「学園崩壊」 (Gakuen hōkai)
“Academy Destruction”

Steps in the right direction.

Though cosmetically, Active Raid’s episode 2 doesn’t stray too far from the action-packed spectacle of its predecessor, it still takes steps towards establishing an overarching plot, as well as developing some of its leads.

I didn’t really give it enough credit last week (probably because I was distracted by some of the questionable CG), but Active Raid looks flat out gorgeous. It manages to be bright and cheery with its color palette and character designs without being gaudy or obnoxious—an admirable feat, given the ostentatious color explosions which describe Sentai (Active Raid’s clear inspiration). And as usual, the soundtrack is absolutely on point.

The action this week took a backseat to some imperative character development. Emphasis on some. We got glimpses into the boss’s life back home, and some greater exposure to Kazari’s naiveté in real-life situations. We find out that the boss is a hard-working woman, immensely proud of her younger sister, greatly dutiful to her unit, higher-ups, and occupation as a police officer.

In contrast is Kazari, whose inexperience leads to a far too idealistic perception of her job, and disgust over the recklessness of her peers. By the episode’s end, though, she comes to understand the impracticality of her ideals, as well as the struggles of her superior, who gently admonishes her. They see eye to eye, at least, that justice takes all priority. It’s a nice little moment between the two.

While yes, these are all just brief elements of development, it’s an improvement nonetheless—I’m happy to see that the show will at least make some effort to flesh out its cast, and not just blast the viewer with monster-of-the-week shenanigans. Even though the action is fun, it doesn’t carry the emotional weight which great anime action does, especially with villains so arbitrary and undeveloped. As episodes continue, hopefully this will change.

I also appreciate how male leads last week were practically nowhere to be seen, as our protagonist finally took center stage in this week’s conflict. As a casual fan of Sentai, I can’t help but feel a little giddy whenever the transformation sequences start up, as new suits are revealed. Though Active Raid’s CG and suit designs keep it back from delivering the same explosive stylishness as Sentai, it still engenders the same effect.

Active Raid’s second installment does good on setting up a larger story. This is especially apparent with more scenes relegated to the (I’m assuming) big bad of the series. Though we still know close to nothing about him, we got a slight feel of his malevolent intentions, and general aura of pretension. He seems promising, but as of now he seems like he’s got little to do with anything going on right now. However, it’s good to see that the series means to establish an overarching narrative—whether it does to effectively has yet to be seen, but I appreciate that the intention is there. Also I’m picking up some bad vibes from the school president. Jus’ sayin’.

Overall, the entire episode is going down the right path. Though it maybe get a little too caught up with action, is sparse on character arcs and development, and is in general a bit disorganized, Active Raid at least establishes its strong objective to build a greater story, greater characters, and greater show (even if its relayed a bit confusedly). There’s potential for a strong show here, Active Raid has just got to show us what it’s got.


ED Sequence

ED: 「透明な夜空」 (Toumei na Yozora) by (Yuuka Aisaka)



  1. Student Council President has crazy eyes and is a sneaker. Watch your back, lil sis.

    I enjoyed Kazari getting told off, especially the part about “personal justice”. Leave that in the office; in the field, there’s baddies to catch!

  2. I lost it when those pop ups relentlessly assaulting Kazari’s field of vision. I almost screamed “serves you right!” and my gripe with her gone instantly. Because for the last two episodes she’s been anything but pleasant.

  3. i’m glad the 2nd episode has improved form the 1st episode. this anime is 2-cour after all, i don’t want to see it go into waste. i’ll give it some chances to prove itself. after all, the director is code geass’s director.

  4. I think it’s a little unfair to complain about there not being enough of an overarching story or character development since it’s only the second episode. I’m assuming how they’re going to do this is we’ll be getting stand alones for the first five or six episodes to develop the characters some and set things up and after that we’ll get into ongoing story arcs. That said, I agree with JIG that there needs to be a lot more characterization for the enemies of the week.

    1. For a Sentai show, bureaucracy is featured heavily. Up to and including the apology circuit. Not to mention the devil media. I won’t consider this a ‘for fun’ anime. Eventually, things will get pretty serious.

  5. Bureaucracy is stupid no matter what the medium, but the “apology circuit” was really too much. It’s too close to reality; so much so that it’s uncomfortable to watch.
    I also really hate those biased TV reporters with so-called “experts” complaining about the protagonists. It’s useless to complain if you don’t have any constructive advice for a replacement plan.

    1. yeah this “they burning our Money fees for nothing” give them a bad boys vibes. As if these News Reporters or other normal civilian could do better. They just talking big, but run like a chicken when it goes dirty, and how has to hold this dirt out? the ones they are complaining…

      1. but i should perhaps not talking big here either, our Police is about to lost Respect and trust from the community, like in the Animes. They do not Bite anymore, they became the Punch bag of the “angry civilians” here, losing respect over time

      2. Unfortunately that whole thing is actually too close to reality, as the media does this all the time. Though, I’m speaking of here in North America. I’m not sure about Japan, but here in NA (Canadian here), we spend a ton of time with “experts” about situations (any and all) and they aren’t really experts but tell us basically like these guys do.

        Dorian S.
  6. Ah, the life of politics being shown in a Super Sentai / police show. It would be weird if their actions DIDN’T have any consequences on the MCs, being a government-based police squad.

    At least Kazari got knocked off her high horse (rather lightly IMO).

    ps. Can anyone recall any non-comedy shows that have instant repair jobs after some sort of fight? I can’t remember any in recent memory at all.

  7. ep 03:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    This Episode gone into Red for me. therefor i drop it. But i wish you good luck


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