Brother and sis combo.

Yoruichi is Still Awesome:

I’m glad we’re sticking with Askin for the time being – the set-up for Gerard’s fight isn’t bad, it’s just very straight forward. Askin, on the other hand, is a much more charismatic and interesting villain, as well as the one we’ve known the longest out of the Elite Sternritter. Not only that, but he’s facing off against Yoruichi, which is a bizarre and intriguing combo in itself. But Yoruichi alone is enough to keep me content, because she is easily one of the most badass characters in Bleach.

I’m not one to swoon over the hotness of the women in Bleach, but reading this chapter I was blown away by how much presence Yoruichi has, and how much energy she brings to her fighting. The action was on-point this week, and the art was arguably the best we’ve seen in a long time. Yoruichi’s design when she activated her Shunko makes her look like a demon or a werecat with those horns/ears of lightning. What a goddamn badass!

Seriously, Yoruichi is incredible.

Yuushirou is Also Awesome:

It’s not too surprisingly that Yuushirou should pop up in this fight, as he explains that he abandoned the other group to find his big sister (who he quite clearly adores – and who can blame him; Yoruichi is easy to adore). With his appearance, he injects some humour into this chapter, which I’m sure will divide readers. It happens often enough in Bleach, and isn’t usually that funny – when you’re in the middle of combat it doesn’t make sense to start cracking jokes. However, with these two characters, and with them facing off against Askin, it doesn’t bother me near as much as it could. This isn’t a dynamic we’re familiar with, but it’s nice to see their brother-sister relationship unfold this way.

Thankfully, Yuushirou isn’t just a loud goofball, but can actual pack a serious punch. Soifon’s shunko controls the wind; Yoruichi’s is lightning; and as we learn this chapter, Yuushirou’s is fire. As far as explosions in Bleach go, this was quite an impressive one. Perhaps not as striking as Yoruichi’s attempt at the start of the chapter, but enough to prove that the Shinoin heir isn’t a weakling. Yoruichi mentions training him not too long ago, and he’s already mastered the technique. He also out-shunpo’d his sister for a brief moment (before she head-butted him into a crippled state), and he proved his worth against Askin in hand-to-hand combat, which is good to see.

Some of the best artwork we’ve seen in a long time.

Askin’s Lethal Dose:

Sadly for Yuushirou, it’s all for naught, as Askin’s ridiulously overpowered Deathdealing ability makes him immune to damage by reiatsu by the end of the chapter. It was bound to happen, but only two chapters into the fight, I’m curious as to how the Shihoin siblings are going to do from here on out. Askin’s powers are strange and nothing to mess around with, so I expect Yoruichi will come up with a plan that will involve their family weapons that Yuushirou was carrying into war a few dozen chapters ago. Will we finally see her shikai or bankai? That would be pretty incredible.

Askin is cool, but seeing him getting punched in the face is very satisfying.

Overview – What’s Next?:

As far as straight-up battle chapters go, this was as good as they come with Bleach. Yoruichi, Yuushirou, and Askin are all fun to read, and make for an interesting match-up. The artwork was seriously impressive in the large panels and shunko attacks, and Askin appearing charred at the end, although predictable, has me keen to see more. We likely won’t get another chapter for two-three weeks, so we’ll be well into January by the time the fight continues. Hopefully it will remain as fun and exciting to read as these past two chapters have led us to believe.


  1. >cute brown feminine shota who’s a siscon for his beautiful big tittied brown goddess who is lusted after by a cute lesbian ninja who also lusts after the little brother since she doesn’t mind a bit of /ss/

    God, now I’m imagining some hot straight-shota threesome hentai between Yoruichi, Yuushirou, and Soi Fon. It could start with Soi Fon taking the initiative on Yuushirou, who acts submissive and blushes as he’s getting sucked off, then Yoruichi comes out of nowhere with this look on her face

    and femdom’s both Soi Fon and Yuushirou until, erm, excuse me, I need to fap…

    OK, sorry. But c’mon, this trio is seriously the perfect recipe for some grade-A hentai.

    Goddammit, why don’t we have more porn of Bleach’s characters?! WE NEED DOUJINS FEATURING A THREESOME BETWEEN YORUICHI, YUUSHIROU, AND SOI FON!


    1. I’ve actually enjoyed these past two chapters. Good job, Kubo, for bringing Yoruichi into this. It’s a nice momentum change, given how powerful she is.

      Also, yes, Yoruichi is hot.

    1. Better question would be “How often do you see non-stereotypical black characters in anime/manga let alone ones not used for comedic fodder?”

      That said, there’s no racial distinction by Kubo (other than those defined by power type) so they may just be of another southeast/southwest Asian decent.

    2. Not very often. They could be black, or Indian, or something else altogether. But the Shihoins are visibly darker than most of the cast, that much is clear to see. Saying that, Kubo’s never had the best history with black characters (usually male characters) so I guess you can’t have it all.

    1. Doesn’t a Zanpakto posses the Reiatsu of it’s user? I think the godly armor her family has will be more usefull. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a connection to the Soul King and something that could be used against him, like the mirror sword from Nanao’s family.

