A moment of bliss amidst the madness.

Mayuri’s Victory:

Many believed this fight was going to continue for a few more chapters, but I think it was obvious that Mayuri’s final move last week was the finishing blow. Though I have to admit, when I saw that this was another BABY, HOLD YOUR HAND chapter, I thought I may have been proven wrong. It’s been a brilliant fight – one of the best this arc, and possibly of the entire series, in my opinion – but I’m glad it’s reached its end. Some wanted it to wrap up quicker, but I prefer these lengthier battles, because looking back those are the ones we remember. This arc has only had Yamamoto vs Fake Juha, Zaraki vs Gremmy, and Ichibei vs Juha, but previous arcs had Ichigo vs Byakuya, Ichigo vs Grimmjow, Ichigo vs Ulquiorra, Aizen vs Everyone, Ichigo vs Aizen – those fights are memorable because of how long and packed they were, and Mayuri (and Nemu) vs Pernida deserves to be added to that list.

We all knew someone had to die in this fight, and it made sense that it would be Nemu. Perhaps Mayuri biting the bullet would have been more impactful, but it was very unlikely that it was ever going to happen. He’s one of Kubo’s favourite characters and he clearly enjoys drawing him too much to get rid of him for good. If anything, the death of Nemuri Nanagou has been a better thing for developing both of their characters. Mayuri finally acknowledges that he’s created something that even Urahara couldn’t, and if they do meet each other again before the series ends, I’d like to see what Urahara would make of Nemu’s evolution and Mayuri’s success.

For now, however, Mayuri (and Zaraki) are taking some rest, and Mayuri is lost in an ocean of thought. It’s a nice piece of imagery, though I suspect that people will remember it more for ‘Oh! Nemu fanservice!’ as opposed to how this perfectly rounds off this twisted relationship between father and daughter.

He’s back…

De-zombified Returnees:

Mayuri’s proving himself too useful for my liking, however, after it’s revealed that Hitsugaya and Rangiku are back in action after being turned into Giselle’s zombies. I would have preferred if they’d stayed dead, but I suppose they’re too popular to completely kill off. Personally, I’m fine with Rangiku returning, but every time I see a panel of Hitsugaya I just cringe. He’s easily one of my least favourite anime/manga characters, consistently disappointing, completely unimpressive, and always losing his battles. There’s nothing epic or bad ass about this little brat, and I wish he wasn’t so damn popular so that we could focus on the other more important and interesting characters.

Regardless, he’s back. I doubt he’s going to do anything remotely useful in this final battle, but he’s there to please his fans. Seriously, Ganju has more chance of making a dent in Juha than Hitsugaya does – that would at least be something entertaining to read. Hopefully we won’t see too much of him, as I’ll likely tune out if we enter another Hitsugaya fight; the only one I enjoyed was his most recent one when Mayuri absolutely destroyed him. That was fun!

An unlikely but powerful moment.

Moving on – Shunsui vs Lille Barro:

Other than that, this chapter introduced some magic healing capsules from nowhere. It’s Mayuri, it’s Kubo, we’ve just got to roll with it. If it means Mayuri and Zaraki might be able to return for the climax, then I’m all for it. Nemu’s rebirth is likely to be saved for the very end, where I predict she’ll start from a child again, but there’s still more to see from various other characters. Perhaps we’ll even get Yumichika using his zanpakutou to its fullest, or Ikkaku will have an improved bankai; I’d be keen to see those two in action, even if they’d never be able to win on their own.

That brings us onto the next Elite Sternritter battle: Shunsui vs Lille Barro. I’m sure the other characters in that party will join in at some point (if they haven’t been shot down already – poor Hisagi), but for now I’m content with seeing Shunsui go all out on this deadly sniper. It’s amusing that this is his third ranged shooter he’s fought in the series: Starrk, Robert, and now Lille. Perhaps his powers just suit those types of opponents, and Kubo knows it. I just hope we get a bankai reveal, because many people have been hyped for what the new Head Captain has to offer. Kubo himself said in at interview that it may have had the power to take down Aizen, and Ukitake said not to use it where other people can see. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be dangerous, and I’m excited to see it revealed.

Peek a boo!

Overview – What’s Next?:

We’ve reached the end of this arcs longest battle, and what a battle it was. You should all know that Mayuri is my favourite character of the series, so seeing him here was a treat to read. He’s proven himself to be one of the strongest captains of the Gotei 13, able to take down not only an Elite Sternritter, but the left arm of the Soul King. Of course, without Nemu it wouldn’t have been possible, but her sacrifice was a powerful one, and I’m glad it appears to have a lasting effect on Mayuri. I’m looking forward to this next fight, especially if it gives us the opportunity to see Shunsui’s (and possibly Shinji’s) bankai in action. Let’s just hope Kubo can deliver.


  1. Well, you should be happy, Hitsugaya won’t live long. the whole process took a great chunk of his remaining life. Also I think these capsules are just containers to protect what is inside. Mayuri would have called them “Body protection and healing capsules” instead

    I wonder if this is the last we’ve seen from Pernida. Wasn’t there a panel or two of it regenerating from a piece of flesh? One would think there is more about the Soul King’s left arm, especially with a guy called the “Miracle” running around and being sparred for last.

    I feel bad for Lille. He is so outmatched and already lost his rifle. Even if he wins against Shunsui, there are like seven other Bankais.

    1. Don’t count him out just yet, Lille’s still got his dukes to put up :P. Maybe it’ll turn out that he can kick ass bare-fisted better than both Chad and Yama can (one can only dream) :).

      1. I’ve no doubt that Lille won’t go down that easily, but unlike against Pernida, where Mayuri’s survival was not given, here it is an forgone conclusion, that everyone will survive. Well maybe except Love, because he is not important enough and the Vizards don’t have plot armor and Nanao, so Shunsui will loose his shit and activate Bankai. Or maybe his Bankai will kill some Shinigami because it’s so dangerous.

        Anyway, I though, just because Lille is going to die, it doesn’t mean he won’t come back. I think Gerard can resurect fallen Quincy or prevent their death with his his schrift.

  2. Well, Capt. Hitsugaya and Vice.Capt Rukia are to similar. Both has their bankai based on Ice. it is just that Capt. Hitsugaya use an Ice Dragon fight Style, and Rukia is Single Enemy attack. Perhaps Rukia has in Term of Power and Damage the upper hand. Also Rukia’s Bankai can even hold Atoms from moving. All Life stand still even element we know. If she use it on a Cloud, it would fell instantly from the Sky, because instant Ice

    So, Kubo should better give them some different battle styles

  3. I still want to see more out of Squad Zero, so far we only seen 3 out of 5 fight, and 2 of them didnt even get to use their shikai/bankai.

    Whats the point of overhyping the “most powerful shinigami” squad when they just get defeated offscreen?

  4. Wow..
    “A moment of bliss amidst the madness.” image = if you focus, you can see a smoke penis flowing from Mayuri towards Nemu :O
    Once You See It, It Can’t Be Unseen 😀

    Master of Truth
  5. It really is a travesty how a character with so much potential could be squandered to the point that even just seeing his stoic face again provokes this kind of a response.

    That said however, I’ve no doubt that, even now, Hitsugaya will, eventually, become a badass. Of course this will only happen after everything’s been settled and an undetermined amount of time (hundreds, possibly even thousands of years in this emo’s case) will have passed so as to make it utterly irrelevant and useless at that point. But hey, better late than never, right? RIGHT?


  6. In a sense Hitsugaya is like Vegeta, suppossed to be strong but never ever on important battle at all. LOL I hope he’s not Vegeta MK II, at least make him win one fight, Kubo.


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