An interesting mismatch.

Two Fights at Once:

It appears we’re breaking the routine with these Elite Sternritter fights and getting Gerard and Askin’s at the same time. I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m glad that’s how it’s going. Gerard is fun and all, but his power (so far) is so simple that I couldn’t imagine maintaining interesting in his fight for the next few months. This way we have some variety, as Askin’s Deathdealing abilities and his general demeanour and manner of speech are something unique to him. I do think he talks far too much, but he’s still more interesting to me than the Miracle Giant we saw last week.

Ichigo the Pancake.

Contradictions and Nonsense:

There were a few parts to this chapter that had me scrunching my face or just sighing with disappointment. The first would be Askin’s speech in the opening pages of this chapter. While monologuing exposition isn’t the most creative way of conveying information, it does fit Askin’s character… but what really got to me was the clear contradiction about Lille Barro and his schrift. Lille himself said he was the very last quincy to get his letter and ability, which is why he considered himself closest to ‘God’. But here Askin says he was the first of the four Elite Sternritter to get his letter. Either one of them is lying or misinformed, or Kubo has made a mistake in his writing. It’s a little moment, but I hope it gets clarified down the line, else we’ll never know what the truth is.

The other iffy part would have to be Ichigo being off-panelled. I get that it’s to show how strong (and weird) Askin’s power is, especially against melee fighters like Grimmjow and Ichigo (and Chad), but did we really have to see the main character lying face down like that? I would have preferred Ganju or even Grimmjow in that position. I’m sure Ichigo could have been written to have gone off somewhere else, or arriving alongside Yoruichi… but no, we got Ichigo lying on the ground. People make fun of the fact that he’s not done much this arc, which I think is a fair point (though he did more prior to the second invasion), but Kubo is not making it easier for himself here. I’m starting to think he doesn’t know how to juggle all the characters, main character included.

In case you forgot: Yoruichi is awesome.

Askin vs Yoruchi!:

Thankfully, the best part of the chapter was the new fight being set-up between Yoruichi and Askin. I knew Yoruichi was hanging around with that group, but I never thought this would turn in a one-vs-one between these two. In Bleach, we often get coincidental match-ups that favour the good guys winning, but here it feels like two random character are facing off against one another, which I like. Askin’s powers are convoluted and his fighting style contrasts nicely with Yoruichi’s approach. She’s a melee fighter like the rest, but she’s smart with her moves and it’s always cool to see her in action. If we get a zanpakutou reveal down the line, count me hyped.

Double reminder in case you forgot that Yoruichi is awesome.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I have my problems with this chapter, but there was much more to enjoy than Gerard’s rather simple group fight. I expect we’ll cut back and forth from now on, perhaps down to Lille and Kira (and Aizen) down below. Also, we now know that Lille was the leader of the Elite Sternritter, which is a little surprising, and that Gerard is in fact the Heart of the Soul King. I thought we were going to go Exodia with this one, but if we’re including organs I suspect Gremmy was the brain of the Soul King, and perhaps some other characters make up various other body parts. If anything, this explains why the Soul King was in such a sorry, lifeless state when we met him before this invasion.


  1. Offtopic:

    Kubo’s Way of drawing female with erotic and sexy vibes, increased. I know it is our well knowing Yoruchi. But see,s like she gone up a level in erotic and Sexy style. Congrats

    back to Topic:

    Is this Guy not some kind of Immortal because of his Blood?. Well lets see

  2. Hey just when you think Kubo couldn’t insult the audience any more he decides to have Ichigo on the floor off screen after being absent for 2 years. Our hero!

    Still don’t care.

    The only thing I can appreciate at all is the decision to do things off screen. I’d really appreciate it if Miracle man and Askin are defeated off screen…cause the end result would change just as much.

  3. . I’m starting to think he doesn’t know how to juggle all the characters, main character included.

    Well, first we should check the facts.

    1) Are with them Captains that lost their Bankai?

