The return of the hollow masks!

The Invincible Askin:

And… we’re back! With the new year and the double issues out of the way, we return to our regular Bleach routine. I must say, even though it’s only been a few weeks, it feels good have it back. It helps that we jumped straight into an already interesting fight, but I’m glad that this chapter expanded further afield and showed what was happened with several other characters.

The first part of the chapter continued to focus on the Shihoin siblings as they failed to take Askin down. Perdictable as it may have been, it’s been an enjoyable fight so far. Yuushirou taking a tumble and not listening to her sister’s words is to be expected as well, but I’m glad that he’s taken the damage. He’s likely to get back up at some point, but I’m more interested to see how Yoruichi is going to channel that anger into her combat and if she can figure out a way to take down the seemingly invincible Askin.

Bring out that zanpakutou, Yoruichi.

Vizard Tag-Team:

Hey, the vizards are back! They came back earlier last year, but this is their first time actually doing something this arc. I’m glad they started with their masks and shikais straight away, showing off their abilities, resulting in a rather explosive combo. If anything, this chapter reminded me of Ch366, when the vizards faced off against the Menos in Fake Karakura Town – that whole chapter was dedicated to killing those Menos, so I’m glad we didn’t spend every page with the Vizards this time around, but I appreciate that we got to see them actually do something. It didn’t work in the end, but they’re certainly not out for the count – and neither are the rest (I find it very difficult to believe that Byakuya was taken out off-screen).

That’s a pretty cool explosion.

The Return of Hitsugaya Toshiro:

But I’m sure the moment that everyone will be talking about this week is the final page, when the fangirl magnet himself makes his grand re-entrance. While he is my least favourite Bleach character (and never fails to disappoint) I didn’t mind his return as much as I expected. Perhaps because I was anticipating him coming back in time for this battle (as there is only two left). It was inevitable, and I’m sure we’ll see more of him next week, powerups and all…

Ah, him.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Hitsugaya aside, it’s good to have Bleach back. We’re moving over to the Gerard fight now, which allows us to see some more characters in action. No doubt Hitsugaya will be the main attraction in the next few chapters, but I do hope he gets bested like he does in pretty much every other fight he’s been in. If you’re a fan of him then I’m sure you’re ecstatic to see him back, but for the rest of us we’ll just have to put up with his smug little face until he gets slammed into the ground.


  1. This is building one solid hype on me actually. These later chapters were quite teasing (kinda difficult to wait for a week for them), and this is always a good thing, I guess, when it comes to weekly serialized manga.

    Let’s see this is going to end! My expectations are getting higher again.

  2. At first I thought, now someone with potential would come to interupt Gerard.
    But then.. Hitsugaya… *sigh*
    It was so off-putting seeing him as a “cliffhanger”.
    Sure he will hang from a cliff (ba dum tss..) in future chapters and get his ass saved AGAIN.

  3. Say what you want about the Schutztstaffel, but they’re doing their job pretty well. The Shinigami have to go all out and even then, it doesn’t really feel like they’re winning. Over 70% of them has been defeated, while the Schutzstaffel has only lost one memember, who as the left arm, could probably find some way to come back. Compare that to FKT, where Aizen had a bigger army and fewer Shinigami to defeat, yet the Top 3 almost managed nothing, while Aizen had to defeat the majority himself. Yhwach, Haschwalth and Uryuu only have to face Ichigo’s little group and Soifon and Urahara at most. I think the Shinigami are not going to win this round.

  4. I for one was happy to see the Vizards back in action. Even after what happened to them in Soul Society (when they got screwed over) they still came back to try and help save the day. I could care less about the runt appearing in the last panel (I’m not too fond of his character either).

  5. I was hoping for Rukia to come back or something, but I’m also relieved to see Histugaya. Is he taller or something? I don’t know about you guys but I’d pretty much forgot all the vizards’ names. (Had to look them up…again).

    random viewer
  6. I’m actually a Hitsugaya fan & have been disappointed he has always been shoe-horned into the token punching bag of the Gotei 13. For someone claimed to be a prodigy, Kubo sure loves writing him to be an idiot in combat time and time again. Maybe this time around he’ll win something, but that’s reaching.

  7. I’m actually alright with Hitsugaya coming back, not because I like the kid, he’s my least fav character, but it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s joined by my actual favorite character, Rangiku.


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