「セル=ベレスタ」 (Seru = Beresuta)
“Ser Veresta”

Did you really think this show wouldn’t get picked up?

Here Comes The Childhood Friend

As if you didn’t see it coming, here comes Sasamiya Saya, Ayato’s friend from back home who he hasn’t seen in ages. The definition of a true deadpan straight shooter, both her personality and her weapon are true to the title. Equipped with an extremely large grenade launcher-esque weapon, she packs a pretty big punch when it comes to sheer firepower or keeping the straightest face known to mankind. What was surprising though was just how much of a fight she managed to put up against the hard headed Julis. Catching every single crack in Julis’s feeble attempt to hide the fact she really wanted some alone time with Ayato, I can appreciate how far she pushed things even with Julis pushing back just as hard. That said, I’m pretty sure that the crafty Claudia could have spurred things up even further if she had stayed around for a little longer! In any case, things ended up going pretty smoothly afterwards with Julis and Saya coming to a somewhat mutual agreement that they’re both somewhat cool after blowing up some random bad guys.

Ogre Lux

After a rather happy-go-lucky first half, the story got back to business once the second half started. After a quick follow up to Julis’s attackers, we got a firsthand look at some of the most powerful weapons that a Genestella can obtain — an Ogre Lux. A weapon that kind of makes me laugh because of how much is breaks from the world the story’s trying to create. I mean, we’re in a technologically advanced world where 3d interfaces can be projected onto thin air and the strongest of weapons have almost no backing in science (or even pseudo science!). To think, the only thing that determines whether or not you can use an Ogre Lux is your affinity to the thing. Something you can’t even tell beforehand and risk getting super injured by if you try to push the situation too far.

Yeah, I realize that the Ser Veresta was the weapon Ayato’s sister most likely used before her disappearance and it makes sense he’d have an affinity for something another family member was capable of using, but the whole scene just felt too short. I was waiting for Ayato to do something cooler than just stand around and force the thing straight into the ground.

Looking Ahead

As episode two comes to a close, I think all the signs are pointing to what should be a really fun show. With the story moving quickly and getting introductions out of the way, it looks like there’ll be a lot of action in-store for us as things progress. Toss in a secret organization that seems to be targeting Julis and a bunch of unique girls aiming/scheming for Ayato’s heart and there’s no saying how crazy things could get. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week!

P.S. I thought Julis was my favorite character, but boy did that change quickly after I saw the anime adaptation of Saya. She is the true definition of best girl~

P.P.S. I agree –> “No one going to mention that ED is superbly awesome?” -zeroyuki92


ED Sequence

ED: 「Waiting for the rain」 by 坂本真綾 (Sakamoto Maaya)


  1. Last week I was skeptical, then I remembered that I never liked Julis’ introduction in the first place. This episode was just a lot better in every respect. In fact, this feels like my new Index. Same kind of feel/flow to it, and the girls are all likable now that Julis got her bad introduction out of the way. She just needed to set something on fire before she went soft. Totally understandable, right?

    In total agreement Saya is best. Deadpan unreserved childhood friend that is willing to back you up with compliments and a grenade launcher? Yes, please!

      1. You are hardly the first to confuse the two shows. I keep having to double check what I write in speculation on each of these two series, and edit out things that are about the *other* MC…

  2. No one going to mention that ED is superbly awesome?

    Anyway, most likely I will stick around until the end of first arc to see how far it could goes (harem gimmick is not really my thing, but if it has good actions and interesting enemies/rivalries I may give it a chance further). It still can’t be any better than a saturday mindless entertainment though (which is not always a bad thing).

    1. >] “No one going to mention that ED is superbly awesome?

      Not only that, but the OP was better than expected as well. Keep those kinds of pleasant surprises coming. 🙂

      Ryan Ashfyre
    2. Yeah the ending is superb!! I actually listened to the whole track about a week before the series aired (apparently they had previewed it somewhere) and I had it on reloop for a while. Kind of funny but the fans of the novels kind of felt it was out of place due to how nice it was lol.

      Anyways, Maaya Sakamoto really is amazing. The 1st song that ever got me really interested in her works was Kiseki no Umi which was used as the OP for Record of Lodoss. Goodness now I feel old…

  3. >] “Did you really think this show wouldn’t get picked up?

    Well, to tell you the truth…


    Right then, a decent second episode all things considered, but really just more build-up and what not. There was the surprisingly good OP and ED pair, which was cool. Now if only Ayato could man up and actually make a move next week… ah, hope springs eternal only be eternally left unsatisfied. Damn shame, that is.

    Ah well, one can at least hope for some hilarious hijinks in the meantime.



