No more time for tricks.

The Miracle Arrives:

This is defintely a reaction-worthy chapter, but before I get to the big reveal at the end, I want to talk about Gerard Valkyrie making his grand appearance. I predicted it last week, but it’s good to see that we’re already setting up for the next fight before the current one is over. No matter what happens, I doubt any of these other Elite Sternritter battles are going to be as long as Mayuri and Pernida, which I think is a good thing because we can only spend so many months on these four elites. We saw a glimpse of Askin and Grimmjow before this all went down, so I suspect we’ll get to their battle after these two are out-of-the-way.

I’m also relieved this isn’t a one-on-one, as we might see some variety in the action and various tricks and abilities with those involved (Renji, Rukia, Shinji, Urahara, maybe more?). It’s a good combination of characters, and I’ll be keen to see what the Miracle’s powers can actually do, and how the group will counter them. Perhaps a Urahara and Shinji bankai? That would certainly be something.

I believe in miracles.

Shunsui’s Bankai Revealed:

After running around the whole chapter, trying to bide time, testing out kidou techniques, and failing to do much damage, Shunsui has finally used his bankai. It’s a moment that many Bleach fans have been waiting for, not only because he’s a beloved character, but because his bankai has been shrouded in mystery since the Fake Karakura Town arc, where apparently (according to Kubo), if Shunsui did use it, he could have defeated Aizen. That’s caused a lot of people to question what its abilities may be and why he wouldn’t use it back then. Even Ukitake insisted he not use it when anyone is around, which Shunsui may have been making sure of by distancing himself from everyone else.

So now it’s time for speculation. First off, I think it’s going to have immense range and be deadly to anyone close enough to be affected. It’s almost certainly going to be another “game” or sorts, though going by the name and chapter title it’s more likely to be a play. From my understanding, the Bankai’s namesake, The Love Suicides at Sonezaki, is the story of two lovers who commit double suicide. It also involves a pine tree, which is part of the Bankai release, and it definitely looks like his shadows are manifesting into the shape of another person behind him. One of his swords has been swallowed up, so perhaps there will be two Shunsuis, or Shunsui and his Zanpakutou spirit. My prediction is that it will take the form of a beautiful woman, and the play will begin next chapter. And if the hints are anything to go by, this may be a technique that requires a sacrifice of own’s own life in order to ensure the death of another.


Overview – What’s Next?:

I am a happy fan after this chapter. This Lille fight still doesn’t interest me that much, but Shunsui’s bankai reveal is something I’m genuinely excited for. It’s bound to have deadly consequences, and I predict that Nanao will return at the worst possible moment and end up caught in the act. Next week, I expect we’ll get a thorough explanation of its powers, and perhaps we’ll get a short flashback tying into Shunsui’s floral kimono and why that’s so important to him. I recall way back when this arc started, Kubo mentioned that the origins of his kimono would be revealed, so if we are still to get some revelations about that, there’s no better time than the present.


  1. The position of Captain-Commander used to be a long term position. Shunsui’s, by comparison, looks to be a few days. I don’t see him making it out of this one, especially based on the story his bankai is based on. I wonder who might be next in line for the CC position.

    1. Maybe Unohana will return from the dead (I still refuse to believe Kubo would kill her off in such a weak fashion) and take the mantle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shunsui died in this fight, but I think Nanao may end up sacrificing herself as well.

    K. Urahara can’t use his bankai just yet cause I’d probably cry from being overwhelmed if I saw both their bankai’s in the same time period.
    Besides, I still like to think Urahara is still the strongest person in the show and just doesn’t want to show it yet.
    Yesss bankai time yo

  3. I think you’re right about the beautiful woman. Remembering back to Zanpaktou rebellion arc he had two manifestations. The little girl that played games and then the grown woman that never really did anything but they were always together. So given the story you said the name of the bankai is based off of, I think you’re right.

  4. My guess is that his bankai turns something like Enka or Theater performances into reality. Anyone caught within his ability will be forced to play a variety of roles, regardless of how minor or major. Problem would be that the roles are chosen at random and it could even make allies enemies.

    I don’t know, I’m just making stuff up, but I’m guessing that the reason why Shunsui doesn’t want anyone near his bankai is simply because his abilities treats everything as a plaything.

  5. Have to say, nothing has my attention like this upcoming backstory and bankai. Frankly, Z Shunsui’s by far and away my favorite of the Captains. Real depth and wit, Strength, beloved by subordinates… oh and the Captain of the Gotei 13. I am going to be extremely sad to see him go, but its about as perfect and persona fitting a speculative end as any of the captain could possibly get.

    If Kubo can capture the emotion on his sign off.. this arc will already be a one to remember.


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