    2) Do we saw the Shikai of their Vice-Captains so far? Our Capt. Commander and her Vice-Captain is already out of the loop. They show us their ability. His Bankai and her “Shikai” (IT’s a Ancient Weapon, not her Zanpaktou (and that was even a borrowed one)

    3) Our “Scientist above all” Captain and her Vice-Captain are out of the Loop (She needs to be rebuild)

    4) The Buddy Captain of our Capt. Commander (Right Hand) is out of the Loop. He lost his “White Nine tail Fox Manga”. He should be alive, but as an normal Guy now. He still hold the Captain rank, until this Arc is over, and they can select an replacement

    5) So… Now lets see. mostly the Bankai of the Captains are a stronger and more badass Version of their Shikai. Well there is exceptions

    6) What make Point 5 Funny is that, imagine our Inoue as an Captain. What would be her Bakai form? right.. Time Jump. Some kind of “Restoring Save Point” in the Past, before this all Happen here

    7) Ichigo’s Bankai? Well, he already have his one. Or thanks to his Reborn Zanbaktou he has a alternate Bankai now. Remember his Sword is an “White&Black” Soul Type. What happen if Yin and Yan become one? right God Powers. So him became the Next Spirit King is very High. But what play against it, is his behavior so far in his past. He fights, and do not run away from them. But what comes after that? Perhaps Ishida is more better in this. Like we saw in the past with these mendo Grandes. Ichigo is the Raw Power, Ishida the Brain

    So to end this here. How many Bankais did we see until now? and also their Vice-Captains Shikai’s

    So, if he sort out this facts, perhaps he can focus more

  4. It’s not like Ichigo is ko. He’s still conscious. I also hope, that the fights against the Schutzstaffel are over for now. Interstingly nobody of them died. Maybe they can now reach the castle and confront Haschwalth, who could tell them what happened 1000 years ago and what exactly happened to the Soul King. Because clearly things aren’t as simple as they seem to be. There will be huge twist soon (or soonish, considerind Kubo’s pacing) With each chapter I get more of the feeling, that the Shinigami weakened and defeated the Soul King with Nanao’s sword, which caused all his body parts to fall and gain sentience. Then the Shinigami imprisoned the Soul King and forced him to be the lynchpin, so they could form the afterlife into their image, which is a pretty shitty afterlife.

    I didn’t mind Ichigo getting off-screened, because honestly, there are more important things than fights. But it’s very clear, that Ichigo is nowhere near enough to beat Haschwalth, Yhwach or Uryuu. This guy needs to train more. Luckily there are still seven days until Yhwach has won and a retired Quincy, who’s still in the human world

  5. Samu, my reading of this chapter indicates to me that Askin stated that every other Sternritter’s receiving of a Schrift was just a formality. They were born with their powers and didn’t need to be bestowed a Schrift. He said that Lille was the only one bestowed extra abilities beyond what he had.

    1. I did see that apparently chapter 646 used the word ‘power’ instead of ‘Schrift’, like Askin said this week… but even still those statements are so very contradictory that it doesn’t make much sense. I just hope it’s addressed/corrected later on.

      1. The distinction between power and Schrift already happened earlier. The Auswahlen took the power of the Sternritter, but they still kept their Schrift.

        And before someone beats me to it, I’m going to say, that Giselle has the Soul King’s d!ck 😀 if I remember corectly, the Soul King’s crotch area was actually blank, so that might really have been seperated.

  6. Yoruichi always has the best entrances.

    But yeah, Kubo Tite’s problem has always been how to manage his huge cast of characters, especially because he keeps making more for each arc.

  7. Did Kubo really need to go out of his way to pancake Ichigo like that? Really, it’s been nothing but one smack down after another for this guy after he finally got back, and this is all we’re getting out of him? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Yoruichi as much as the next guy, but would it kill Kubo to have Strawberry-kun put up at least a decent fight first? Meh, whatever. >__>

    Also, one teeny tiny question. Yoruichi just heard Askin explain his own power… so then why did she go out of her way to zap him with god-tier levels of thunder? Wouldn’t she have been better off… y’know, just pummeling the crap out of him rather than risk activating his power and having her own thunder become poison to her?

    But hey, if all that’s just a necessary precursor to finally, finally seeing Yoruichi’s sword, I forgive and forget. 🙂

    Ryan Ashfyre
  8. As much as I’m pissed to see Ichigo and Grimmjow job so easily to Askin, I’m more than happy to see Yoruichi enter the fray. If it means that we get to see Yoruichi finally use her Zanpakutou and kick some ass, then I’ll be pleased.


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