「天才か愚者か」 (Tensai ka gusha ka)
“Genius or Fool”

While not introducing any major developments, Luck and Logic’s second installment steers the series in the right direction.

Last week’s Luck and Logic did a remarkable job of tastefully relaying the lore. This week was no different. Through fun scenes involving all the characters, the series not only manages to provide informative exposition, but also start to flesh out the personalities of the main cast. We got a better look at Chloe’s airheadedness, Yurine’s insecurities with power and authority, and Asuha’s quirky reticence. I really like how Yurine and Tsurugi conflict at the top of their pack, creating tension to their dynamic, which I have no doubt the show will play with moving forward, especially with the concluding development. All of the characters are so far likable and not completely obnoxious. Even the outspoken ditz comes off as goofy and cute rather than annoying or excessive—a feat rarely achieved in anime.

However, I still can’t help feel that the lore itself is still convoluted and messy—the specialized jargon is far too extraneous. Though Luck and Logic does do a good job of communicating it all in a digestible fashion, in spite of how superfluously complicated it seems. I also do like how you really can’t tell this show is based on a card game, other than a few, necessary moments which scream the motif. I’m also interested to see how they bring meaning to the bond between a Convenanter and a Logicalist (looks how ridiculous these terms sound)—how it comes about, what it means in the long run, and what relationships they can share.

Not a lot of bad stuff has been said about our protagonist so far, and for good reason—he’s an immensely likable fellow. He’s not bumbling with social anxiety or struggling with getting the hang of his powers. He’s experienced, proficient, and sociable, as well as a family man. However, he’s also got a tattered past—no doubt the result of some deep character flaw—so he still has potential for a lot of development, despite his already-established competence.

I’m confused as to what role Olga will serve in the plot (is he a villain, ally, comic relief?), but I’m sure he’ll be important as the series goes on. If he does become an antagonist (at least to some degree), I would find it appropriate—he’s got nice levels of snark and intimidation about him.

Though the show is still remarkably beautiful, I still find the costume designs jarringly gaudy, which isn’t much helped by the rough CG work. I found the quick nod to fanservice, though, absolutely hilarious. A tasteful acknowledgment of the undeniably impractical engineering which afflicts much of battle-anime—a fun and clever little bit of satire.

Though this week’s Luck and Logic doesn’t spend much time establishing a greater narrative arc going forward, it does make an effort to pay the groundwork for its mythos and characters. I’d rather have a series take its time than rush ahead at full speed. I look forward to further learning about this world, its characters, and its villains.


ED Sequence

ED: 「盟約の彼方」 (Meiyaku no Kanata ) by (Emi Nitta)


    1. I know it let them get the job done quickly but here are less clunky and more natural ways of dropping exposition than literally sitting everyone down and explaining the basic mechanics of their world/jobs as if they’re elementary students.

  1. Right now Olga just seems like comic relief thanks to his chuuni behavior, but hopefully the show has at least slightly bigger plans for him. Though I get the feeling this show is going to be more episodic, using each episode to explore the relationships instead of hunting a big-bad. I still wanna know who Tsurugi’s Covenanter was before Athena, cause they keep pounding on the Over Limit thing, so there’s little doubt that’ll be important. I’m thinking Kali or Asura from his Over Limit form, but I’m sure there are plenty of other multi-armed deities.

    I also predict that by the end of this, Yurine is going to be head-over-heels for Tsurugi. She’s got an issue or two with Foreigners, and when he helps resolve those, girls like her fall hard. Too bad for her since Athena doesn’t seem to mind dreaming about him! XD And goddesses only bond with one person for life? Oh boy, way to miss the fine-print, Tsurugi.

    1. I think the “bond for life” thing is a rule of the logicalist system, so it’s “technically” true. However, Venus is… well… Venus so she’ll be all over anyone she finds attractive, bond or no.

  2. The first thing I would do when entering this service is change the uniforms. “English/French butler” is not a style, it’s an embarrassment. Even the girls’ outfits are passe. Put them in real business outfits or sailor-fuku.

  3. Oh man, the sheer amount of cheesiness in this episode…i just can’t believe it. The combat simulation was absolutely ridiculous; i was really baffled when the MC told the sniper girl (who’s still positioned far out there) to get close and finish off the monster, all while the hot-blooded blond girl should just go ahead and do that instead. Also, she’s a sniper for Lord’s sake. Wouldn’t it be more in-character to just snipe it from her place rather than risking close combat situation? The quiz scene left me in disbelief at how the characters blurted out mysterious specific conversations that don’t make a thing to the audience at all with such a straight face. Oh, and despite being surrounded by a bunch of cute girls, all the MC could think of is the hot blond dude which, in spite of other characters keep tip-toeing around words about, ended up getting quite a lame revelation.

    My God, this show is so bad that it’s actually pretty entertaining.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, it’s (mostly) the good kind of cheesy, so I’m perfectly satisfied.

      Also- Jig is one the few people who wasn’t disgusted by Yoshichika’s dig at Tamaki’s outfit. Everyone else I know thought it was a case of bad writing and blatant sexism. I was in two minds- while I was taken aback by the comment, the show has otherwise treated Tamaki with dignity, so that comment would seem jarring if taken at face value. To be precise, I was thinking, “Even the most sexist manga and LNs I know of wouldn’t be so straightforward….”

