Bankai Unleashed:

And we finally have it: Kenpachi Zaraki going bankai. It’s something that’s been on fans’ minds since the concept of bankai was introduced – what would Kenpachi’s bankai be? Many fan arts were drawn, but there was always the looming fact that Kenpachi releasing a bankai would be very unlikely. Yet here we are now, and it all makes sense (no really, it does – there’s plenty of evidence that backs Yachiru being Nozarashi). So how did it compare to expectations? Well, for me, I loved it.

Firstly, we still don’t know the name of the bankai. Kenpachi doesn’t even speak throughout the chapter; he merely screams. As such, he has no ‘moves’, just uncontrollable brute strength. While it may have been quick to read through, the massive panels, dynamic poses, and detailed expressions all show just how out ridiculously powerful Kenpachi is right now. And I totally believe it. I’m glad he didn’t have a machine gun or lasers or whatever other ridiculous idea some fans had – his release being small and contained like Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu is very fitting. I wouldn’t have it any other way; Kenpachi simply isn’t the type to have special abilities, he relies on his power alone, and this chapter proved that point.

Intimidation that leaps off the page.

Is Gerard Done For?:

While Kenpachi is rocking it, Gerard is flopping it. Suddenly, he’s turning into a monologuing Bleach villain who overreacts to his opponents and claims he’s the best there’s ever been. We’ve seen it over and over again, and seeing it yet again with one of the least interesting quincies doesn’t make for a brilliant read. Thankfully, Kenpachi overwhelming him is more than enough to make up for that. Seeing him lose an arm, get thrown off the Soul Palace (which is a terrible idea – don’t try that again, Kenny!) and then get split in half was much more fun to read. Is he gone for good? Probably not, but I don’t think he’s going to have a voltstandig as he’s a part of the Soul King, like Pernida, who also didn’t have one. It was implied that they had their powers before their joined with Juha Bach rather than being given them, after all.

Another arm bites the dust

Overview – What’s Next?:

A quick chapter, but an incredibly satisfying and entertaining one. As I’ve said before, I’ve never been the biggest Kenpachi fan, but seeing him basically become the devil and wreak havoc even more than he usually does is so fun to read. Even though I’m not loving Gerard as a villain, I don’t want this fight to end just yet. Let us see Kenpachi go even further, if that’s even possible.


  1. Kenpachi currently looks and acts a bit similar to how Ichigo did against Ulquiorra in that Hollow form of his. Also, did you notice how Kenpachi actually ripped Gerard’s arm off with his TEETH of all things? If that isn’t a showcase of power, then I don’t know what is; just insane :o.

  2. Kenpachi’s bankai was very satisfying, I was worried it couldn’t live up to the hype of being drawn out so long. I don’t care much for Gerard either way. These chapters are really just Kenpachi porn.

  3. So he basically turned into a HxH Youpi of Bleach, I mean, they even commented that his skin turned red. Which is funny, because the two characters share the same voice actor in their respective anime.

  4. I would LOL hard if Kenpachi turns out to be Yachiru’s zanpakutou and not vice versa. After all, she is the one who utters the word ‘Bankai’ in this chapter.

    1. lol, that would be really a twist. but then she just disappear into nothingness, how can an person born from an bankei survive that long without the mana support of his master? the weapon are feed with the mana of the wielder, just stronger mana “output”

      No, for this kind of twist, wee need to understand how “shikai” and “bankai” are born. but yeah, nice idea.

  5. If we’re going by Shunsui’s and Yoruichi’s performance, Kenpachi is probably going to loose. And thanks to the VIZ translation we now that Gerard is practically the Hogyoku. Question is, will he transform into a monster or will he remain human? Would be funny if Gerard would actually transform into a female valkyrie.

  6. Aww…I was still always a fan of Zaraki just saying “Ban,” and never being able to finish the phrase, since the resulting explosion inevitably split the planet in half, lol!

    Gotta find that comic…

  7. bout goddamn TIME!!!!! slice it in half! SLICE IT ALL IN MOTHERF@#KING HALF!!!!!!!!!
    this is what I WANTED!! this is what i was waiting for…SLICE KUBO IN HALF while your at it ken… straight UP from da NUTZ!

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. That’s what I was thinking. In practice, Volstandig generally means “turn into a badass angelic form”. Wings popping out of the back certainly give that impression.

    1. Really, it was predictable? Did everyone actually assume that Kenpachi would transform into a demon while his Zanpakuto remains mostly the same? Geez, I need to sharpen up my Bleach prediction skills a bit more; I was expecting either a kido blade or extremely large sword. e.e

  8. Can anyone remind of the Yachiru/Nozarashi connection and how it makes sense? I totally forgot about fan speculations and such.
    Other than that, Gerard’s lines are painful to read, there should be some “How to write a villain’s lines” resource, mangakas would benefit from it.

  9. I’m kinda disappointed in the transformation…

    With Yachiru being his sword and all I was really expecting his bankai to at least have some allusions to her “shikai” at least aesthetically.

    1. Yachiru was some kind like the eyepatch he wear all the times to “weaken” himself, to enjoy the battles.. perhaps we she allow herself to fuse with kenpachi, then we see an Shinigami’s “vollständig”, that is the brute total raw Power of kenpachi. he is totally complete now in this mode, it is his subconsciousness that split a bit of his power to enjoy the fights.. the heal squad captain just remembered the body of him, what he long ago forgotten

      hey, that could be an good flashback to explain his bankai power. is Kenpachi some kind of “urknall/big bang” power left when the Soul king created the worlds?

  10. Kenpachi reacts now like the MC in Berserk! with his Dwarf Berserk bloodsucking Armor.. let us hope he can unterstand how is the enemy and how is friend. Not taht he is really on blood berserk rage mode


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