「猛れクソナード」 (Takere Kusonaudo)
“Rage, You Damn Nerd!”

Out of the pan and into the fire. Kacchan’s fire.

An [Un]necessary Subterfuge

There were two ways Aizawa-sensei’s test could have ended: either Izuku wasn’t last, or he was last and didn’t get expelled. (Not that I really expected someone else to get expelled in the former case, now that I’ve thought about it more.) Taking the latter path would have been—well, I don’t want to say it would have been a cop out, because it was a hilarious moment when Aizawa-sensei was all “lulz jk,” but if him lying was always the plan, it would have left me wanting.

Luckily, that wasn’t the full story. After All Might confronted Aizawa-sensei and revealed that he had expelled an entire class the year before, it made me reflect on what of the thematic elements that separates this series from more “realistic” (see: grimdark and/or cynical) fare: when Izuku works hard and proves himself, the world recognizes him. It’s natural that others doubt him to a degree—he’s small, wimpy, and starting from last place. But this is not a cynical world. If Izuku is smart and persistent and earnest, I have every faith that he will, if not always be rewarded for that effort, he will at least be recognized for it. Little moments like that are a nice reward, since we so badly want to see all of Deku’s effort rewarded as well.

Deku vs Kacchan: Part 1

I’m absolutely not surprised that Izuku ended up on a team with Uraraka, and was set to face off against Team Katsuki/Iida. Initially I got a Netoge vibe from this setup, where it’s coincidental but I don’t care because I want to see this, but it actually makes complete sense from a storytelling perspective. Who else has received enough character introduction to take part in this fight without pulling attention away from Deku vs Kacchan? Navel laser dude? Maybe, but not many choices after that. I’d like to learn more about the others, that’ll be fun, but that’s not the goal here. The goal is to delve into Deku vs Kacchan, and in particular, find out what’s crawled up Katsuki’s butt.

I did facepalm during one point—not at the show, but at myself. Of course Kacchan thinks Deku lied to him about not having a Quirk. Everyone knows Quirks are inherited and show up by age four, right? It’s easy for us to swallow a tranferred Quirk because this whole thing is new to us, we haven’t lived our whole lives thinking Quirks = inherited is an ironclad rule. Of course Kacchan thinks Deku lied to him, and has been laughing at him this whole time—even if that doesn’t make a damn bit of sense if Katsuki possessed the temperament to stop and think of it.

The more interesting thing is how much of Kacchan’s self-worth seems to be tied up in being better than others, and Deku in particular. That seems like a dangerous thing to have in a hero—it feels like he’ll only be useful as a tool as he is now, a mad dog to be released on the bad guys while other heroes go about the selfless work of actually saving people. This is definitely a time I’m as interested to see how the rival develops as I am the hero.

Looking Ahead—Deku vs Kacchan: Part 2

Deku is fighting like the badass normal he was until recently! Except he wasn’t badass, so I guess that’s no. Though no, that’s not true—anyone who fights even though he’s scared is a real hero, much more than an angry thug like Katsuki. That boy needs a whole series of ass whoopings. Here’s to hoping Deku gives one to him, as he proves that his nickname doesn’t mean that he’s useless anymore. You can do it, Izuku!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Izuku earned the minimum of Aizawa-sensei’s respect, but he’s back into the fire as he faces off against none other than Kacchan #heroaca 06

Random thoughts:

  • Looks like someone’s always mugging for the camera.
  • So there is a limit to how often Recovery Girl’s Quirk can save Izuku. From a storytelling perspective, that’s good and I’m glad they mentioned that. For Izuku it’s less good.
  • “Deku desu!” Hah! She already has him wrapped around her little finger.
  • Also in the-world-rewards-Izuku-when-he-works-hard: d’aaaawwww, he has good friends. D’aaaawww friendship warm’n fuzzies D’AAAAWWWW!
  • “I am…coming through the door like a normal person!” Nothing you do is normal, All Might.
  • Izuku’s mom realizes that she made a mistake by not encouraging him, and she regrets it. She’s such a good character! Her development is happening in the margins, but it’s happening. I cannot say enough good things about this.
  • Lesson learned, Uraraka: if you don’t decide on your costume, the Patriarchy will decide for you. Skintight bodysuit it is!
  • “The hero course is the best.” That + him staring right at her breasts . . . I can’t decide if he’s an audience insert, or just a pervy high schooler. Or both?
  • Not sure how I feel about a nuclear crisis sounding American. Not that there isn’t precedent for it.
  • I can’t say I’m mad that Deku’s costume is already damaged. That mask is mad silly. Even All Might thinks so.
  • Confession: I was initially hesitant to pick this show up, because I get bad hype backlash (trope!) on occasion and I was afraid it wouldn’t live up. I’m glad I did, because it’s exceeding the hype for me. Plus, for once the high school setting even adds to the story instead of being obligatory! Mind blown.

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  1. the whole nuclear crisis sounding american thing wasnt meant as “america has a ton of nuclear crisis” but more of a “american superhero storiline cliche” kinda thing

  2. It’s easy for us to swallow a tranferred Quirk


    And I’m really glad to see you’re liking the series enough to consistently blog, Stilts. I started with the anime too and, uh, liked it enough to just read ahead and catch up with the manga recently. It’s really well worth some of the attention it gets.

    1. It’s easy for us to imagine power transfer, but not for the people in this universe.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I was mostly laughing at the unintentional(?) pun with transferring Quirks and swallowing. Like a certain somebody’s hair.

