“The Absolute Limit Switch”

「絶対リミットスイッチ」 (Zettai Rimittosuitchi)

The Best Match Yet?:

It’s a great time to be a Haikyuu!! fan. Not only was this one of the most thrilling (and rewarding) episodes to date, but we’ve already got a third season confirmed for the end of the year. Get hyped! Now, where do I begin with this episode? It was pretty much a dream come true – classic Haikyuu!!, yet even more adrenaline-pumped than usual. I think it would be fair to say this is the best match of the series, with Karasuno and Seijou’s first tournament match being a contender as well (I love that surprise ending still to this day – no one saw that coming). Perhaps the outcome for this rematch was more obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. While last week’s main content was off the court, every bit of volleyball action this week was sheer brilliance – so impressive I didn’t want to blink in case I missed anything.

I loved that literally every player got the oppertunity to shine. There’s too many to list them all, but some that stood out to me were: Daichi’s repeatedly impressive defence and leadership, Suga going all out and coming in at just the right time, Asahi delivering a few powerful spikes, Tanaka and Tsukki continuing last week’s strategy, Yamaguchi’s chance to score a point, Noya cheering with absolute passion, Hinata eyeing up his opponents in awe, and his combo with Kageyama coming together wonderfully at the very end. This season has been more focused on developing the characters, showing snippets of their past, and allowing them to improve as players and teammates – so this was the natural conclusion, and it felt so sweet to see that ball slap past Oikawa’s save, as Karasuno won the game and progressed to the finals. And for the record, I was pacing my room and screaming with excitement for most of this episode – especially the last five minutes. That was play after play after play, teasing us right up until Hinata got his oppertunity to prove his worth.

Seijou’s Defeat – Oikawa’s Premonitions:

While Karasuno were impressive throughout this match, it’s hard not to recognise how powerful Seijou areOikawa especially. He is truly a force to be reckoned with, but seeing him at his weakest – when Kageyama had him on his knees, looking up in defeat – it was almost like Oikawa’s life flashed before his eyes. We saw scenes from middle school to now: him losing to Shiratorizawa, him not being a naturally gifted player but instead one that has trained himself to be as good as he can be, his earlier encounters with Kageyama, and not their showdown here. And with that, it all makes sense why Oikawa resents Kageyama so much. After losing before, he saw Kageyama as a true adversary, even from the early days. It all builds up perfectly to that moment where Oikawa has to accept there is a limit to how far he can improve – yet whether he has reached that limit yet is left unanswered.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Karasuno won! They did it! While this episode was brimming with incredible action that no other sports anime could compete with, the word I would used to describe this episode would be ‘rewarding’. We’ve been building up to this moment, saw characters struggle and push through their difficulties and differences in order to reach this point. And, as I’ve said before, it feels perfectly natural. While I do feel this second cour hasn’t been the best the series has to offer (though certain episodes were brilliant), without the training of the first cour, it wouldn’t have felt like Karasuno earned their improvements. They trained hard and we got to know them all even more because of it.

In a way, this is the perfect end to the first ‘part’ of Haikyuu!!, as Karasuno’s rivalry with Seijou is now over, and they came out on top in the end. Shiratorizawa lies ahead now – a team that has seems more legend than reality. Even Seijou was never able to beat them, so this will be the chance for Karasuno to use everything they’ve learned and make their way to nationals. With only one episode left, we’re likely to get a slower epilogue, before we return in Fall with the third season. I personally think the announcement came too early, as it would mean at least a 2+ year wait for the fourth season. But at least we won’t have to wait too long to see Karasuno’s potential put to the test.



  1. And for the record, I was pacing my room and screaming with excitement for most of this episode

    I assure you, you weren’t the only one! There was also this very wide grin around where my mouth usually is for most of this episode. (I was a fool to think I wouldn’t be affected by Haikyuu’s positive because I’ve read the manga. Positive energy too strong!)

    Also, great news about third season! I wonder if they can get 2 seasons’ length to it, or will it be shorter this time, since the anime isn’t that far behind the manga anymore. Though I suppose they will get more material before they actually start to make the next season. Has it been announced when it will air?

    Incidentally, looking forward to your third post of the week. Great things happening in all your shows this week 😉

    1. I wonder if they can get 2 seasons’ length to it, or will it be shorter this time, since the anime isn’t that far behind the manga anymore. Though I suppose they will get more material before they actually start to make the next season.

      I’ll just repost what I posted at Guardian Enzo’s anime webpage:

      “With regards to whether Season 3 will have enough manga chapters for a 2-cour season, my estimate is that there is barely just enough by the start of Season 3 broadcast. It would have used up all the printed manga chapters when it starts. By the end of a 2-cour Season 3, it would have about 25-ish manga chapters as a buffer. Depending on how long the mangaka wants to continue with his manga, there would be an opportunity to have a Season 4 end at the same time as the manga, or have a consistent 1-year gap between end of one season and the start of the next for an on-going manga and anime adaptation. Each 2-cour season of Haikyuu!! uses up about 75 manga chapters. Do the math and you can see the path.”

