Kenpachi needs to bring a miracle to this fight.

A Classic Kenpachi Fight:

If you love Kenpachi, you probably enjoyed this chapter. And if you’re not his biggest fan (like me), you probably didn’t love it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a bad chapter, but it was definitely forgettable and remarkably quick to read even by Bleach standards. There were a few useful tidbits here and there – like Byakuya talking about Kenpachi not having a constant release shikai and Hitsugaya reacting to Nozarashi – but for the most part it was just battle chapter; a Kenpachi battle chapter, no less.

I remember how people complained about the Gremmy fight back when it was ongoing, but I rather liked that battle. It was creative, even if the boy was a douche; it was clearly intentional and he paved the way for his own demise. Here, there’s no real back and forth to keep me interested. Seeing Nozarashi again is cool – and it’s good that Kenpachi lost his eyepatch in the last few pages – but this feels like a chapter best read when released in a volume, or better yet, when adapted in anime form. But sadly, that isn’t an option right now.

Hitsugaya is lucky he isn’t cut in half Harribel-style.

Big Boring Gerard:

While I’m not the biggest Kenpachi fan, I put almost all of the blame on Gerard – big boring Gerard. I had hopes for this Thor-inspired sternritter when he first appeared, but his ability is just so vanilla. Of course, he might get so big that if he falls over he may end up destroying Soul Society, but that still doesn’t justify him being one of the elites (and the last one remaining – unless you count Flamingo Lille down below). We do get hints that he can reflect back whatever damage his sword takes, but there’s no way Kenpachi is out of the fight yet. Hopefully there’s more to his abilities than growing bigger, regenerating his limbs, and reflecting damage.

Still not believing in miracles.

Overview – What’s Next?:

This was exactly what you’d expect from a Kenpachi vs Gerard match-up. Swords were swung, blood was lost, everyone was shouting. It’s fun, quick to read, but made no lasting impression. I hope this fight gets interesting soon or ends prematurely so we can focus on something else. Heck, Chad and Ganju vs stone statues would be more compelling than this.


  1. Actually Gerard can do much more. His power is conversion and are based on the miracles of Jesus, like converting water into wine, death into life, etc. He just converted the damage Kenpachi inflicted on his sword into damage for Kenpachi. There is definitely more to Gerard. I mean he is the heart of the Soul King. That is important. He’s related to the Soul King and Kubo usually gives a lot of importance to the heart. And there is probably a reason why Kubo choose his fight as the last instead of Askin vs Urahara. With him being called the Miracle and a sword called hope, he could change the tides and create a miracle for the Quincy or be a beacon of hope. There is probably going to be a “Wonderweiss moment” at some point. But Kenpachi probably won’t win this. He’s simply unsuited. Someone else will probably take over.

  2. “I remember how people complained about the Gremmy fight back when it was ongoing, but I rather liked that battle. It was creative, even if the boy was a douche”

    oOHh…ouuuhh.. ooooughh….OUGUHHH…NNNNGGGGG- It was not creative. I will fight you to the ends of the earth if you want. Gremmy’s fight was the worst of this arc because of how NOT creative it was.

    That’s not even what I was going to say. I just wanted to say that Gerard is made of bullshuut. His power is literally miracles which means he “should” win against everyone ever. Even if he was chopped into a billion pieces, or made to just not exist anymore, all he has to do is come back from that and say “But if I came back from that…wouldn’t that be a…MIRACLE?”

  3. ah kenpachi….once my Favorite,then they broke him…..I’m still outta love.

    as $hit random as this arc is, it may be time for him to finally pull that BANKAI out his ass.

    dosent really matter though..”at least to me” …I’ve LOOONG since given up on the idea that He would have the MOST OP BANKAI in the SERIES..

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. ….actually lemme just VENT for a second and ELABORATE on what i always dreamed HIS bankai would be like.

      First i envisioned a decent backstory that involved yachiru and more of his past which ultimately lead to him finding the TRUE name of his blade.

      I envisioned his bankai’s TRUE FORM to simply be his sword WITHOUT ANY CHIPS in it.
      a perfect clean blade…..whats exciting about that you ask???

      THE blade would be STUPID OVER POWERED!!!! like dudes couldn’t even block against it or sum shit, and sky and earth would be moved whenever he swung that crap. basically it would cut through ANYTHING. of course they would be a weird rule about it or something…but still…OP!!!!!

      at least i got my imagination. HOW BOUT YALL??? what do you guys think it woulda Been????

      BROOKLYN otaku
    2. Kenpachi was for normal standards that strong that he fill the gap of Captain Power. So he is Captain because of his insane Brute Power. he do not need to show the Bankai test to become one. So, if Kubo go here and give him Bankai (out of his ass) without explanation (perhaps a flashback after he slashed the old Kenpachi on the training grounds. to learn Bankai.. i bet also, he take then this eyepatch off to go all out. An atom bomb kills an small fly)

  4. I think that with Gerard’s ability to convert any damage he takes, you really do need to down him in one hit like Nimaiya did. If Kenpachi truly were to obtain Bankai at some point, now would be the best time to do it; maybe it will fit the idea of one-hit kill.

    Another cool idea I saw someone post was if Yumichika were to go Bankai and absorb Gerard or something. I would be fine with that because two of the Elites were downed with the help of Vice Captains also. Wouldn’t be that bad of an ending.

    1. me think, Kenpachi thinks. “I hit him so hard, that his reflect skill will not work, while he is already dead”.. or he bites the dust after he done the last swing to his enemy

  5. Yeah, didn’t like this chapter this much. Kinda only emphasizes how brash Kenpachi is. If he were fighting a mere brute, then I wouldn’t mind him going on a rampage. But against foes such as these, you really ought to use your brain every once in a while, because not all of them have the same mindset as you.

  6. This battle to me is kind of a recycled version of the battle with ten espada. A giant enemy that keeps getting stronger fights kenpachi and byakuya. The differences are that it is now damage instead of rage and now hitsugaya is also part of the battle.

  7. The only thing that I took away from this fight was the theory about not having the constantly released shikai. If that doesn’t exist, I wonder if that opens the door for Ichigo to have another insane power up later?

    1. also, another Secret got out

      Show Spoiler ▼


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