        But yeah, it’s an interesting situation how bizarre something like One For All really is in-universe, Izuku was pretty shocked at first too.

    1. The black bodysuit is a pretty good look for him, kid is ripped. And the metal bits and red crossover belts fit the menacing edge he brings to heroing. But the grenades on his hands are pretty goddamn silly.

      1. If I remember correctly from the manga, those grenades are designed to store his sweat which turns into an explosion + for his hand’s protection. I JUST LOVE THEM XD.

    1. Crazy. I find that strange, though not from a fame-seeking (or not) point of view. From a marketing point of view, that hamstrings them seriously. Half of what an author like me or them is selling is our own unique worldview and voice, and the more we can get ourselves out there in front of people, the more chances we have to show that we’re the kind of people you want to buy stories from. Wanting to do that through your work alone is understandable, but it’s also more difficult, and in a way is only giving your readers part of the value you could be offering.

      Wearing a mask does seem like fun though. Man with a Mission-style anonymity (though not really) is hella fun!

      1. Well, some mangaka can be very shy and introverted, and so get very uncomfortable with showing themselves in public. Some others just want to keep their personal privacy so they don’t get hounded by fans/stalkers/paparazzi/etc. (Supposedly some famous one, like Eichiirou Oda, became more protective of their privacy as their fame increased).

        They still show up at local and foreign conventions, but some have the caveat of not letting themselves get photographed. For example, mangaka Tanemura Arina holds an annual birthday event with her fans, but no pictures of her face are available.

    2. The short comment about “Japanese press being a lot less cavalier” in the second link is also unfortunately true (there’s a reason why anime/manga/LN/etc. depictions of reporters are often less than flattering) and feels like the major reason why people would want to do. Basically, the “claw out sensational news from whatever” mentality makes the dowside bigger than whatever good publicity you might get for most people.

      For example, I happened to see a news segment about Touno Mamare’s tax invasion charges, and it showed a video clip that was pretty obviously filmed against his will (showing him getting on a bicycle and leaving in a hurry, for the record), as well as mentioned his real name (the first time in public as far as I know).
      Now, obviously criminal charges would be a special case, but it is pretty telling that rather than get some material at court they would ambush him like that (I can’t find the clip anymore to check what kind of place it was shot at, but I vaguely remember it looking like a residential area. Might be wrong about that though)

      1. Er, you misunderstood what that line meant. Cavalier = adj. “showing a lack of proper concern,” so a lot less cavalier = they’re LESS likely to show a lack of proper concern. That is, American media is more invasive. The rest of the paragraph backs that up by talking about how they’ll (generally) not publish photos without consent, whereas some Western paparazzi have no such compunction.

      2. Okay, that’s embarrassing because I really should have figured it out from rest of the paragraph. Whoops.
        In my defense though, the Japanese press is generally pretty poisonous about their topics from my experience.

        This in comparison to my experience with the (still) fairly uninvasive and neutral Finnish press though, so maybe I’m the weird one here lol

  3. the signs of a good female companion:

    -brings out the best in you
    -understands your motivations and is willing to help out
    -brings positivity to your life
    -you have a hard time talking to them the first time you meet em
    -super cute (tho this one is not really a requirement)

    Ochako embodies all of this. That girl just puts a smile on my face

    1. I know right?! she’s not that incredibly cute or beautiful like other heroins but she’s still a very charming character non the less. Man this series has a lot of likable characters specially Tsuyu- the frog girl, which for some reason is strangely attractive (in a few more episode you’ll what i mean.

    1. If the person isn’t too drained stamina-wise, she should be just barely able to bring the injury from “fatal” to “extremely severe” without killing him/her. Beyond that, all she can do is treat the person normally without use of her Quirk.

  4. Ochako, Deku and Iida can make a good comedy trio. While Ochako and Deku act at their own pace, Iida will be the one making jabs because he is too serious and lack sense of humour.

    1. The kanji of her name also hints at her powers – 八百万 百, where 八百万 = 8 million, 百=hundred, indicating the number of objects she can produce is well near limitless.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia/Boku%20no%20Hero%20Academia%20-%2006%20-%2018.jpg

    Explaining some punny names of Academia:
    Explaining the punny character names:

    •Aoyama Yuga (青山 優雅) (pictured above) – his first name kanji has 優 = elegant and 雅=classy, hence the reason he looks and acts like an overblown classy gentleman of a 1970s shoujo manga.

    •Mineta Minoru (峰田 実) – 実 = fruit, esp. the grape/berry-shaped kind. Hence the sticky “grape balls” on his head.

    •Tokoyami Fumikage (常闇 踏陰) (birdheaded guy)- 常 = eternal, 闇=darkness, 踏 = dominating (ie. rubbing a person’s face into the ground with your foot), 陰 = shadow. So “Eternal Darkness Dominating Shadow”.

  6. I must be the only one who likes Kacchan. He reminds of of Judal from Magi (though I find Judal much more likeable). I also like the girl in team c (because of her outfit!).
    Uraraka is adorable as always. Let the ship sail!

  7. Man, this was an awesome episode! Deku’s mom is really a great character, I even choked up a little during her uniform scene. I’m glad they’re dealing with Deku and Kacchan’s relationship now, it seems like something the characters would confront quickly, and it’s one of the big dramatic draws of this story. Kacchan’s actually one of the better matches against Deku at the moment as he’s not superhumanly strong or fast. Thanks to his training Deku could beat him without using One For All as long as he avoids the explosions. Really looking forward to the conclusion of the fight!

    Doctor Hochmeister

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