‘The Last Quincy’ returns.

Ryuken Ishida & Flashbacks:

Considering most of us were expecting a straight forward Toshiro vs Gerard chapter, we instead got plenty of surprises that have a lot of people talking – myself included. What spring to mind first is that we’re finally seeing Ryuken! Funnily enough, the only other time we’ve see him this arc is during the Everything But The Rain flashback, which showed the origins of Uryu’s parents (among other things). I never would have predicted this chapter would include an Uryu chapter where he witnesses his father dissecting his mother’s dead body, but I’m glad we that’s what we got.

This ties in with Ishida always preferring Soken (who was also mentioned in the chapter) over Ryuken, which makes more sense now. Since we also know that Katagiri died from Juha’s culling nine years ago, we can assume this scene took place shortly after. It must be a scarring thing to see your father is cutting open your mother, but from our perspective it seems more obvious that he’s doing an autopsy. And if he is, that makes me wonder why Ryuken still hasn’t shown up in this arc. Being the original ‘Last Quincy’ I would have expected him to pop up at some point, and now that we know he was likely investing Katagiri’s death (caused by Juha’s return to power), I expect he’ll want to take his revenge at some point.

Stop looking cool, you dweeb.

There Will (Not) Be Frost:

When I saw the chapter title this week I was already worried. I thought this was going to be another chapter where Toshiro comes in and shows off him being a ‘badass’ before being decimated in the final pages. While I wouldn’t have minded seeing Gerard pummel him to the ground, I was glad to see so little of the ice twerp. More noteworthy is Momo looking up (carrying a knocked out Shinji…), which only puts her in more danger, if past fights are anything to go by. Stay safe, Momo!

We should have saw this coming.

Set-Up for a 3-way Battle:

I really enjoyed the last half of this chapter. We got to see Haschwalth confront Uryu and suspect his motives, confirming that he can now see the future as he and Juha’s powers have been swapped. I thought we were going to get a fight with these two, but it appears Haschwalth wants to put Uryu’s loyalties to the test by purposefully pushing him towards Ichigo. We’ve seen that shocked face a hundred times already, but Uryu’s expression seems to be more along the lines of: “God dammit, Ichigo, why have you shown up now?”. I’m keen to see where this will go from next week, since we’re setting up for some pretty swift developments inside the Wahrwelt castle.


Overview – What’s Next?:

Hopefully we don’t cut away somewhere else next week, because the final portion of this chapter was definitely the most interesting. I expect Orihime and Chad are right beside Ichigo as well – so whether we get lots of talking or fighting next chapter, I’m intrigued either way. Will Haschwalth step in? What was Uryu doing planting those little things around the area? Is he really betraying the quincy or is there more to it? Will Ryuken ever show up? Will Ichigo show off his new bankai? So many questions. Let’s see what next week brings…

Note: It has now been one year exactly (to this very day!) since I started covering the Bleach manga on a weekly basis. It’s been wonderful giving my impressions on my favourite manga to read on a weekly basis. Is it the best manga out there? No. But I’ll never get tired of talking about Bleach. Let’s now wait and see if we’ll get enough chapters to mark another year of these posts.


    1. Getting the Almighty does actually change Haschwalth’s personality. It’s unknown whether Haschwalth is now influenced by Yhwach’s personality or the Almighty itself. I’m actually more worried about Ryuken. Cutting the corpse of your wife for several hours is not a sign of a healthy mind. The way he interacted with Uryuu (or rather how he didn’t) was kinda scary. I wonder how screwed up Ryuken got because of Katagiri’s death. Yhwach took his wife, Shinigami took his father and relatives and both tried to kill Uryuu. If I were Ryuken I would make it so, that the Shinigami and Yhwach kill each other.

      I hope for Ichigo and Uryuu, that they don’t decide to team up and fight Haschwalth, since he’S probably going to defeat them easily.

    1. Kubo is doing way too much switching around, most of the fights are still ongoing and showing a few pages of a fight only to jump to another fight and then next week and the weeks after other fights can be confusing.

  1. “The two star-crossed lovers meet on the battlefield.


    Uryu.. san

    :3 seeennnnpaaiiiii!

    Kubo trolls us all with BL finale to bleach…

    (NB: still a better love story than twilight)

  2. I’m waiting for the big reveal to be that the Soul King is the main bad guy whose pulled everyone’s strings from the beginning since that seems to be the most shockingest nonshock Kubo could pull.

    1. You know, I was expecting the exact same thing for quite some time, but now that Juha is technically the Soul King, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I just hope we see what Aizen meant when he referenced the Soul King back at the end of the Deicide arc.

  3. What if… Ryuken provided data to Mayuri by sending samples, while Soukken voluntarily let himself get experimented on by Mayuri, all in order for the Shinigami to have some data about the Quincy?


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