It’s Ichigo’s time to shine… soon!

Splitting Up, More Fights:

For the first time it actually feels like we’re heading to the conclusion of the series. A few weeks ago I would have thought we’d stick with Askin or Gerard since both those fight were already underway. We then cut to Ichigo and Ishida encountering one another in the palace grounds, and now Ishida is facing off against Haschwalth while Chad and Ganju fight some statues. Suddenly, we’ve got more people splitting up and more fights being set up (if you include Lille down below then that makes five in total). I don’t know whether this is Kubo being told to speed things up, or whether we’re all being played here. Will things suddenly slow down as we take time to focus on each battle (which would probably take about 20 chapter), or are we going to skip them and go straight to the ending?

I’d like to think there’s a reason for the sudden rush that goes beyond Bleach being ‘cancelled’. Anyone who thinks that Weekly Shonen Jump’s 8th best selling manga of all time is getting the boot within the next few weeks/months is being silly. Bleach’s ranking haven’t changed since the Fullbring arc (which was now 5+ years ago), so I can’t see this being a sudden decision by the editors. Maybe this won’t even be the final battleground, or it wont be as simple as it seems right now.

Ishida trying to fight the future.

Ichigo and Orihime vs Juha:

While the actual chapter didn’t give much beyond more set up, I did like what we got. For one, the art and panelling was especially good, and there were plenty of nice scenes from characters we haven’t seen much of this arc – like Orihime tearing up over Ishida being on their side, or Chad giving the thumbs up to Ichigo, or Ganju popping out of the sand and just being… Ganju. While I expect some won’t be too thrilled with these characters getting the spotlight, I’m of a different opinion. Ganju isn’t the best, but I really like Oirhime and I’m secretly rooting for Chad whenever he appears. Poor guy does nothing for most of the series and now gets some statues to fight. It’s not perfect, but I’ll take it. As for Orihime, she and Ichigo got rather close this chapter (as an IchiHime fan, this pleases me), but perhaps more exciting is that they are heading for Juha together. Unless another opponent appears that Orihime has to handle, that means these two may face the final villain together, which is a very interesting prospect.

Stone statues coming to life is always cool.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Like last week, not too much happened, but I’m glad these characters are getting some panel time (finally). I’m a little worried about the pace things are going, but hopefully we’ll spend a few chapters at each location before jumping back to Ichigo and Orihime. Chad and Ganju vs the statues shouldn’t last too long, but Ishida and Haschwalth could be an incredible fight, especially if Ishida does end up sacrificing himself, despite promising what he said to Ichigo wouldn’t be his last words. I’ve always suspected Ishida might die this arc, and with Orihime away somewhere else, that means he may not be able to come back to life if that does happen.


  1. Somehow I doubt the “Final” battle will take place anytime soon. Unless Kubo intends to have Aizen not get free of the almighty chair, and not have the Fullbringers show up after teasing they were going to play a role, also there’s like…I don’t know how many people that haven’t shown their Bankai’s yet….Oh and Nel is MIA…and so is Halibel…and Urahara….yeah…

  2. Right…the prospect of these two facing Juha together sounds interesting. What I’m really worried about is the repetition of Ichigo’s fight with Ulqui where Orihime is just sitting on the side, screaming Kurosaki-kun! Help! when he’s clearly down (or for the rest of the fight for that matter).

  3. I doubt, this will be the final battles. I mean it’s rather unlikely, that Haschwalth will be defeated without ever revealing what the B stands for, which at the moment he can’t. Ichigo is most likely going to loose as well. There are still too many mysteries, like Ginjou, Yachiru or the thing about the limbs of the Soul King.

    I also think, Ichigo will fight Yhwach alone, because Orihime will be busy healing Giselle, Liltotto abd Bazz-B, who should lie in the throne room. At least that’s what I hope. I like those three and hoope they will come back.

  4. Final battle for Ywach. Ichigo successfully kills him, but leadership is then handed to Haschwalth who retreats to his hidden base with whatever Quincy that remains. Then remaining Vizards, Shinigami, Fullbring and Hollow invade for the final battle against them. However, it doesn’t end there. No, next Ichigo must battle the dreaded college exams. Then he faces of the unfair battle of life. Afterwards he faces death again, and becomes a Shinigami, only to find out a new enemy who’s like a watered down version of Aizen and so on.

  5. Oh my after all these years, someone still has hope in ‘pairings’ in BLEACH?!? LOL *sigh* At this point, I just want it to end. Whatever the ending may be. *fingers crossed that it won’t take another decade or so eh* BTW, I don’t see Orihime fighting alongside Ichigo either. But the possibility is always there. You know what had been said for years, Kubo tends to pull something out of his ass or something like that. Anyway, Ichigo vs Yhwach would be the main event for sure.


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