    Praise be to the glory that is Saya. El Psy Congroo.

    Ryan Ashfyre
  4. “Did you really think this show wouldn’t get picked up?”

    Well after what was IMO a terrible post for the first episode I was really doubtful. Thanks for picking this up based Takaii.

    Haha everyone is singing “Saya is best girl!” after this episode and I’m here going “JULIS FOR LIFE”

    1. Yes, not sure what’s the point of posting about a show if one thought it is terrible. Can always leave it from someone who does. Not bashing, but people improve from mistakes when point out.

      I disagree with the first post, and for me I enjoyed the show much more than others. Even objectively speaking it’s far better from other shows in certain aspects/regards. So I believe it didn’t receive fair treatment from people who complained about it last week.

  5. Episode two was a bit of a mixed bag for me. Like Takaii and others, I did like a deadpan snarky Saya. I’m also warming up to Julis who (IMO) is a reasonable tsundere rather than TSUNdere. Grateful for that. Not sure what to make of Claudia yet other than she’s, uh, a “healthy” girl. Still, I don’t dislike any of them – so far so good. Ayato is a pretty typical ML for this sort of story/genre. “Serviceable” is how I’d describe him. He doesn’t annoy me so good enough.

    Ep. 02’s SoL stuff was fine, but the rest to me was kind of meh. The second assassination attempt (on Julis?) was perfunctorily dispatched = no excitement there. I also agree with Takaii that the Orge Lux part was lackluster. Frankly, I still don’t have a decent grasp of the whole super powers (“Genestella”) system other than there was some disaster and now people have them. How much of this is tech and how much of it is “magic”? Still early (only Ep. 02), but things need to pick up a bit IMO. Overall, the presentation doesn’t seem as polished as other shows (one aspect where I think Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is superior).

    There are parts I like, but not enough for me to be fully on-board yet. 3 Episode Rule still in effect.

  6. I can definitely say that I like Julis a lot more now that the tsun has been toned down a lot from her introduction to a much more tolerable level. As I mentioned on here before, for me personally, tsundere likeness depends on the execution, and it feels like series have been really trying to push the tsun way too much while not really balancing it out well with the dere to where the dere feels a bit fake/forced simply because of way too much tsun at the forefront.

    Julis with this episode, and Stella with Cavalry, definitely are at a level I like a lot more now.

    1. I agree. The problem with tsundere is that it’s so easy to do it wrong and then have people dismiss the character as “just another tsundere,” when it should be “that’s a bad example of tsundere.” “Violent” shouldn’t be the default setting, it should be that they get flustered or pissed off easily and then do something childish that they later regret. A lot of them nowadays don’t have the regret though, so they just come off as conceited and unable to fathom that they’re mainly/also at fault.

      Stubborn and prone to overreacting coupled with a soft side that shows itself frequently make for a good one, not a character that just punches the guy for the slightest reason even if she’s the one in the wrong and then never admits it because she’s the girl and the girl is always right. That’s not a tsundere; that’s a beast to be tamed.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Gakusen%20Toshi%20Asterisk/Gakusen%20Toshi%20Asterisk%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2019.jpg

    I bet this Weapon could be used as Sky Bike. Left and Right the red things are its Wings, and the Seat is right in the Middle. In this Actually Mode the Wings are some kind of Uplifted so that she do not have to carry the entire Weapon Wight on her Shoulder, to easy the Aiming and using. But i bet this Weapon also can be used in Air, riding like an Bike

    Or, the Weapon Designer here, is an “Transformers” Fan

    I speculated it only from this Screenshot

    I like the Direction this Anime is taking, looks like both Brothers (Cavalry) are about to walk their own Path. I am looking forward to it

  8. Second episode did seem better, I’m all for the deadpan osananajimi and lighter tsun quotient. Wonder how long it’s gonna take for MC-kun to bust out his real strength though.

  9. Loli equipped with the Power Rangers/Sentai boss killing weapon im sold! Wish she’s with the Gakkou Gurashi girls as well as her attitude fits her to be along with them. Glad this anime would be blog in RC every week.

  10. “Did you really think this show wouldn’t get picked up?”

    Not surprised one bit honestly. Episode wasn’t too bad but like always we have another generic lead anime youngster that is shy around girls and yet- all the girl characters on the show love him. It’s following the typical Light Novel formula as demonstrated every season in most high school genre anime

    There is some charming moments and it does seem to have a little light depth in the “princess” and her would-be assassins. Also there is the mystery surrounding his sister. I have the feeling this show will be no where near epic but it should be pleasing to high school anime fans. It appears to contain all the material popular with that crowd

    Rick Anime

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