Giant foot incoming.

Onto the Next Fight:

Finally, we move onto the next Elite Sternritter battle. I predicted that the Shunsui/Nanao vs Lille fight wouldn’t go as long as the Mayuri/Nemu vs Pernida one before it, but I was proven wrong there. Knowing that, it was obvious that Gerard was going to get back up and reveal his trump in this chapter. There was no way this was going to be a quick fight, even if it looks like it will be a group effort. Still, I liked Byakuya cutting Gerard off after his speech and blasting him with Senbonzakura not once, but twice, in order to finish him off. Momo’s reaction is amusing, especially when this sort of thing never happens in Bleach. I wish Byakuya could have done this every time a Bleach villain went on a monologue.

Nice use of scale and large, open panels.

Miracle Growth:

As it turns out, Gerard’s Miracle ability is a lot simpler than I thought it would be. Or at least that’s how it appears after this first chapter; I’m 90% sure there’s going to be more twist and turns along the way, especially once you throw in his Vollstandig. The fact that he grows in size depending on the damage he takes is a pretty sharp contrast to the elaborate abilities and regeneration we’ve seen in the previous fights. I don’t know how much tactics are going to used here, but I suspect this will be the most action-packed battle of the Elite Sternritters. After all, Askin claims that he hates fighting head on, as his Deathdealing ability doesn’t lend to those sort of confrontations.

I’m surprised Gerard lost his mask already; I thought that would reveal something more important down to the line, but it he’s got a pretty neat design underneath. And once you add in the effective use of scale, incorporating the surrounding buildings as weapons to be thrown like javelins, and you’ve got a pretty cool-looking chapter. However, I do suspect there will be plenty of comparisons to the Yammy fight at the end of the Arrancar arc. Remember Yammy? Yeah, I try not to. I think even Kubo would like to forget about that ‘Zero Espada’ mistake.

Poor Shinji (and Momo), you’ve been utterly useless this final arc.

Overview – What’s Next?:

A remarkably simple chapter. We learn that Gerard turns into a giant the more damage he takes, and we see him wrecking some havoc. Shinji and Momo already appear to be out of commission, though I imagine they’ll pop up down the line (and we’ll see Shinji’s bankai, which he will explain in great detail, I’m sure). For now we’re back to Byakuya, Renji, and Rukia. The solution to beating Gerard seems easy enough, as we’ve already seen it before when he faced off against Nimaiya; someone just has to land a single attack that will one-shot him, as opposed to an array of smaller attacks that will only make him bigger and stronger. And if that is where this is going, this puts Byakuya and his zanpakutou at a massive disadvantage.


    1. Tbh, if it means we get to see Renji and Byakuya’s new and improved bankais along with yet to be revealed bankais (from Shinji and Urahara), then I’m fine with that. This is as good an opportunity as any for them to show off their skills.

    1. the problem here is he can convert damage he receive into his own strength. So Kenpachi would here be useless. i wonder in how they “tame” this Gigantic, perhaps with the opposite effect? Healing? or they find an hole in his “converting damage”. Perhaps he can only use this skill on physical ones, but not on Kido attacks?

      1. or Rukia, with her Absolute Zero Ice, there all Life cells stops, and someone smash this Big Ice Statue into pieces

        I hope next Chapter, someone use his Brain to stick around this possibilities. Kido? check, Ice? check? Fire? check? Cut in 2 half? not working check.

  1. I have another problem with Bleach at this point.

    I don’t care. I don’t care about them fighting Miracle man, or Asskin or anyone else, and I don’t care about any more flashbacks. It’s been done. We know they’re going to win and no-one will die, and even if they do die they’ll just Kira back.

    Can we please just get to Ichigo’s last fight? Must we spend the next 6 months fighting irrelevant people?

    1. I have to agree; I do like when side characters get shown fighting their own battles, but its been too long, some of the battles aren’t that interesting or suspenseful, and we haven’t seen Ichigo fight in such a long time. We need to see the main character fight for once!

      1. And I can see this guy being the ultimate “It’s not over yet.” guy where he just says “Oh you killed me? But if I came back wouldn’t that be a MIRACLE?!” and then “Oh you killed me twice, but if I came back again MIRACLE?!” Miracle miracle miracle!? Hmmmmmmm?