  2. I don’t mind the comedy here. Maybe it helps that I was intrigued by the new Shihoin and how his interaction with his big sister would be like. He looks like a younger Yoruichi (no wonder Askin mistook him for a girl, and it explains why Sui-Feng blushed), but his character is the opposite. Good for a comedy combo. I already see him making a Yoruichi fan club with Sui-Feng (not that I don’t udnerstand, mind you).

  3. I have to say it’s pretty nice to see chapters about characters I like for once. I actually laughed reading Bleach which is kind of refreshing and I really like fast fist fighter characters.

  4. Oh no. Their reiatsu won’t work now. Whatever could they do? Well ripping his head off might do it.

    I. Still. Don’t. Care.

    As for Yoruichi revealing a Sword, Shikai, or Bankai? F*** off with that. It would be the worse thing you could do to Yourichi at this point since she didn’t reveal it against Aizen. If she does have a sword why didn’t she use it on Aizen?…Why didn’t she use it on Aizen?… It’s because KUBO didn’t want to reveal it yet, not the character herself, same goes with Ichigo’s dad and Urahara. It makes zero sense for any of them to not have gone all out against him back then. She’s shown no mention of having a sword after 600 chapters so she should not have one. She’s a hand-to-hand fighter that doesn’t rely on a sword.

    1. Well, Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin arrived with their tools and a plan that ended up working in the end, sealing Aizen right after Ichigo’s fight. So perhaps she could have used her bankai, and I understand your complaint, but that was one case where it made sense that she didn’t use her zanpakutou.

      1. What are you talking about? Why does it make sense that anyone not use their bankai on Aizen? It’s Aizen! It didn’t even make sense when Yamamoto didn’t use his bankai on Aizen. All of Yamaoto’s plans to defeat Aizen involved killing himself along with Aizen, the fire pillars, and the Hado 96. That made no sense at all when he has a very powerful Bankai that could have killed him.

        If Yoruchi watched the Captain Commander Yamamoto, the most powerful captain, fall to Aizen, why the hell would she not use her full power, bankai included, on Aizen?

        The plan was to put the seal on Aizen and then the three of them weaken him enough, but Urahara had absolutely no idea Ichigo would reach the power he did. Isshin on a whim decided to keep Ichigo in the room that connected the real world and Soul Society so he could learn the Final Getsuga Tensho. That wasn’t planned. If they knew it would take effect if he was weakened enough they would have gone all out….as in using their most powerful thing they have which are Bankais. It makes absolutely no-sense for them to NOT use them on Aizen. The real reason why they didn’t use them is because Kubo didn’t want to reveal what they were.

      2. Well, we all know the real reason for characters not revealing their bankais are earlier times – because Kubo doesn’t want to reveal them. I would agree that a lot of the time it doesn’t make sense (though I don’t think Yamamoto’s bankai would have defeated Aizen, since he was already under his spell, and it would have caused insane amounts of AOE damage to everyone else in close proximity).

        But as for Yoruichi, I think her and Urahara sticking to that plan worked. Obviously, it was Kubo’s way of not showing her powers (if she even does have a zanpakutou), but for all we know she hasn’t had it up until Yuushirou arrived with that big bag of tools not too long ago. If the absence of her zanpakutou is explained well enough, I can buy it.

      3. We’ll see if she even has a sword or not. If Yuushiro has her sword I question why she didn’t go and get it to fight Aizen.

        As for Yamamoto’s bankai, it might not have worked because, honestly, nothing worked on Aizen, Mugetsu didn’t even kill him it just weakened him. But. Look. Yamaoto’s fire pillars were intended to kill Yamamoto, Aizen, and the other captains on the ground and he said they’re all prepared to give their lives to Soul Society. Also he knew it was Aizen by the reiatsu from his sword running through him. When Yamamoto used his Bankai on Fake Juha Bach…there was no AOE damage. He wasn’t too far away from others, Hashwalt was standing next to them the entire time, and the only one that took damage was the fake Juha Bach. I don’t get why everyone keeps saying Yamamoto’s Bankai would have killed everyone around him. IT DIDN’T. Why does everyone keep saying that? There’s also what I mentioned above…ripping heads off, or slicing heads off, or stabbing people in the head. Yamamoto could have tired that when he grabbed Aizen. (And he knew it was him) And Gin had the absolute perfect opportunity to do that when he grabbed his sword. In fact everyone in that fight kept shooting him through the chest and shoulders over and over…head shot. dead.

        Sorry, but it’s things like this that made me realize how weak the story elements are in Bleach.There’s a ton of characters not using their full powers when the situation definitely called for it during Aizen’s fight. I bring up Aizen’s fight a lot because it’s the point where Bleach completely fell apart.

    2. Maybe Yoruichi’s Bankai is extremely situational. She realized that it wasn’t something that would’ve helped against Aizen and so didn’t activate it. And perhaps this might just be the situation she needs to pull it out of the cookie jar.

      Yellow Mellow

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