「うなれ筋肉」 (Unare Kinniku)
“Roaring Muscles”

From zero to hero in ten months. That’s training the All Might way.

Training the All Might Way

I’ve learned a lot about strength training since I started working on being less of a skinny bitch a few years back. (I didn’t get the nickname Stilts just because of my height.) And, while I could point out some potential problems in the workout regimen that All Might and Izuku whipped up—putting such high physical demands on a growing body, for instance (maybe—I’ve heard conflicting info), or starting out by trying to push something so heavy, even though that was obviously intended as a visual gag—but honestly? It’s pretty good. Like Saitama’s regimen from One-Punch Man, Izuku’s workout actually makes some amount of sense, unlike what you see in series such as the Dragon Ball franchise, where their methods are more liable to shred their joints and snap their spine than result in increased strength, alien physiology notwithstanding.

I was especially pleased with the grippers Izuku was using in class, ’cause grip strength is a little considered impediment to strength after a certain point. The idea of rigidly scheduling out his entire life is smart as well, because it takes choice out of the equation and leaves it up to Izuku to just do. They even included rest days to account for muscle recovery, and made up a meal plan so Izuku would be sure to consume all the extra calories and nutrients he would need. Some actual thought and research went into this training montage, and it’s right more often than it’s not (though maybe consult a personal trainer before you start training by picking up garbage). That attention to detail continues to bode well for Boku no Hero Academia.

The only moderate qualm I have has to do with Izuku getting overworked. Not that they brought that up—rather, I’m ecstatic they did! Most people don’t adequately factor in the need for rest and recovery, or realize that overwork can be far worse to your strength goals than too little work. I just wish they would have emphasized that more, though to All Might’s credit he rightly pointed out that if Izuku is thinking in the long-term, he can’t run himself into the ground trying to catch up now.

Whatever minor complaints I have with the training scenes, they’re all nothing next to seeing the kid who has to work 100x harder than anyone else do that 100x work, get shredded, and inherit All Might’s power in time for the exam. (I also liked All Might’s volunteer spirit with the beach training.) It’s another one of those moments that tells us that hard work and earnest emotions do pay off sometimes. The world could do with more reminders of that.

Looking Ahead – Exam Time, Start-o!

The rest of the episode was buildup to the practical exam, and we’ll need to see how that all goes down before much more can be said. Obviously these two will be important characters—as if the OP didn’t tell us that already—but much past that it’s a wait-and-see game. I just wish we could have seen Izuku use his newly inherited One For All powers! Oh well. Gotta save something for next week.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – From zero to hero in ten months of training from hell, that’s the All Might way. The torch is passed! #heroaca 03

Random thoughts:

  • All Might having a Quirk that can be passed on to a Quirkless boy like Izuku is the right kind of coincidence/luck in a story. Sure, Izuku is undeniably blessed by the chance (as he himself notes), but he does the work too. We don’t mind our heroes getting lucky on occasion, as long as they work and suffer for it as well.
  • Dagoba Municipal Beach Park. Now I’m sure they’re doing this on purpose. (That’s #2.)
  • My biggest complaint: those wimpy half pushups Izuku was doing. Don’t start slacking now, Izuku/animators.
  • Don’t mind, don’t mind. Work out hard enough and sometimes it happens.
  • “Something that you receive because you’re lucky and something that you are given because you are recognized are different in essence.” Amen.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte is a hero now? Then again, he’s also the one who said “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” I guess we can make him have said whatever we want, as long as we agree.

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  1. A lot of people get this mixed up, but the quirk is actually One for All and not All for One. Think of it like one quirk for all successors whereas all quirks for one person would not fit the description of All Might’s quirk.

    1. Just mistyped it. Fixed, though I’m sure I’ll do it again. I was even thinking One For All (All Might is the one working to save the all, is how I thought of it), but dyslexia kicked in. That can happen even when you don’t have dyslexia, right? Right.