  2. >] “However, I do suspect there will be plenty of comparisons to the Yammy fight at the end of the Arrancar arc. Remember Yammy? Yeah, I try not to. I think even Kubo would like to forget about that ‘Zero Espada’ mistake.”

    You are correct, sir.

    It’s almost painful how much of a rehash this is of Yammy and his Ira ability. Sure, Kubo switched a few things around and gave it a new name, but that’s really all this is.

    Personally, I was hoping that Gerard would go full-on Juggernaut and just start rampaging like there was no tomorrow. After these last two fights, all I’m wanting right now is some straight-up, no holds barred action; no overly complicated explanations or over-the-top powers that make you tilt your head and go “Dafuq?”

    And what do we get? A reboot of an old fight that never should’ve happened in the first place and that we never even really got to see the end of. What the hell, Kubo? Let sleeping dogs lie, would ya?

    Ryan Ashfyre
  3. He’s doing better against Byakuya than Yammy did that’s for sure. Yammy got nothing but brute strength from his anger and in the end didn’t do anything to Byakuya or Kenpachi. Here Byakuya’s attack didn’t do anything to him after he turned giant.

  4. I love Bleach, but this was kinda disappointing. This guy is Yammy 2.0. Heck, he doesn’t even deserve 2.0. He’s Yammy -1! At least we got to see a bit of personality from Yammy, as he often hangs around and interacts with Ulquiorra, as if they were bffs. Gerard, we barely know this dork. Also Byakuya’s had a bit of crappy luck ever since he came back from the royal palace. Heck, he couldn’t even properly fight Hisagi or Pepe.

    1. Yammy’s personality was being angry and looking down on others. And his ability is actually worse than Gerards. He doesn’t even heal wounds or get tougher. All he gets is pure brute force that did nothing to Kenpachi. So even the powerboost wasn’t much.

      Yammy is Gerard -1.

    2. Yeah, I have to agree with TheVoid here. We haven’t seen much of Gerard yet, but he comes across more likeable and has a better character design than Yammy. I mean, did anyone actually like Yammy back in the Hueco Mundo arc? It always seemed like no one really cared about him.

      1. Kukkapuro! That was the dog’s name. Interesting fact: he was an actual arrancar (no. 35). In Unmasked databook short story when Orihime healed Harribel and her fraccion, it ended off with them returning to Hueco Mundo and finding Kukkapuro beside Yammy’s dead body. I assume he’s running around Hueco Mundo right now, if the Vandenreich didn’t kill him, of course…

  5. Kill him in one hit huh? Byakuya the thing to do that — the Hakuteiken, although he would need to aim for a headshot, which won’t be easy. Maybe Rukia should freeze the guy in place with her Bankai first before the killing blow is delivered.

  6. His ability is actually a different one. He doesn’t just grow, he converts things. This time he converted damage into size, but he could probably convert the miracle into other things. This most likely based on the miracles of Jesus, where he converts water into wine, death into life, illness into health, etc.

  7. And here I thought I’d be clever by bringing up Yammy… oh well. As long as Gerard doesn’t get beaten off-screen…
    It’s funny, for a while Bleach has been so weird, especially when it comes to the Sternritter, that I’ve wanted it to just go back to a simple, straight forward battle series. However, now that Gerard has shown his ability, whether it’s final or not, to be kind of normal, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. Or maybe it’s the fact that we just went through a sentient hand and a fuzzy-hat-sniper-turned-flying-bullet-turned-owl-angel-hybrid-thing. What’s next, a brain in a jar? Oh wait.

    1. I’ve seen people say this chapter was boring, but as you pointed it, it’s because it was straight forward. Most fights in Bleach are simpler to follow, whereas the past two (and various other ones throughout the Thousand Year Blood War arc) have been… rather out there. When we’re given a simple power like Gerard’s (though I’m sure there’s going to be more to it down the line), people don’t know how to take it. There will always be complaints about Bleach no matter what happens; that much I’ve learned after following the manga for 8 or so years.

      It’ll be interesting to see if this fight will become like the previous two, or will remain a group brawl. Either way, I’m keen to see some yet-to-be-revealed bankais. Hopefully!


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