thought we’d see. It was always possible, but I thought the time had passed to shed some light on the stoic lieutenant of the 12th division. I’ve seen some criticisms that these current chapters contradict Mayuri’s character from the Soul Society arc, where he treated Nemu like human garbage. Maybe Kubo didn’t plan this far ahead, but it still fits like a glove. As time has gone on, Mayuri’s abusive tendencies towards his artificial daughter have lessened, up until present time where she almost stands on equal ground, willing to answer him back and make her own decisions for the better of her father. Mayuri from before would go wild at her disobeying orders, but perhaps that lends to Mayuri’s development and feelings towards Nemu.

We learned an awful lot with this flashback, which confirms that Nemu was the seventh Nemuri. I suspected that Mayuri may have been attempting to replicate his own deceased daughter or a woman from his past, but that doesn’t appear to be the case – this is his attempt at creating an artificial life outside of the shinigami process, which is arguably his biggest achievement to date. Mayuri created life where there was none, bypassing the laws of life and death that lie at the core of Bleach lore.

It was sad to know that the sixth Nemuri only lived to two years old before dying, but as Akon says, the success and development of the seventh made up for it. Mayuri may not show it, but going by what we’ve learned, he is incredibly proud of his achievement; making an eighth as successful as the seventh would be a pain for him, but I’d imagine even Mayuri would feel grief over losing his artificial daughter after all these years. We also learned that the fifth Nemuri’s fetus was the basis of Mayuri’s bankai, which implies that his zanpakutou might have been altered from something else entirely. Ashisogi Jizou as we know it now is essentially an unborn Nemuri, which is ridiculously creepy yet completely fitting for his character.

Soul Sacrifice:

In present time, Nemu is proving that she may be one of the strongest characters in all of Bleach. By using 0.8% of her soul, she was able to eradicate Pernida with ease. In that moment, her strength and speed seems beyond most of the cast – and that’s at 0.8% of her power! At the end we see her using 6% of her soul, concentrating it into a energy ball that’s bound to have the power of a nuke. I seriously fear for what Nemu can do if this is a mere fraction of her power. But by the sounds of it, her time is running short thanks to this immense ability. Maybe in the end, she will use 100% of her soul, which would be a sight to see. I suspect next week the second Pernida arm will be swiftly obliterated, with one (or is it two?) more to deal with. By the looks it, however, Nemu should have no problem. If only she saved this for facing against Juha Bach…

Overview – What’s Next?:

What a chapter. I couldn’t have asked for any more. Of course, all of this points to Nemu’s eventual demise by exhausting her soul and dying in a similar fashion to the sixth Nemuri. If she does die by the end of this fight, Mayuri’s response will be very telling. Will he be heartbroken or shrug it off? It’s likely to be somewhere between the two, unless we’re in for a twist in his development. But for now, I can only repeat how much I loved this chapter (it possibly my favourite of the year). Nemu’s finally stepping forward, proving that she could possibly be one of the strongest characters in the series, or so it would seem from 0.8% of her power. Maybe it’s too early to proclaim such a title, but there’s no doubt about it, Mayuri’s experimentation has reached another level, creating life that rivals the power of God.


  1. I liked the flashback a lot, but I found the superwoman Nemu thing to be a little too… Idk how to say it o_O. Basically, it reminds me of the time Kakashi got Susanoo in Naruto, that level of craziness.

    Nemu suddenly has Aizen-busting powers now, its very hard to register this thought. At least for me :P.

  2. I haven’t been actually reading the chapters, but moreso these reviews. But there’s one question that comes to mind. Unless she somehow has a way to regenerate her soul (I mean its Mayuri so really anything is possible), isn’t it impossible 100% of her actual soul if she already used .8%….or 6%? of it? Because wouldn’t she be walking around with at the very least 94% of her soul now. Just saying if there’s a way for her to get back the amount of her soul she uses, then she basically is overpowered like a mother F’r.

    1. Maybe Samu might have read an inferior translation?

      By using 0.8% of her soul, she was able to eradicate Pernida with ease. In that moment, her strength and speed seems beyond most of the cast – and that’s at 0.8% of her power! At the end we see her using 6% of her soul, concentrating it into a energy ball that’s bound to have the power of a nuke.

      That was attack output 0.8% from the point where she would injure herself/burn out, i.e. 99.2% of the strength she could safely use.

      Burning off 6% of her soul may not affect her attack strength. It may be burning off 6% of the 400 seconds of peak output instead.

  3. Mayhaps it’s just me, but am I the only one who finds it odd that Mayuri could create such an OP ‘daughter’ and yet leave her wanting for a simple sword? I mean, geez, if she’s this powerful on her own, what kind of a beast would she be with an actual weapon?

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. He wanted to create Life, not an Weapon on two Legs

      So burning her Soul, is not what he had in mind, when creating her

      You know, in Soul Society, there are no new Born life. The new Souls just come from Outside.
      So in a similar case, he played God

  4. We really needed more fights like this one.

    Bleach sometimes reminds me of Fairy Tail.

    Great world building, general concept and settings, character interactions and foreshadowing (even if the foreshadowing part could have been a lot better about the “power levels” if you know what I’m saying)… All that while having some pretty asspull-ish fights (Fairy Tail is like 1000x worse dealing with that however), bad character development for most of the villains of each arc, and sometimes, even the new characters (happens way more often in FT, again).

    In any case, since FT have a hard time even taking itself seriously, I kinda completely ignore the logic and just call bullshit right away. The only problem with Bleach so far is the organization of most of these elements in the context… in other words, a complete waste of potential, unless we are talking about the first 20-30 volumes (those were great without a question).


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