  2. I love Midoriya’s rock solid determination to become the greatest hero like All Might. He never broke down mentally, not even once. He kept going even beyond human limits. Knowing that he was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  3. Yeah, if Eva taught me anything, it’s that children in anime are sympathetic protagonists who get abandoned, abused, and relied on to save the world. All Might’s training might overwork Izuku’s body, at least his entire family didn’t die tragically and he still has his sanity. …Maybe I’ve been reading too much Tokyo Ghoul lately.

      1. yeah, some of this Kids superpowers reminds me a bit of the Fantastic Four

        “Flame on!”
        Stretching limbs.. the teacher hitting the boy in class

        also, exchange the wood with spiderwebs and you get an famous superhero..

        i do not complain, because they took the idea and made their own

    1. It’s kind of ironic, since from OPM explanation by a certain scientist Saitama merely broke his own limiter rather than relying on some external source of power unlike Deku who just inherited his quirk from All Might. Granted, Deku still needs to put more than 100% in order to cultivate this power it seems, but without it he could never have become a hero in the first place.

      So it’s comparing Saitama’s power which may have been attained naturally or Deku whose powers is passed on by All Might.

      1. Actually it’s not Saitama that fits the description, he thinks it’s Saitama but there are another person that fit that description the most (not yet seen in the anime)

  4. I kinda liked how Kacchan seems to be wanting to crush Deku. Sure, it sounds bad, but in his own idiot delinquent way, he’s kind of acknowledged Deku, don’t you think?

    And Ochako and Iida are super cute. They’re both adorably earnest.

  5. “(I also liked All Might’s volunteer spirit with the beach training.) It’s another one of those moments that tells us that hard work and earnest emotions do pay off sometimes. The world could do with more reminders of that.”

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, once again, it’s showing that, despite Izuku finally building himself up enough to inherit All Might’s Quirk and power, it’s not just the body that matters, but Izuku’s attitude and showing that “heroes” aren’t limited to super-powered beings but people as “small” as those who willingly do volunteer work can be seen as “heroes” in their own right.

    And who didn’t love when All Might told Izuku that he was “greater than any hero” from before?

  6. “Napoleon is a hero now”? That is kind of odd especially when Japan never sided with the French in any war. There must be some historical context I am missing here.

    1. It could just be picking a western name out of a hat, but if that’s the case why didn’t they go with an American to line up with All Might’s… ‘USA! USA! USA!’-ness?

      “Ben Franklin once said…”

    2. This show is pulling from all kinds of Western sources, including American comics and Star Wars at least. The author is clearly going beyond the ken of normal Japanese mangaka, so I’d guess he just grabbed Napoleon because he thought he’d be cool/funny/whatever he was going for.

      It just struck me as odd since Napoleon was many things, and hero is probably among them, but that’s not the commonly held belief for such a controversial figure.

      1. I wonder if Japan is just into Napoleon? I remember I was reading some light novel recently, and the kid was dominating the middle school sports meet cavalry battle, so they nicknamed him Napoleon Bonaparte. Then when he objected, they shortened it to The Emperor.

        The protagonist was just glad he wasn’t all ‘Yeah, I’m The Emperor!’ because that would turn into a very dark past around the time he was entering high school.

      2. I guess a hero is how your see it from your viewpoint. Benedict Arnold is widely seen as a traitor, yet he’s praised at the historical locations where he won his battle near Lake Champlain in Vermont!

      3. Napoleon is one of the great heroes of history. His modern likeability isn’t really a factor. And regardless of what some people think 200 years later, no one during his lifetime would have said otherwise. He bent all of Europe to his will, moreso than any person in history. It’s kind of silly to consider a historical figure in the context of pre-ordained cartoon superheroes but if the quote works for the author, then good for him. FWIW, as someone else suggested, I think it’s probably more of a grab-bag approach to motivation but it works for this show.

      4. @Mockman

        “No one during his lifetime” is too strong a phrase. There were plenty of people who thought he was far more villain than hero. The coalition who defeated, deposed, and exiled him, for instance. He scared the crap out of them.

        Now, would they say he’s a formidable individual? Hellz yeah. But villains can be formidable too.

