「チーム」 (Chimu)

The Story of the Mad Dog:

Last week was all about Yamaguchi, but this week switched the spotlight back to Seijou and their unpredictable Mad Dog-chan. As is noted in the episode, it’s surprising that he’s been allowed to stay on the court for so long when he’s the least reliable member of the team. Seijou are a powerhouse without him, but that extra addition throws a spanner in the works and makes this a little more unpredictable. He’s gotten plenty of focus in the past few episodes, but that aura of intimidation still remains from when he first stepped into the game. While he’s been mainly silent (except for grunting and throwing the occasional tantrum), this episode elevated him to a speaking role, and even gave us a little backstory to chew on.

When we get these flashbacks from whoever Karasuno are facing off against, it’s often impossible not to feel some sympathy for them – even if you’re hoping they lose. Here, however, I don’t think we get that same effect. Perhaps we understand him more – seeing him as a child, getting inspired by volleyball – but this doesn’t excuse his actions and brutish play style. He still comes across stubborn and arrogant and uncooperative, but now that some of the details have been filled in, it’s slightly more believable. However, if there’s one person that has this dog on a leash, it’s Oikawa. We see him adapting to all his teammates, proving why he’s a brilliant captain and the driving force behind such a successful team. Mad Dog respects him to some level; it’s just a shame that after this tournament we’ll never see them play together again.

Looking Ahead – The Future Captains:

While the volleyball action was just as awesome as you’d expect, it was the words shared off the court that stood out most to me. Two characters that proved themselves were Seijou’s Yahaba, and Karasuno’s Ennoshita. Yahaba made me laugh at the beginning of this match when he was smitten with Yachi’s cuteness, but he proved himself once and for all after taming the Mad Dog when he had to get switched out. His speech was impassioned and struck a cord with the rebel, which has me thinking that if anyone is going to inherit Seijou’s captaincy, it’s going to be Yahaba. He’s clearly a level-headed guy who doesn’t stand for discord. His proving himself only seemed more apparent when his coach and teammates watched in silence, grateful for him quelling what could have turned foul.

Similarly, Ennoshita is once again showing his smarts and understanding of his teammates. He’s already a given for the captain spot after his recent developments, but it’s little scenes like him explaining how Tsukishima managed to make use of Tanaka and Mad Dog’s rivalry that proves him a capable leader. And while I’m calling the future captains, I’m going to say that if Haikyuu!! also covers the Hinata’s third year, then Tsukishima will end up the captain when the time comes. Ennoshita may have the smarts, but Tsukishima has the skill sets that make him a vital member of the team. With some further developments and more opportunities for him to come out of his shell and embrace his love for volleyball, I can see him becoming a powerful, intelligent, and tactical captain.

Overview – What’s Next?:

It’s interesting that the stuff that happened outside of the game was the most compelling and worthy of discussion. It’s fun to predict how things will turn out, but for now we’ve only got two more episodes left, and it’s evident that Karasuno and Seijou’s rematch is going to be the grand finish to the season (if you had been paying attention to the OP or remembered how long their match was at the end of the first season, then that shouldn’t come as a surprise). Funnily enough, the actual main characters of the show have been missing from most of this match. With the third and final set passing the half way mark, this seems like the perfect time for the prodigy duo to prove their worth before time runs out.



      1. @Samu: But there are vice-captains in Haikyuu. Suga is Karasuno’s, Kai is Nekoma’s and I think in Seijou it’s Iwaizumi.
        For the next year, I’m calling Tanaka as the vice-captain since Nishinoya is forbidden. And for the third year I like the idea of Tsukki-Yamaguchi combo. One is logical and good at tactics, and the other can understand and comfort people well, just like Sugawara.

      2. Ah, you’re right. Not gonna lie, the title is rarely mentioned (and doesn’t really mean much) that I actually forgot. If the VC had the same privileges as the captain then we may have seen more of Suga on the court. But I agree that Tsukishima/Yamaguchi would be a good combo.


    I am going to really miss Oikawa’s chant for his serve, hope Karasuno winning gets some cheers in the future with more wins under their belt.

  2. The topic of future captains is interesting…during season 1, I orignally imagined the nxt captain would be Nishinoya since he’s the bundle of charisma, skills, and court-presence. Didn’t know liberos can’t be captains…
    Tsukki would make a nice captain if not for his best quailty: his personality.
    Right now it is kind of difficult to imagine him holding a team together, as Sawamura/Oikawa/Kuroo do. Maybe after he matures and improves his ppl skills xD.Right now he makes a great tactician.
    In my opinion, out of the 1st years, Kageyama seems the closest to having qualities of a captain…great observational skills, all-rounder on the court, and bossy (lol). He still lacks the calmness and fortitude under pressure a captain should have though.
    Indeed it’d be very nice if Haikyuu takes us through a three year journey (it’s a pity most shounen don’t)~

    1. It’s fun to discuss who could be the future captain. Like you, I hope the story follows all three years. I always thought Kuroko no Basket was going to do that, but it stopped after the first year. Haikyuu!! seems to be heading for a longer story (I can imagine it being 400+ chapters). I mean, if they win this prelim then they’ll be heading into the last tournament of the school year, and I just can’t see it ending after that – there’s still so much to see!

  3. I’m going with Hinata(emotion, motivation)+ Tsuki(strategy,analysis)as the future fundation of Karasuno. Kageyama obviously is execution.

    I wonder what kind of players can they attract once their team is better known.

    Only two episodes to go, any clue about the march 19th “big Announcement”?

    1. Hinata and Tsukishima working together would be interesting (and symbolic) but I can’t see Hinata as the captain type. I don’t pin him as a natural leader, and even though he’s the main character I don’t think him being centre stage would play into his strengths. Also, he’s not exactly the smartest cookie in the jar…

      1. He gather enough friends to form a team out of nothing when the manga started, the one Kageyama defeated. With only entusiasm and his own ability. I saw him as an inspirational figure which is important in a leader.

  4. I like the idea of Yamaguchi as the captain.
    His speech about pride showed that he is captain material, once he puts aside his shyness.

    He needs to improve his skills though, but I can see that happening in 2 years.

  5. Woohoo~ So Season 3 has been confirmed for next fall, although I wonder if they have enough original material to launch a new season so soon… I don’t read the manga so I don’t know how far they are from the anime… Still so excited about this news 😀

    1. I had a feeling it would get a third season, and soonish. Because the second season has sold really well and making stuff that sells really well for a studio makes sense financially. Basically, it’s a hit series 🙂

    2. I’m honestly surprised the announcement was for a S3 – not that I didn’t think it would get it, but for it to be so early. I’ll discuss it more in next week’s post, but for now I’ll just say this could lead to a few complications… but I’m still excited to see this content getting adapted as it’s arguably the strongest of the whole series.

      1. I don’t believe an episode count for Season 3 has been announced yet. It may be 12/13 episodes if it’s airing this fall. Though It wouldn’t surprise me if they somehow make 25 episodes work again.

      2. The complication I foresee is that the 3rd season will consume the available manga chapters with little buffer left by the time Season 3 ends. Based on the weekly chapter release, if Season 3 is going to have 25 episodes, the anime will be adapting the chapters of the manga up until the point the date the Season 3 anime starts. Then there will be a long wait for Season 4 as there would only be 20+ manga chapters when Season 3 ends.

      3. That is all true, but I also worry that perhaps this could indicate that the manga is nearing its end, with S3 serving as the end of the adaptation (because even if it wasn’t we would need to wait at least two years before S4). If that is the case, then things may wrap up after this current tournament… but I really hope that isn’t the case. I want this to cover all three years of Hinata’s journey.


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