The Bankai we’ve been waiting for.

Kurosaki Ichigo vs Askin Nakk le Vaar:

I was not expecting this chapter to start off with Askin and Ichigo. Part of me was sure that Grimmjow couldn’t have been taken down that easy (and that may still be the case), but it was amusing to see Ichigo pop up like any other side character. He’s been criminally underused this arc, so I can only hope the last bulk of chapters will make up for his absence during all these fights. I suspect someone else will come and take over fighting Askin, else Ichigo’s new abilities would be wasted on a character that probably isn’t worth it. Yoruichi is still around, but if not this may be the time for Orihime and Chad to shine.

While this sets up the final Elite Sternritter fight, this scene is also used to build up Shunsui’s bankai. Clearly it is effecting a massive area, giving everyone shivers and greating the illusion that the world has darkened. Some may think of it as padding, but it was effective enough in building up the tension before Shunsui revealed his twisted abilities.

Long time no see, Kurosaki-kun.

Shunsui’s Death Games:

So we’re finally here! Shunsui fans rejoice, because your favourite character has a pretty sick bankai. As expected, the abilities are quite dark and continue with the theme of children’s games. The first technique (and most deadly if they could actually die from it) mirrors all of Shunsui’s wounds onto his opponent, which stops Lille from fighting back. The second creates black spots on Lille’s skin that begin to profusely bleed. And the third (and possibly – but hopefully not – last?) is the Lifeless Abyss, where Shunsui and his opponent are trapped underwater, left there until one of them runs out of reiatsu and drowns. It’s pretty twisted, but his abilities perfectly fit his character. Yet still, I do hope there’s more than these three techniques, since I was expecting more danger inflicted upon Shunsui. I suspect that shadowed woman will appear next week to deal the final blow, but whether it comes at the cost of Shunsui’s life is what will have people talking.

Eerily badass.

Overview – What’s Next?:

A solid, action/bankai reveal chapter. Ichigo and Askin’s fight got set up, and the effects of Shunsui’s final release are felt by many on the battlefield. After spending over two months on the Mayuri vs Pernida fight, it seems like Kubo is going to speed through these remaining three. That works for me; I don’t expect Lille to deliver anything worthwhile for the remainder of the fight, anyway. One or two more chapters at most is all we need. The most intriguing part of all of this is whether Shunsui’s own powers will determine whether he dies as well – that’s what I’m most curious to find out.


  1. Great chapter, I like how Shunsui is putting extra holes on Lille’s cheese grater-like body. I don’t think the X-Axis is out of the game yet, he’s only shown two abilities so far (the ability to teleport and shooting out of the extra holes in his wings). The last panel is a set-up for what should be an intense death match with either side showing their limits. Lille looks like someone who would have more Reiatsu than Kyouraku, so I’m expecting Kyouraku to get some assistance, maybe from some other abilities that will give him the edge in combat. Looking forward to next chapter!

    Some say that this ability could have stopped Aizen… In a way I agree. Just get someone to stab Shunsui in the chest, then have him quickly use Bankai. The effects should appear on Aizen’s main body rather than an illusion due to the reality-warping effects of the Bankai. The only problem was drawing others into the ability.

    1. I just can’t see him becoming the Captain Commander and then die in his 1st battle. If anyone is gonna die from the SS side here it will be his Lt. sacrificing herself instead of him.

  2. Damn, Shunsui’s Bankai is like Avenger’s Noble Phantasm on freakin’ steroids.

    Curiously, this actually reminds me a whole lot of Yamamoto’s Bankai, at least in that it seems to have multiple abilities rather than just one. Mayhaps Kubo thought one OP ability would be too much?

    Ryan Ashfyre
  3. I don’t expect Lille to deliver anything worthwhile for the remainder of the fight, anyway.

    Lille already delivered his “impossible!” remark of imminent defeat. I think he would win the most boring Sternritter award.

    I’m thinking back to Aizen’s explanation about reiatsu. Lille just isn’t strong enough to resist Shunsui’s magic sword abilities, so was the fight was a forgone conclusion?

  4. I’m assuming anyone caught within his sphere of influence would also suffer these sort of damages. Probably meaning that Nanao is probably riddled with holes and drowning by now.

    1. Well, he is the current Captain Commander. They do not just respect his title, because he is one of the oldest Captains 🙂

      Also, remember? When here this Captain and his friend fighting the old Captain Commander because of Rukia’s Arc, and both did not sweet an drop…

      But, if he pass out, then all Old Captain ones are gone. The previous Captain Commander (where only an burned Sword hilt left of him), the previous Kenpachi (still M.I.A.) and his Old friend (lost his God like power, and barley keep alive with his own Mana (Like Naruto?))

      Is this a slow change for New generations of Captains? Then, how will fill the Gap and want to lead the new ones? Perhaps the Classes Guy Quincy? But first, he need to bring back of this fight 🙂


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