A bloody battle awaits us.

Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn:

Well, this chapter is bound to get a lot of buzz. But I’m going to get the negative out-of-the-way first. While Askin rambling about the strengths of his new ability could be seen as in-character for him, it’s yet another time where Kubo has relied on forced exposition from the mouth of the villain. His ability may be overpowered and ridiculous, but I could have done without a convoluted explanation for how his amazing counter counters Yoruichi’s amazing counter to his original abilities. It all feels a bit excessive, but thankfully that only lasted for a few pages before we got to the good stuff.

My favourite part of the dialogue shared between Askin and Urahara would be Askin revealing his true motive for joining Juha. He’s always seemed the most lackadaisical quincy – often drinking his cafe latte or enjoying his picnic whilst watching over his fellow sternritters fighting – and so it makes sense that he’s not part of Juha’s gang because of loyalty or infatuation, but because he’s curious to witness the world that Juha wants to rule over. His way of thinking is that if all three realms are ruined, then what will come after will be the most interesting result.

I especially liked when he presented the option to Urahara, who has always been the shady type that some suspect hints to his villainous. His words were rather surprising, because he brought it back to Mayuri and explained what it means to be a true scientist. The way he put it, he claimed Mayuri would be more inclined to the idea (which is amusing because Askin encountered Mayuri when he first arrived in the war). But as Urahara then points out, Mayuri wouldn’t be one to follow an ideal like that. He would instead want to create it himself. That doesn’t make Urahara any less suspicious as he usually is, but it’s good to see him namedrop Mayuri and speak of him in such a positive regard. I’m sure Mayuri would (not) be thrilled.

Curiosity rather than loyalty.

Urahara’s Bankai!:

Ok, now to the real goods. URAHARA’S BANKAI! Like with Shunsui, this is a moment many Bleach fans have been highly anticipating. However, I’d say Urahara is more popular and his final released has been more hyped. Ever since he claimed it was terrible for training purposes, we guessed there was something dangerous that wouldn’t work well unless he truly intended to kill whoever he was fighting. With that being said, it’s interesting that Urahara went straight into bankai rather than rely on his many tricks he has up his sleeve (unless this counts as one of those tricks).

Whether he never used it against Aizen because Kubo didn’t want to show it the readers or because it wouldn’t have been as useful remains to be seen, but I’m excited for whatever happens next. The actual design is pretty awesome; I expected it would be a princess, given the name, but didn’t think it would be the same size as Mayuri’s Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo. The legs look spread apart, so there’s a chance she will have multiple legs, or maybe she’s it’s just like that because of her bowing. Or maybe she has the body of a caterpillar?

Inquisition of the Crimson Princess.

Overview – What’s Next?:

So… Urahara went bankai! Unless people bring up Askin’s over explanation, I’m confident that is all people will be talking about. And I don’t blame them. This has been a moment many have been waiting for. I’m sure plenty of people will try to decipher the possible clues of the release form, but I’ll leave that to them. All I know is the next week’s wait is going to be a painful one.


      1. … mmm i get a Gut feelings, that she is some kind alike this 3 head Cerberus guardian. Guardian of the true Dead Gate into nothingness? remember where they are….

        Her Shoulders, Elbows looks like a puppet ones. We have her perhaps an spider alike one

  1. Am I the only one who liked the conversation more than the Bankai?

    I think Urahara just revealed what his grand master plan is. He talked how a true scientist like Mayuri would want to destroy and create a new world with his owns hands. But Urahara himself is a true scientist. He created the Hogyoku, probably with the same dubious means as Aizen, and founded the R&D departmant of the Gotei. Urahara is as much of a scientist as Mayuri. I think Urahara has actually the same plan as Yhwach and maybe Aizen, to destroy and create a better world, but first he needs to get Aizen and Yhwach out of his way.

  2. Thinking about how Urahara is a scientist, this scene does establish one thing. Mayuri and Urahara are scientists, but neither of them have that power hungry need to play god. Mayuri may want to play god more than Urahara, but Urahara accepted that the Soul King was the keystone and didn’t try to surpass it. Aizen tried to play god, and so is Juha Bach. I think all “mad” scientists have that big one, that one thing they want to create or prove that makes them above a normal scientist, like becoming the next Albert Einstein, Edison, or Tesla.

    However, sadly, this tells me that there’s nothing to Urahara. He’s been mysterious and we all want to know what his deal is, but there is no deal, he’s just there, and he has no sciencey goal, no behind the scenes thing or secret to him. It’s like he likes to play the mysterious character just to play the mysterious character.

    As for his Bankai, yeah, he didn’t use it on Aizen…It depends on what it is really. My expectations are pretty low as we’ve seen Unohana, Shunsui and Zaraki’s real powers and they’ve all been disappointing or head scratching so…until next week.

  3. I stopped reading Bleach a loooooong time ago, and only came here to look at the summaries by Samu 😛 However, after reading this week’s chapter, I think I’ll be picking it up again 🙂 Very very interested to see what happens next, and whether the Crimson Princess is like a Black Widow or not…

    1. Oh same here, someday I’ll probably just spend a few hours catching up when there’s an end in sight or something. I’ve been hoping they’d give this series another anime series so I haven’t felt compelled to follow in a while.

  4. So basically the moment Urahara actually takes damage is when the bankai comes out. He didn’t waste a damned second after his eyeball plopped. I think Urahara just got pissed off

  5. I am wondering, what are the downsides of Urahara’s Bankai. Considering Shunsui’s bankai almost killed him, Urahara most have nasty after effects of using his bankai since he never used before. He did not even use it when facing Aizen. I hope he does not die.


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