The weight of a beautiful woman.

Katen Kyoukotsu Manifested:

Finally, we get to see Katen Kyoukotsu in her true form. If any of you watched the Zanapkutou Rebellion filler arc, you’ll recognise her design. Now, that doesn’t mean that arc is suddenly canon; Kubo designed all the Zanpakutou spirits back then, so it makes sense that he’d use their designs in the manga as well. It’s certainly a cool one, though there’s a chance that another spirit could show up if Kubo so desires.

Most of the chapter was Shunsui and his Ohana – or ‘My Flower’, if you will – talking, reflecting on the battle and giving some insight into their relationship. It’s part flirtatious, part bleak. There’s something depressing about Shunsui’s abilities that reflects in his attitudes and the dialogue the two share with one another. But at the same time, they show they have compassion for one another and are able to lighten the mood when need be. I was more expecting Katen Kyoukotsu to be violent or manipulative around Shunsui, since he previously claimed he hated playing with her, and that this is a ‘Double Suicide’ after all. We do get confirmation that his Kimono that he always wears is in fact from another woman, which hints towards a possible backstory. Will we get it next week? Time will tell.

Slicing that Swiss cheese.

Lille’s Inevitable Demise:

Lille sucks. He started off kind of cool, but the more I see of him the more I can’t wait for him to meet his end. I actually quite like his new design – it’s more his descent into the typical villainous monologuing sort that’s causing me to dislike him. It’s painful to read, and doesn’t have me looking forward to what else he can offer. Kubo has an awful habit of writing villains like this, turning them into caricatures that barely resemble their former selves. Even if he did land that blow at the end of the chapter, it wasn’t enough to redeem the shambles that he’s become. Hopefully he’s dead next week and we move onto someone more exciting (Gerard Valkyrie) or amusing (Askin Nakk le Vaar).

Sudden death? Not so likely.

Overview – What’s Next?:

This chapter was a lot of talking, but at least we saw Shunsui’s final Dan, and ended the chapter on a cliffhanger. It’s all pretty standard when it comes to Bleach, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Again, Shunsui isn’t my favourite, but I doubt he’s going to die from that wound. If anything, he should die from his own abilities, given the name of his bankai and the nature of his abilities. Perhaps we’ll get a flashback next week explaining how he started wearing that kimono, and how that could help him stand back up and get rid of this X-Axis once and for all. But if we do get his backstory, then Shunsui is as good as dead. That’s how it works in Bleach, after all.


    1. Perhaps Unohana will return and become the rightful Captain Commander, as she should have been the first time around. For real though, I’m not convinced he’ll even die, but I think it would shake things up if he did.

  1. Ohana? Don’t worry, nobody gets left behind. XD

    On a serious note, this was obviously coming. My guess is that Nanao will come in and show off something to critically hurt the Quincy, but it won’t be enough. So just before things get worse, Shunsui comes in and delivers the true final blow, signalling their exit for this arc. However, can you imagine if Kubo actually takes the surprising route and not save Shunsui? Instead, the Quincy survives and faces off against the others. That would be one hell of a surprise if Kubo actually does that.

    1. That would be bold, but I don’t think Kubo would both kill off Shunsui AND make him lose his fight. We’ve seen enough from the X-Axis already, he’s going down within the next few chapters.

  2. Quick, someone find the time machine! We can’t wait a week!

    I wonder who the other woman is. I’m going to guess that it’s related to Nanao, either a sister or maybe her mother. Seems likely the way Shunsei protects her so fervently.

    1. Well, it was only a matter of time to Combine the “Rampage of their Zanpaktou Anime Arc” with the Manga. But i do not Complain, so that the Manga only fans, have an image, too

  3. Perhaps Kubo want to show us the Old Captain’s die an honor Death not without giving it all to the Current Generation to live on.

    But i am curious, when the Arc is over… Ups, it is the Last Arc. My bad. So there is no need to choose an new Captain Commander

      1. If he survives. The Vizards don’t have much luck as it seems.

        Btw does anyone else think, that Lille becomes more similiar to Aizen during the Deicide arc, when he was a transcendental, with each passing chapter? Maybe the closets thing to god was not just arrogance, but actually grounded. I mean he just survived loosing his head.

  4. Bleach side character fights:

    Step 1. Side char shows off power to opponent.
    Step 2. Kills off opponent but wait…
    Step 3. It’s a FAKE OUT!
    Step 4. Opponent now goes into detail about how he survives.
    Step 5. Opponent does the same back to the side char but wait…
    Step 5. It’s another FAKE OUT!

    Rinse and repeat until side character wins

  5. I screamed with excitement when I saw her design: the Zanpakuto Rebellion arc was significantly better than a good chunk of Hueco Mundo/all of the Fullbring arc. I know it’s just the designs rather than the full arc that is canon, but it was still a happy moment.

    Now, I wonder if “all” of Katen Kyoukotsu’s design from that arc is canon. If so, that greatly increases Shunsui’s chances of survival.

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was better than any of the canon arcs, but it was definitely very decent for filler. I just hope people don’t assume it’s canon now, when it’s obvious that only the character designs are carrying over into the source material.


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