“A Simple and Pure Strength”

「シンプルで純粋な力」 (Shinpuru de Junsuina Chikara)

Being Tall is Awesome:

The message of this episode is very simple: being tall is awesome and it sure helps a lot when it comes to sports like volleyball, but it’s no substitute for talent, practice, and game sense. This week we get another match wrapped up, which I think is for the best. We already know that Karasuno has to progress further in the tournament, and the teams they are facing right now just aren’t at their level, and we’ve only seen a glimpse of what Karasuno can pull off. However, Hyakuzawa Yuudai gave them a run for their money. Coming in at 201cm (or 6′ 7″), this first year is a giant, taller than anyone we’ve seen in Haikyuu!! so far. The match begins with him pressuring Karasuno to the point where they can’t seem to score at all, until it becomes clear that blocking like usual wasn’t going to do a thing.

The most rewarding part of all this would have to be Hinata being the star of match. He may be the main character, but he often only comes in at the crucial moments, and for the longest time he’s only been good at what he can do, and unremarkable at everything else. But after his first major tournament last season, and 11 episodes of training this season, he’s come out much stronger than we’ve ever seen him before – and it’s totally believable. Seeing the our chibi crow overcome the giant was so satisfying (and this is coming from someone who is tall, and loves being tall!), right up until the final blow.

It’s a shame that we didn’t get this match from the point-of-view of the opposing team, but perhaps that was also for the best. Not every episode can work like that, and this team simply wasn’t as interesting as last week’s; the struggles of a one-man show has never been something I enjoy in any sports anime, and it’s no different with Haikyuu!! At the very least, it’s good to see that Hyakuzawa actually cares about volleyball and wants to get better. This plants the seeds for next year’s tournaments, when Kakugawa High is likely to show their improvements as a team, and not relying on one individual.

Off to the Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs:

Perhaps more interesting the match itself was the aftermath. We were serious for a while, but within a few seconds we were back to the goofy heart that makes Haikyuu!! so loveable. Again, Yachi’s faces on the sidelines are the best, but Hinata gives her a run for her money with some of his. Kyoko being hit on by Terushima Yuuji (Eguchi Takuya) came off as much more invasive in the manga, but for whatever reason it didn’t feel as big of a deal in animated form. However, Hinata jumping in the way and making silly faces was enough to break the tension. It’s interesting, because up until this point nearly everyone that Karasuno has faced has been sympathetic on some level; however, Johzenji may be a different case. If their captain is anything to go by, they may be the most arrogant and cocky school they’ve encountered. Terushima isn’t the easiest character to like straight off the bat, but I can’t help but not hate him just yet, if only because he’s got the same undercut that I have right now, and I do think it looks pretty cool

Overview – What’s Next?:

Like last week, this was another straightforward episode, wrapping up a not-so-important match to make room for what’s to come. It’s off to the Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs now, so next episode will allow a quickly breather before we dive back into the volleyball action. From the looks of it, next episode we’ll see lots of familiar faces, and some last-minute training from the Karasuno boys. There likely won’t be an episode next week (as most things will be on break), so we may have to wait just a little bit longer to see everyone back on the court.



  1. I agree that one-man shows aren’t that interesting, but what is usually interesting about them is the struggles and dynamic of rest of the team. Which was given some light here, but after Fukurodani and Bokuto these guys just weren’t as interesting for me.
    Maybe later in the series when they have time to improve. Heck, their playstyle gives chance for some awesome receivers and libero to shine, Daichi and Noya style.

    Minor nitpick: the female teacher’s commentary was almost completely cut. While it’s not a terrible loss, I felt having her viewpoint of height=win change alongside Hyakuzawa’s gave nice perspective in the manga.
    Tempo explanation in the middle of the match made more sense too when it was explained to her than just reciting it. Again, pretty minor thing, but something I noticed.

    1. I think the female teacher’s commentary is fine to cut out, especially if we’re going to squeeze the next few matches into this season. Like you said, it’s not that big of a deal, so it didn’t bother me. If they start making major cuts (which I don’t think they will) then I’ll be worried.

      1. I definitely agree it’s something that can be cut in favor of keeping more important stuff.
        I doubt I would have even noticed at all if they had cut the whole character, but I find the decision to introduce her but cut her meaningful parts jarring.
        Kind of like leaving the frames but removing the picture.

  2. Can anyone explain what the “tempo” stuff is? I’m kind of lost.

    Loved Yachi’s expressions in this episode, as usual. And Hinata saving Kiyoko from those jerks was a cool moment. He’s been a little badass this whole season so far.

    1. The tempo is basically the timing between the spiker running up to hit the ball and the setter tossing the ball to the spiker. Chapter 104 is the scene where they explain the tempo again, but third tempo is when the ball is tossed high and the spiker runs to hit the ball. Second tempo is when the ball is tossed at the same time when the spiker approaches for the hit. And first tempo is when the spiker runs early, and the ball is tossed to him.

  3. Viewers will now know that this is when Hinata is about to do his “wipe” move… though I still don’t know why his move is called like that.



    Richie Kim
    1. Because his move called exactly that in English. Wipe/ Swipe: When one player pushes the ball against the opponents block and physically wipes the ball out of bounds(From wiki).


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