OP Sequence

OP: 「DISORDER」 by 妖精帝國 (Teikoku Yousei)

「オーダー! 走れ, 迷うな! BIG examination」 (Order! Hashire, Mayou na! Big Examination)
“Order! Run, Don’t Hesitate! Big Examination”

Last week I mentioned that Eiji and Rin’s couple dynamic would be an interesting one if they ever joined forces… and turns out that I was right! It is indeed interesting but they also do become a duo because Eiji forces (literally) Rin to stay within his domain. He ensures that she can no longer harm him and his sister but also arranges for them to be married one day? Talk about random. Romance is not exactly what I had top of mind for this series but I guess it’s the author’s style – to partner up two unexpecting individuals. Rin and Eiji are certainly very different and with the former trying to kill the latter, I honestly can’t take Rin seriously. She’ll go to far extents to try and kill Eiji and even though it’s funny at first (to see her die multiple times in the episode), she’s not the brightest individual, and her power only benefits herself. I hope she comes around to see to help Eiji because she wants to rather than having this one-path mission to kill him at all costs. It might be amusing at first, but it’s going to get old for me soon if their relationship doesn’t change.

With great powers comes a lot of people that will abuse it for their own selfish gains. That was a nice turn of events at the end there when Hiiragi Yoshitsune (Tachibana Shinnousuke) blackmailed Eiji into joining their team. Eiji doesn’t exactly go along with it readily but by retaliating, he only makes matters worse for himself. Seeing the other Orders powers briefly also demonstrate that maybe Eiji isn’t so overpowered after all – not to mention Rin whose powers only work on herself. Eiji’s powers are only 0.1% of their true potential though so many he has the ability to go beyond his domain one day. For now, Eiji doesn’t really have a choice in the matter because I’m sure the Group of Ten aren’t going to let him easily control them. Eiji only thinks that he can, but their powers probably trump his by a long shot. Hopefully they’ll go through each of the Group of Ten members one day so we can see all their powers in action. With all their combined abilities, I’m sure one of them already has the ability to save Sena if they wanted to.

Sh*t just got real as soon as they mentioned the declaration of war against the entire nation (and perhaps the World one day). I didn’t think the show was headed in the direction of world domination or even something as extreme as declaration of war against another country but it’s certainly possible with the Group of Ten. I have a hard time judging just how seriously I should take this show. With talks of taking over Japan and superpowers running rampage; along with a female companion that wants to kill our protagonist, it’s like Big Order doesn’t even take itself seriously. It feels a bit childish with a premise that doesn’t think about its repercussions and limits itself to just “Japan”. For example, what would the other countries do? And is the rest of the world trying to control Orders as well? Something like the destruction of the world must have called for larger action from the United Nations or maybe a process in place to bring peace to the people still living on Earth. So far Big Order hasn’t demonstrated that to me so I neither feel anxious or connected to the issues at hand. It’s more like entertainment without much thinking with plenty of action and some unexpected twists. It’s great to watch if I’m looking for something without much concentration – which on a Friday night, might be just what I need.

Author’s Note: As some people may have already seen in the Spring 2016 Schedule, I will not be blogging Big Order on a weekly basis. However, keep an eye out for a potential finale post!

ED Sequence

ED: 「毀レ世カイ終ワレ」 (Kobore Sekai Oware) by 畑亜貴 (Hata Aki)


  1. When that opening started playing (Yousei Teikoku FTW!!) and I saw Eiji’s naked sister riding him….good god 0_0 the reaction I had. At least they now explained they’re step-siblings. So with both of their parents dead (I think?) it shouldn’t be as weird for them to be together (though I’d rather it be Eiji x Rin)….though his sister needs to stop thinking of him as her brother if she wants to do something.

    I’m hoping that this isn’t 10 eps as some places are stating….because I already am seeing some pacing issues if that’s the case (the 2nd half of the ep kind of dialed up the speed of events). The only show I remember being decent with less than 12 eps is Black Rock Shooter.

    1. Yeah, Rin was shown to be able to use her power to heal others too by, through Eiji’s domination, healing the stab wound she gave Sena while also being able to regenerate the broken knife. Basically, it seems like she can keep anyone or anything “immortal” with her power if she chooses.

  2. This show has some awesome parts, but then it fails in some weird cliche just for the sake of it i mean:
    -The love between sibilings
    -But they are not related by blood.
    -The “orgasmic” reaction of Rin when Eiji uses his power on her.

    to give some examples…
    And i don’t know if i should take this show seriously or not, the put comedy out of nowhere with mixed results.

  3. If Mirai Nikki, Code Geass, and Ajin had a child and left it in the wild for the first 15 years of its life…
    It’d be this. This is exactly that.
    This show is just nuts.

  4. Yeah, Eiji’s power is quite strong but it’s also not practical for any form of combat without preparation (like he did against Rin) while most of the Group of Ten’s powers have demonstrated to be very effective in combat (or stopping it), so I have a feeling that, for those members that Eiji ends up having to fight and take down, he’ll be forced to be like Batman most of the time and carefully and thoroughly set things up to prepare for the confrontation bit by bit (including possibilities of how the opponent’s powers could be used and how the person themself may act) while other times will probably have Rin and anyone else helping him.

  5. There’s a character named Lorin Wright. He’s one letter off of the name I use for my WordPress. Will be rooting for him this season. Hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be an asshole.

    Goodwill Wright
  6. Is there any reason why Eiji didn’t just mind control the three soldiers to use as fodder against the time control guy? Also, only three grenades? Joeseph Joestar would be disappointed.


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