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Ishida vs His Friends:

This chapter is bound to be controversial, if only because the showdown between Ichigo and Ishida has been built up for several years now… and it never happened. There was always the doubt of whether or not Ishida was actually evil (I don’t think any/many us believed he was), to the point where paranoid Haschwalth brought it up every time they had a conversation. It was obvious, but of course, Ishida was good all along! Funnily enough, I’m not that bothered by this revelation as much as others seem to be, but I can see why they’re disappointed.

However you look at it this is an anti-climax of sorts, especially when some were anticipating a multi chapter fight between two friends turned foes. We got about 4 pages of nicely panelled action, but that’s likely not enough to satisfy most fans. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to get a lengthy battle involving both Ishida and Ichigo (and also Orihime and Chad). By the looks of it, that’s just what’s around the corner.

Ishida’s motive is finally revealed!

Ishida’s Plan:

So it turns out that Ishida’s plan was what was revealed in last week’s chapter: he was scattering the remnants of his master’s glove across the palace in order to cause an explosion to bring everything down in one swift move. After all this time, it’s not the most crafty plan, but I don’t mind so much. I can understand his reason for not telling Ichigo, because he is the stubborn sort who would butt in and stop him for taking the burden on himself. And that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

Meanwhile, Hascwalth returns at the end of the chapter sporting Juha’s (or more like Old Man Zangetsu’s) hair. It appears the shift in powers has changed his personality along with his appearance; the cold, emotionless sidekick has now turned into a grinning madman with an aura of darkness around him. It’s not subtle, but it’s pretty damn cool, you have to admit.

Haschwalth channeling his inner supervillain.

Overview – What’s Next?:

The Ichigo/Ishida showdown may not be taking place, but we’re getting set up for what could be a trilling fight with the sub villain of the arc. This could be Haschwalth’s main fight, and if it is, I’m pumped. Orihime and Chad are also on the scene, so I’d like to see them do something. It would be great to see a team effort by the original cast, even if Ichigo has to make the final strike. Or will Ishida perhaps sacrifice himself to achieve victory? We’ll have to wait and see, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this upcoming battle.


  1. Its a shame they really never went into a backstory on Inoue and Chad’s powers. Ya Chad’s seem to be Hollow and Inoue has a unique time skill but how did they end up with those skills? They were drawn out by hanging around with Ichigo seems like a BS excuse to me.

    1. Considering that Ichigo is most likely a special Quincy, like Haschwalth and Yhwach, I would say, the root of Orihime’s power is something similiar to a Schrift. But we got an explaination for Chad’s power, he was born with a Fullbring, while Orihime got her powers because of Ichigo.

      I don’t think Uryuu is truly a good guy, though I don’t think anyone except for the humans are. His plan was basically to suicide bomb the Wahrwelt. Uryuu would have killed everyone, Shinigami and Quincy, while the debris would have destroyed the Seretei. He only cared for the survival of his friends. Considering Yhwach killed his mother and the Shinigami his grand-father and other and race, it’s no wonder, Uryuu would try to eliminate both sides.

      But the most interesting thing is, that we Uryuu basically confirmed Yhwach’s next plan, to invade the human world. Guess we will see some future fights in Karakura town. But with what army though?

    2. Orihime did had healing Powers long before Ichigo received the Shinigami Powers. Do you remember the Tire Mark on her Leg that Ichigo noticed when they meet? She already healed her injury, and they still need to do the Orihime brother arc

      Perhaps Ichigo’s aura has feed her more Power. But her skill was already her own

    3. Aizen said to Ichigo (I think, I have to find the chapter again but I remember) that the hogyoku helps grant powers to people; Orihime and Chad wanted power and so the orb helped sprout their powers. I think Aizen talks about this when he says he planned for Ichigo to become a shinigami and all that.

      1. You’re right. It was the Hougyoku. It is what made rukia pass on all her power on and helped not only ichigo attain the strength to protect that he desired but Chad’s and Inoues’ ability.

  2. You know I was hoping that instead of the two obvious sides of it, Ishida really becomes evil, or he’s planning to betray the Quinicies, that it was the third option: Juha Bach has the ability to revive his mom, or he wants to solve his issues with his father by defeating Juha Bach himself, (You know, something personal that actually makes sense that rounds his character. We saw a flashback of his dad doing an autopsy of his mom, and Juha Bach mentioned being able to bring Quincies back to life at one point.) or even something just crazy like Ishida reveals he’s so special that only he has a “power” that can harm Juha Bach….No it’s I’m going to blow up a giant bomb……and that’s never worked in Bleach or Shounen ever. It’s like the biggest missed opportunity for Ishida’s character because he’s barely been in this arc and he hasn’t done ANYTHING. This plan has been built up and it should be the most relevant thing for his character and it should be more unique than nuke everything. Also Ishida was screwed the moment Juha Bach got his powers to see the future.

    I had hoped that Ishida being with the Quincies this entire time was not a repeat of what Gin tried to do…to create a device for drama, and for the other characters to say “Why Ishida, why?” for years of storyline.

    I don’t know. This is just another thing to add to the pile, and at this point I’d say it’s stacked pretty high.

    1. he will not Die, he just go again into his Long 1000 Years sleep, to be reborn sometime again. But then perhaps an another Ichigo and friends at this time will arise again


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