      Has it been announced when it will air?

      No specific date fixed yet but it will be in the Fall 2016 season.

      1. Thanks for your reply! Wow, Fall 2016, so soon. I was expecting maybe next spring at earliest.

        And I hope the manga won’t end any time soon, it would be shame to not see another year of high school, since this tournament has been used to set up the 1st and 2nd year for future

  2. When I first watched this, I was thoroughly drawn in even though I’m following the manga and very much up-to-date. It was breathtaking action, especially in the second half. There were 3 teams pulling out all the stops in this spectacular action-packed episode – Seijoh and Karasuno giving their all on the court on-screen, and the Production I.G. team showing off its animation chops. Take a bow, Production I.G., you have well and truly earned it. They made the manga work of Haruichi Furudate truly come alive.

    There are many scenes that stood out, especially from the last 5 minutes. The last play which started with Oikawa pointing to Iwazumi and all the way to the end of the point was already exhilarating stuff in the manga but not only did Production I.G. aced the adaptation of the material, they made it truly alive and even more exhilarating.

    Now that you have upped the game, Production I.G., you have raised a lot of expectations. The next match with Karasuno playing against Shiratorizawa handily beats this match in intensity, action and drama in the manga. I’ve been relatively impervious to the hype that anime only watchers are having with this show. With what you have shown in this episode, you have me starting to feel it. Don’t disappoint me (and a whole bunch of fans) in your Season 3 adaptation of Haikyuu!!.

  3. Legitimately started crying once the whistle blew and Hinata tightened his fist. As a manga reader, I remember this match being exhilarating–the anime made it 10x more amazing. Respect for Production IG. Sad that this season ends next week…

    1. While I do think the manga is still superior overall, this is pretty much as perfect an adaptation could be. IG have done a stellar job with Haikyuu!! so far, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the next match.

  4. OH MY GOD. I haven’t felt such excitement watching anime in a very long time and I’m so happy that I decided to give Haikyuu a try ’cause now I freaking love this series so much. This episode was so awesome, I can’t even describe how nervous and excited I felt while watching this, shouting at the screen, jumping on the chair, re-watching some of the scenes, crying my eyes out during that last point, gosh, so freaking good. I love all the characters, specially Hinata and Kageyama, but I realised during this match that Oikawa is a beast, and you gotta love his strenght, his attitude and his behaviour on the court (and out), so I love him a lot too XD Anyways, one more episode and we’ll have to wait till October to watch more of these guys, the final match. I don’t read the manga, but I’m curious to know if the Karasuno VS Shiratorizawa match is over, can somebody tell me? Thanks a lot and long live Haikyuu 😀

  5. there were so many things to love this episode, but what I’ll remember most is that little space of silence right after that exhilarating last point – followed only by the sound of Hinata clenching his fist.

    it also happened to be the moment I remembered I had to breathe. Up to that point, it’d been nonstop motion, nonstop heart-pounding music. The silence is what ironically made it THE triumphant moment to remember

  6. A couple of friends came to my house when I was watching this episode yesterday and they started talking about other series, saying Haikyuu was “cute” and end of the episode were on the edge of their seats. They left asking where to find the first season.

    So many things worked so well in animation form, Daichi’s receive, Hinata’s block, the last epic point, Oikawa’s wide set, but my favorite moment was the tension build up that finish with Kageyama’s Dump Shot. That was awesome. Best episode so far.


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  7. Wow i really like that scene where oikawa did that shooter (thats how ppl in vball call that set) falling down being a setter myself i was like white fox tango is that. it look really cool. too bad is over 🙁 gotta wait 5 months to get that match against the king!

  8. Man, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Karasuno won. But a part of me really wanted Oikawa to win too. He’s a legitimately fucking awesome character. Seeing him struggle against the the perceived ‘genius’ of other players. And then finally realising that he isn’t at his limits, and he is talented; breaking through his self limiting belief.

    It was really fucking cool & a lesson you can apply to your own life. People who you might think of as genius’ or far better than you in some area, 99% of the time aren’t there because of some innate bullshit. They put in the effort. And if you put in the effort, you can be there too.

    1. Karasuno definitely earned their victory, though I agree that Oikawa is a brilliant character. It’s a shame this is his last official high school match, but at least he went out like a pro!

    2. Also, we learn that quite a lot of geniuses admire someone else, who might not seem as talented. Kageyama, although feared by Oikawa as a genius who would surpass him, is actually in awe of Oikawa himself, and HE (kageyama) thinks that he’d never be able to surpass his senpai.

    3. Mind you, whatever Oikawa says, he ticks all the genius boxes for me. He works really hard to get where he is, but so does Kageyama and presumably so does Ushiwaka-whatever-his-name-is does too.

      Maybe it’s how effortless he makes it look when he’s stepping up to serve or perfectly utilize his (or any other) team, and how smug his persona is both in and out of game.


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