Let the mayhem rampage on.

The Fight Continues – Gerard Transforms:

And just like that, Gerard is back on his feet and stronger than ever. Part of me was expecting the fight to end here, but it seems The Miracle won’t have the same brevity that The Deathdealing had. But I’m also glad there’s more to him, as so far he’s been the least impressive of the elites – with more time perhaps he will make more of an impact? At the very least, his new transformation – which may or may not be his voltstandig – is pretty tame by quincy standards. As for his abilities, he seems to be stronger and faster than ever before, with any wound dealt to him simply resulting in him returning with more power.

Depending on where your priorities lie, I expect there will be two potential disappointments with this chapter; the first being Kenpachi reaching his limit. It was fun seeing him go berserk last week, but it actually makes sense that he wouldn’t be able to control his own powers, as this is his first time going bankai. I like that Kenpachi can see and hear Yachiru still, proving that she has now manifested into her spirit form where only the wielder of Nozarashi can see her. And going by her words, this isn’t even the peak of what she can give to Kenpachi, which hints this may not be the last time we’ll see this bankai in action.

I’d call that a miracle.

Hitsugaya Grown Up:

And now for Hitsugaya. I’ve said it before, but he’s my least favourite character of the series. I may be a Bleach fan, but chapters where he is heavily featured aren’t the most fun for me to read. However, I don’t hate what happened here (though I’m sure many will). As is pointed out moments before, it has never actually been stated what happens when his three timers run out. We’ve just assumed that he would automatically go out of bankai or be too exhausted to fight. As it turns out, he achieves puberty and matures into a bishounen. It may be an asspull, but I expect there will be repercussions to this new form. Will he stay this age from now on? Does this mean he’ll never able to use his zanpakutou again? Is he going to die (again) after this? I hope there’s a caveat to this new power, else I will be disappointed.


Overview – What’s Next?:

Gerard gets back up, Kenpachi goes down, and Hitsugaya achieves puberty. I’m sure his fans are going to be wetting themselves after this chapter. And hey, good on them. Kubo has shafted Hitsugaya constantly from the very beginning; he’s still yet to win a proper fight by himself (unless you count Yukio…), so maybe this will be his chance to shine? Him dealing the final blow rather than Kenpachi (or Byakuya) would sting, but I’m keen to see where Kubo is going with this, even if I couldn’t care less about the character if I tried.


      1. Aw shucks, how kind of you. Tbh, I put that down to me knowing Bleach inside and out. After watching/re-reading it over all these years, it’s probably the one piece of fiction I’m most knowledgeable about and familiar with its trends and style of storytelling. I suppose it also helps when you’re a genuine fan of the series and aren’t writing about it due to obligation or necessity. 😉

  1. Even if they didn’t state what happens when the petals run out….this still feels like BS to me. And I actually like his character overall. Feels like the series hasn’t used him to his potential and ended up making him more disliked than he should be. I guess it depends on the costs involved here, but even still…if it’s any kind of powerup than it is BS that he never used it before now considering the stakes involved in previous incidents. Stakes high enough that he didn’t have the option to hold anything back.

    Hopefully this at least gives Hitsugaya a chance to do something impactful and doesn’t just pass the torch over to Byakuya afterwards….It would be nice for him to for once win a damn fight.

    Is a bit of a shame to have Zaraki not win after all this though. I mean yeah maybe it means he’ll get a chance to go 100% later but…who knows.

  2. There was actually a comment from Kubo back in 2012 that said Hitsugaya mastered/completed his Bankai during the time skip. Before that, the flowers were a limiter for how long he could use Bankai. But now, hower…

    No idea how Hitsugaya will win this. Maybe trapping Gerard for all eternity? Though given the flower and lotus motive of his Bankai, one could say Hitsugaya finally blooms. Though a blooming flower will wilt soon. And Hitsugaya already has a drastically severed lifespan thanks to Giselle. So I wonder what fill happen after the fight.

  3. Bleach is good, its better than it has any right to be… I am always drawn to the art Kubo makes. Seriously, the way he draws his characters always makes me come back to Bleach…

    Hitsugaiya looks god fucking amazing.

    Art of Kuma
    1. I only read a few chapters from time to time to see how Kubo is going to make Bleach jump the shark (yep again).

      In all honesty, I think it’s a clusterf*ck. It had some great premises, and characters with great potential. However, only Ichigo ever topped his own potential, all others just fell flat.

      I used to love Bleach…

  4. I am the Hand of God,
    The Dark Messiah,
    I am the Scales of Justice,
    Conductor of the Choir of Death,
    I am the Heart of the Soul King,
    Miracle Miracle Miracle,
    Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle,
    Something Something Dark Side,
    Religious mumbo jumbo talk that means nothing…


    1. Does anyone want to tell me why Gerard is a very well written villain and…I dunno just worth the time for the heroes to fight at all besides trying to give the heroes new powers like a new bankai and making Shiro-chan grow up for no reason?


  5. The Hitsugaya fangirls must be going crazy over this chapter. And he does look a lot like Ichigo…

    I was hoping for more Kenpachi, but oh well. Looks like we’re back to Hitsugaya.

    1. That’s a possibility. His relationship with Hyorinmaru is pretty unique (if I remember correctly), so the main repercussion of him going all-out could be him suddenly aging, shortening his lifespan as a result.

  6. I’ll admit I am a Hitsugaya fanboy. I like ice powers, I like dragons. . . so sue me. Also Romi Park voicing him in the anime. I have been disappointed time and time again that this “prodigy” has been written to be a lackluster character throughout the series. I really hope Kubo does him some justice with Bleach (hopefully) nearing it’s end. I’m not going too be too optimistic in case this is another letdown though haha.

  7. so this was his secret to stay “young” for that long, but when this power of keep him young disapered he grown in an instant “old”

    Lucky in an handsome men old

  8. Am I the only one who found the panel with Zaraki being crushed like a bug to be looking a bit funny? I can just imagine that one of his limbs is still twitching about.


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