      But when you consider that the writer was poking fun at overpowered protagonists last episode, the possibility of the comment about the costume being satirical becomes more plausible.

      This show won’t be any stroke of genius, but it ends up being good, I’ll be happy. As it is, it’s not perfect though- there’s the jargon, which Jig has already elaborated on, and most of the show’s attempts at comedy, which fall flat. (I did get a laugh out of Yoshichika running to the loo screaming, though- got to appreciate a show that isn’t afraid to make its otherwise assertive protagonist the butt of jokes from time to time).

    2. “The combat simulation was absolutely ridiculous; i was really baffled when the MC told the sniper girl (who’s still positioned far out there) to get close and finish off the monster, all while the hot-blooded blond girl should just go ahead and do that instead. Also, she’s a sniper for Lord’s sake. Wouldn’t it be more in-character to just snipe it from her place rather than risking close combat situation?”

      That’s the thing though, while not satire, it should be fairly obvious at this point the show is self-aware of overused tropes. A couple that comes to mind previously were how they handled the MC along with him shrugging off the obligatory introductions.

      Episode 2 mentions unpractical battle outfits and battle positions, among others. The fact that they had her get out of character and defeat the monster close up is self-aware of the battle troupes(because everyone else had the general reaction when he asked her to finish it). As it is we have a healer, long-range fighter, and close-range. Shaking them out of their normal labels is refreshing to see once-in-a while. So I wouldn’t go and use the over-the-top “absolutely ridiculous”, but moreso it falls within the shows boundaries of being self-aware.

      Now that’s out of the way. Only gripe would be the use of exposition and throwing “Logic” into most of their terminology. But at the very least they didn’t go full monty with the “classroom-exposition” as I’ve seen in other shows *cough Absolute Duo cough*
      *raises hand* “Sensei! My smart ass seems to have forgotten the most obvious of lore of this world so I would like you to explain it to me *AKA the viewers*”
      Bunny Teacher: Sure thing my suddenly stupid student!!

      At least L&L turned it into a quiz that basically help characterize some of them.

      As N said, it’s so obviously cheesy, but that’s what makes it good (though not groundbreaking) compared to your over-the-top “so bad that its actually interesting”. Then again I’m use to card anime’s of any type, whether its using the cards as a plot device or having the cards as the actual plot. So this kind of falls within my demographic.

      Though I have no idea what his dad is doing when he does his whole Matador thing lol? Nice to see a MC with a family who is (mostly) alive and has a great relationship with. Considering how a majority of card anime’s (or other anime honestly) usually have the parents either dead or missing (though Yugioh Arc-V actually circumnavigates this by letting two of the leads have one of their parents’ alive).

    3. Couple of things.

      I don’t remember him telling the sniper to get close, I thought he just said to finish it off, then she chose to get close. Also, she’s not a sniper, she’s a magic wizard with a gun that shifts form at will, sniper rifle being one of those forms. Beyond that, it’s training, and I think his point was to let someone else practice taking out the monster instead of using the same pattern they always use.

      In real combat, using the most effective pattern is of course vital, but in training there’s nothing wrong with doing things differently just to widen your experience. I highly doubt he would tell the sword girl to take a breather and not finish the job in a real fight.

    1. I actually really agree with this. Our hero’s weird obsession with the green-haired guy, and everyone else’s refusal to answer him even when he’s clearly losing his mind over it, especially in light of what the answer turned out to be, was very strange and pulled me out of the episode repeatedly.

  4. Fun Fact: Yuya’s VA (Yugioh Arc V) sings the opening song.

    Anyways, looks like I’m here for the long run. The characters so far are likeable; the show is self-aware of over-used tropes; and you know there isn’t going to be much obtrusive fanservice because their school uniforms prevent that (its either wearing a longdress or shorts for girls. So no up-the-skirt panty shots).

    I wonder if its possible for them to get male partners….or is it strictly “Goddesses”?

    1. dunno, but in the “Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka” Anime they gender swap Male Gods to Females, and i did not Complain. Perhaps here it can Works, too. Or the Partner can imagine her Appearance at his Will. if he is Gay, you can even get an Drag-Queen Goddess 🙂

      So, transform Male Gods into Females? Why not, but please not not to much Oppai use. Okay… only one exception.. Aphrodite… But i bet, they will not touch this goddess, because she is to sexy

  5. Did I Miss something because Olga says each person is made up of or has 1000 cards but they all have one card which activates the trance or is their main logic? Think I have to rewatch both episodes again.

    1. If you look closely at the part where Athena picks up the card from the ocean, the display (presumably what she’s able to see, because she isn’t human) says “LOGIC 1/1000” meaning (I believe) that it is one of his 1000 cards. Those cards make up a person: that’s a piece of his soul that’s been ripped loose and scattered into the world.

  6. From the confusing quiz jargon to Tsurugi’s dad shacking up with a lady literally a FOOT away from his young daughter, this episode had a lot of odd moments that took me out of it. But I still find ut oddly charming. Speaking of feet, Tsurugi has some nice ones, send me to hell anime -chan.


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