        And according to the old Great Man theory of history, I think, Julius Caesar was the odds-on favorite for Greatest Man. Napoleon is in the conversation, though. Dude was formidable indeed.

      5. Hero doesn’t mean ‘nice, affable, non-threatening guy’. Dangerous doesn’t mean villainous. It was because of his heroic stature that the various powers took up arms against him (and that he wouldn’t let them be). There’s a reason Beethoven began his 3rd with the dedication that he did. And that he removed it was due to Napoleon’s transformation into a tyrant.

      6. You’re right in ways, though the other powers took up arms against him because, like I said, he scared the ever-living crap out of him. He was a military genius and waged war in ways the other powers couldn’t imagine—he converted the entire country to the war effort, losing more soldiers in a month than other powers could afford to lose period. He was heroic, certainly, and villainous, and neither.

        Really, it’s just that I have trouble attributed “hero” and “villain” to living people. I can think of a few clear-cut villains, but hardly any clear-cut heroes. We humans aren’t good at black and whites like that, no matter what some people want to tell themselves.

        It’s fine as a throw-away line in a superhero anime, though, haha

      7. It may feel strange depending on the culture. For example, it wasn’t until I learned to surf the English-speaking Internet that I noticed that the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte have a far more ambivalent rep that the one I was used to (and no, I’m not French).

        The “commonly held belief” is not as common as we may think sometimes 😉

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2003%20-%20Large%20Preview%2002.jpg
    Izuku’s mother really let herself go. She was quite slender back in episode 1. His shock and tears from back then must have affected her as well. Though we saw that she followed his instructions when he asked for a strict diet so she’s supporting him in her own way.

    In the comedy spinoff manga, BnHA Smash, when Izuku was wondering why it’s his hair, All Might instead offered his nails, earwax or mucus. All Might then asked if he wanted a deep kiss instead, to which Izuku just decided to go for the hair.

    My face when I also first talked to a girl before. Izuku has his cute moments as well. And there will be more given that Uraraka will be an important character from now on.

    1. I actually liked that Izuku’s mom gained some weight. She’s older, it happens sometimes, the metabolism isn’t as good and people who don’t have a good workout habit can get caught unawares. It’s another bit of character-realism in a story that doesn’t give a shit about realism in other ways, much to my delight 😀

    2. Yeah, Izuku’s mom is pretty cool. She falters, she doesn’t always know what to say, she doesn’t always GET Izuku’s drive to be a superhero. But she’s really damn proud of him.

  8. I might be damn wrong but i do have a feeling something is off, i’m not sure why but i got the idea that All Might tricked Izuku in order to motivate him to train and improve himself even without Izuku having a quirk or All Might being able to pass a quirk to him.

    I mean if you look at the huge pile of stuff on the beach and realize one kid/guy removed all that stuff you might already consider him a super hero, so in the end Izuku became something else entierly after he finished that titanic task, he could become the first quirkless hero (the Batman of this universe), i mean even some of the other characters with quirks we saw so far can’t do what Izuku did on the beach (when he was obviously quirkless) and their quirks aren’t all that practical in direct combat.

    But then again i don’t read the manga so i can’t really tell, we might find out if All Might really passed on his power to Izuku or not, i’m merely suspicious because Izuku didn’t test his power or seem to be different in any way (And i think All Might didn’t lose his own when he supposedlu passed it on, he would probably die if that happened), i’m not even sure how the power will manifest itself with Izuku, i can’t imagine him growing into a hulkish version of himself like All Might and getting black ink shading (that would be kinda weird … and funny).

    So next episode i guess we will find out if All Might really passed on his quirk or just used that “lie” as a placebo to get Izuku through his harsh training in order to help him discover his true potential.

    1. That might be the case for the UA exam. However, I feel that All Might was dead serious about heros risking their lives on a daily basis and he wouldn’t push Izuku to be a hero, if he could somehow give him power…
      So, even if this was just a trick, I think that in the long run All Might will somehow pass his power to Izuku.
      (I also do not read the manga)


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