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The Final War Potential – Urahara Kisuke:

As I expected, it seems like we’re going to spend some time at the previously set up fights before we head towards the final battle. If that is the case, we’re likely to spend the new few months wrapping up the remaining battle (which is fine by me – if we get to see some new powers from various characters than I’ll be happy with that). The first fight we cut back to is Askin’s, and given how overpowered his ability is, he’s seen lying back while Yoruichi is panting for breath and Yuushirou looks like he’s going to keel over any minute. I did want Yoruichi to figure this out on her own, but Urahara turning up isn’t a bad thing; after all, their interactions are always amusing and they’re a strong combination when put together.

I will say one thing: I didn’t expect this chapter to bring up the Five War Potentials. It’s been years since the term was last mentioned, and we still didn’t know the last two names, and now we do: Ichibei and Urahara. In hindsight, they’re not that surprisingly, as Ichibei gave Juha a run for his money and almost defeated him. Since he’s the leader of the strongest shinigami in all of the soul society, it’s not surprising that he’s one of the top five. The last name is Urahara, which has me even more hyped to see him get serious. This whole chapter he’s acting goofy and comical with Yoruichi, but I’m more anticipating the moment things go sour and he has to pull out all the stops.

With this chapter at least he know why the war potentials were chosen: Ichigo for his latent ability; Kenpachi for his fighting strength; Ichibei for his wisdom; Aizen for his immense reiatsu; and now Urahara for his unknown means. Like Mayuri, Urahara can worm his way out of any situation and have the last laugh.

Urahara “The Mystery” Kisuke.

Yoruichi the Thundercat:

Urahara aside, a vast portion of the chapter was dedicated to… Yoruichi’s ass. We got ass shot after ass shot, ass jokes, kicks in the face, the chapter title on her butt cheek, and then some more ass shots to keep us satisfied. It was so excessive that I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m sure some readers got enjoyment out of that (just as Kubo likely got enjoyment from drawing her cheeks over and over again). But the good stuff came when Urahara essentially turned Yoruichi into a thundercat. It’s a cool transformation that fits with her character, and I’m curious to know why she was reluctant to use it (she even called it monstrous form). There’s potential here; even if her new form fails, Urahara is on the scene and is likely to join the fight for real.

Yep. Yoruichi is still cool.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I’m glad we’re cutting back to the Askin fight. It was the first to be set up and with Urahara now on the scene I’m pumped to see what he and Yoruichi can manage. It seems less likely that Yoruichi is going to reveal any zanpakuto abilities, but the prospect of Urahara going bankai is enough to get me very hyped. Hopefully Askin pushes them to their limits and forces them to go all out.


    1. Imo, it’s really not that difficult to follow. If there’s thing I’d say about Bleach (for better or worse), it would be that it is simple. I often find when people complain about not following what’s happening/not making sense of it, they’ve just not been paying attention. The comedy in this chapter was a little random, but I don’t think any of it was hard to understand.

      1. Easy to follow? I’m sorry, but what makes you say that?

        At this point everyone is just pulling random powers. I mean, am I to believe that Yoruichi had a super-trump card she never used… because she didn’t like it? Also, where did Urohara make an antidote to a poison he never met before? Where did the giant golems of the last chapter suddenly arrive from?

        That’s easy to follow only in the DrMcninja sense – which is avoiding to think too deeply about things and just take the twists as they come.

        (Though, to be fair, in McNinja the most ridiculous twists are explained later on. Most.)

    2. What do you mean random? We knew Yoruichi could transform into an animal since the very begining. We also knew that she has secret and unknown powers and we knew that transforming into a hybrid is possible. Half the fandom expected Yoruichi to transform into a werecat hybrid. The other half expected her Zanpakto. Also we don’t know if this transformation of hers has any side-effects. From her pose it looks like she’s going to be more wild and similiar in behavior to Hollow Ichigo. Also she lost her clohing and may be naked in front of the enemy. There is something called dignity.

      Urhara didn’t make an anitdote. He gave a Yoruichi a drug, that strenghtened her powers. Her imunity was one of the things, that got strenghtened. The stone statues can be be could be created by Shuutara, BG9, Gremmy, Robert (assuming they are alive) or some other character. Making immobile objects move is a common ability in fiction.

      Most of the strange things in Bleach also get an explaination in later chapters, like why Tosen exploded, why the Soul King was so powerless, why no one was able to heal Ukitake, etc. An

      Anyway, I had hoped, we would stay with Ichigo. Him confronting Yhwach would probably put a temporary end to all the battles and end this long day. I mean there are still seven other days left. Kubo wasn’t kidding when he said, this arc would be longer than the Arrancar saga We’re only a bit past the half-way point then. I also hoped to see Orihime heal, Bazz-B, Giselle and Liltotto.

      Choices for SWP are fine. Hoped for Ginjou though. Don’t think Yoruichi will win. Usually, who transforms first looses. Unless she has more transormations.

      1. Don’t bother explaining. Commenting “it’s sh*t”, “it’s random”, “none of it makes sense” etc. is a lot easier than to actually follow the manga.

        Great chapter. Although I have to disagree with Samu. I think Urahara Kisuke will save his Bankai for Juha, and/or potentially for Aizen. Askin is way too much of a low priority.

    3. Not that complicated where the Golems came from. They were obviously planted there as a security measure in case someone were to try to infiltrate that area. I think the better question is ‘Who’ planted them there. Either Yhwach himself, or some other Quincy. It might be revealed still, but it’s not really important.

      And characters pulling trump cards is suddenly a mystery and confusing to you? This has been happening since episode 1.

      ‘Where did Ichigo suddenly get his insane spirit power when Rukia gave her powers to him temporarily?’

      — Gets explained much later —

      It always gets explained in the end. Even if it takes a ton of chapters.

      1. I’m still of the belief that Kubo had to kill Unohana because if not she would be far too strong. If she were able to fight in this war I don’t see how she could have lost to any of the sternritter up until now.

  1. Based Samu with the perfect choice for the cover pic.

    Wonderful chapter for fans of Yoruichi. Thank you, Kubo.
    Also a nice surprise that we got SJ chapters one day early this week.

    It’s funny how her transformation is an actual cat-girl, even though it’s so predictable(yet fitting). 😀
    For now, we’ll have to enjoy all this Yoruichi and Urahara goodness. Before we know it we’ll be back to Hitsugaya…

  2. What I don’t like is the fact that she probably have a slight better chance to win if she used her power but she doesn’t want to use it all, unless it’s one use and then die or something. Kubo made her looks like she’s prefering to die and letting that other person who’s dying to die as well because she simply doesn’t want to use it.
    Maybe because I hate the BS that often used in shounen manga “I have more power but I don’t want to use it, even if it means I’m dying unless the author decided to make me use it on a whim.”


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