The bankai we’ve all been waiting for.

Benihime Aratame:

After Kubo fell ill, we’ve had to wait an extra week for this chapter – and what a chapter it was. It’s a total fan pleaser, for more reasons than one. Obviously, plenty of Bleach readers were excited to see what Urahara’s bankai would be. I read a bunch of theories and speculation, but none of them ended up coming true. It turns out that there’s several meanings to his release’s full name, with the most relevant one being “filleting an animal by cutting it down the center and peeling back the flesh”. As strange as that may sound, it’s pretty much what the bankai does: the power of reconstruction. In essence, it can split things open and put them back together, fixing them in the process or just changing the properties to whatever Urahara wills.

It’s a strange technique, but a useful one. Yet, not blatantly made to counter this specific fight; if you think about it, Mayuri did something similar to his own bones and muscles when he fought Pernida. In theory, Urahara would also have been able to counter Pernida’s abilities and win that fight as well, where everyone else would have struggled. Some seem confused about how the power actually works, but it doesn’t seem that complicated – it’s basically live surgery, allowing Urahara to “change” anything or anybody. We see him removing and putting his fingers back on before delivering a powerful blow, so clearly when he reconfigures something, he can make it stronger. A pretty neat ability if you ask me!


Urahara vs Askin Brawl:

One part I loved in this chapter was when Urahara went in on Askin in a way we’ve never seen him do before. We know that Askin detests fast paced close combat action, but if you think about it, when has that ever been Urahara’s fighting style? It was refreshing to see, and made me think how awesome it would look if this were ever to get animated. Of course, it all played into Urahara’s master plan, but seeing them going for an all out brawl was rather epic.

I hope we get to see this animated one day.

Grimmjow’s Return:

And now for the surprising fan treat of the week: Grimmjow! Last we saw him, he charged at Askin and lost almost instantly, which had plenty of his fans displeased. I’m sure now that it’s all come full circle, there will be a rush of overjoyed readers. I don’t think any of us would have predicted we would get an Urahara/Grimmjow tag team, but it appears they’ve been plotting this or were prepared for this to happen. As Urahara and Askin were stuck inside Askin’s barrier, Urahara used his splitting and reconstruction ability to open it from the inside and let Grimmjow in to deliver the final blow. Bleach can get pretty brutal when Kubo feels like it, and Askin having his heart ripped out of his chest was one of those times. Killua would be proud.

He’s back (again)!

Overview – What’s Next?:

That was a great chapter. A total fan pleaser, but even if it wasn’t, it still flowed well, there wasn’t over explanation of Urahara’s abilities, and the sudden action was much appreciated. Grimmjow arriving at the end allows him to get revenge on the quincy who took him out at the start of this final battle, so he gets some of his cool points back. I just wonder where Nel is, and if Askin is going to get up next week with a new form.

It’s very possible Askin will survive this, but Kubo may have something big planned for chapter 666. Originally, people thought that was the chapter that Grimmjow would reappear, and since he’s arrived on the scene it could end up being a Grimmjow-centric chapter. Or we could switch back to Ichigo, Juha Bach, or even Aizen. Whatever happens, Bleach is in a good place right now; there’s plenty of exciting possibilities even if there aren’t many fights left to cover.


  1. Last chapter Urahara told Askin, that a true scientist like him and Mayuri would try destroy and recreate the world with their own hands. Now his Bankai is revealed to deconstruct and reconstruct things. I’m suspicious…

    Askin will probably survive. Question is, will he turn into an animal?

  2. I jizzed.
    I jizzed everywhere.
    I’m still jizzing.
    This Bankai may just be the mother of all bankai.
    It’s definitely not one to train people with omg.
    I’m light-headed you guys.

  3. His bankai is alchemy shoved into a sword…the possibilities are endless beyond repair with this bankai. Can’t wait to see what other tricks he has in store, his blade draws on Buddhist practices and that tends to mean it has a wide array of abilities.

  4. In a way, I can see a pattern. Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō, which is a baby, is a Bankai meant for mass slaughter with its poison gas. Urahara’s Bankai, which is like a mother, is meant for “healing.”

    1. It would be a proper send-off if he just died now with a flashback within the chapter. If he were to transform though, I hope it’s at least something cool. Like a basilisk or something.

  5. I was right. When Askin used his ability last time (2 weeks ago) he took BOTH of Urahara’s eyes making him totally blind. Thats why he did not screw around and used his Bankai immediately.

    1. yeah, his Bankai is purely defensive. Well to some extent. So i still wondering, why he let the healing until now in the Human world in other hands… Perhaps he was afraid to be called Dr. Frankenstein

  6. Holy shit, my jaw dropped when I saw Grimmjow; I thought it was Kisuke who delivered the brutal finishing blow… and yes, we WILL see this brawl animated one day! It’ll take a long time but we’ll get there.
    Just imagine if seven years ago, we got to see this chapter from the future, our minds would be blown away. My point is Bleach is delivering right now: Urahara’s Bankai, Urahara fighting like a beast, GJ back in full glory.
    And Askin, I’ll miss you buddy, definitely one of my favorite SR. I liked his lines and how he acknowledges that his opponents are terrifying.

  7. So his Bankai hype aside, the base here is not that far away as from the ex-captain of the healing Squad, that fought with kenpachi to make him strong again. He bankai, peeled the flesh from the bones and recreate it somehow back, but stronger…

    1. so as i read between the lines, Kubo somehow loves Healing Captains with the nearly same base. The only exception so far is Inoue, she heals with manipulating the time flow… Perhaps we dont saw her real power so far, until now

    1. Ichigo has the “New” Bonus, we did not saw his new Bankai of Shinigami and Quincy cooperation. remember he has now an Twin sword, perhaps he can fuse both for into the 2hander we know

      So Ichigo has the new Virgin bonus


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