「武蔵でピンチ!」 (Musashi de Pinchi!)
“Pinched by the Musashi!”

I suppose it’s commendable that Hai-Furi tries to do a bit of everything. A bit of cute girls doing cute things, a bit of fanservice, a bit of action, a bit of drama—the appeal of the show is broad indeed. Alternatively, maybe the appeal is too diffused to really be a smash hit with any demographic; it’s a tricky juggling act, to be sure. I wonder what the pitch for Hai-Furi was. ‘It’s high school girls, on 20th century warships, that get jacked by gerbils. Brilliant!’. I suppose we can thank Kantai Collection for proving the financial viability of girls + warships in advance, though it does feel like Hai-Furi should have come first before they decided to mash together into a single abomination. Since KanColle did come first—and let’s just talk about the anime from now—we already know the kind of mistakes a show like it can make, specifically a lack of focus and violent mood swings. Unlike the oft compared Girls und Panzer, the warships in Hai-Furi are not just a sport from which the narrative can take a break from at will. These girls are on their ship all the time, and when they go vacationing by their high school girl ways it doesn’t feel all that appropriate. At least they try to give an excuse for it (‘we have nothing better to do while the boiler heats’) and there’s an angry German around to call out the foibles of the crew, so I don’t find it frustrating or anything, just a bit strange. But the general episode rhythm of goof off => sirens ring => get serious has been fairly consistent so far, so maybe it’s just a matter of settling into the norm for this anime.

And to Hai-Furi‘s credit, this does seem to be the episode where the ‘high school’ and the ‘fleet’ halves of the show come together a bit more, to squeeze some drama from the natural tension that should be arising. The Captain, faced with a tough decision this week, appears to have chosen poorly. It’s understandable why she would want to rush off to the aid of her bestest friend in the whole wide world, but she is the captain. This is dereliction of duty, right? This is the part where she should be relieved of command, right? I empathise, since she already chose to abandon the Musashi once before, and watching it go berserk firsthand must be heartbreaking, but it just goes to show that it’s not so simple to slot a high school kid into a command position in a pseudo-military outfit. Hardened soldiers they are not.

It’s a shame that Captain Misaki bucks under the pressure, when she is otherwise mostly capable of acting like a responsible authority figure. People are starting to spontaneously tell her their life stories, which should be a sign that she is trusted. In practice, it’s more an excuse to squeeze in some character development for the bridge crew; the navigator gets some flesh, and the German is integrated into the cast via cake (even though everyone seems to have forgotten that her ship got hijacked as well). It’s all probably necessary writing, but I can’t say I actually care to know that much about the supporting cast, and not just because of my sociopathic misanthropy. Since there’s still a lot of them, it’d actually be easier for me if the navigator remained the girl who spins the wheel and tears up. And I think Hai-Furi had teased us with the fate of the Musashi for too long; I mostly just want to know what happened to it. Thankfully, the payoff was pretty good, watching a battleship blast things, even if the climatic scene raised an eyebrow (shooting shells out of the sky seems… improbable).

Since Hai-Furi ended on a cliffhanger this time, I expect them to jump back into the action immediately next week. But I don’t think it’ll exactly be the Harekaze vs Musashi showdown I’m sure some of you crave. More likely, one side runs, and the Musashi subplot will remain en prise for the rest of the season. I won’t mind that particularly; I’m fine with letting the mystery build up a bit more right now. The battleship is probably Hai-Furi‘s highest trump, and I doubt they’ll expend it quite yet.


  1. apparently they do have airships and missile… *cough* torpedo missile capable ships.

    so what’s this? trainees can only use WW2 era ships while blu-mer and school staffs and teachers uses a much more modern ship? and its quite amusing how a WW2 yamato class owns a, i think, a missile destroyer.

    and this episode also shows why modern ships have at least 1 cannon because CIWS dont attack cannon shells.

    1. Owh the torpedo missiles? They’re actually a munition called ‘ASROC’, basically anti-submarine rocket. The idea is to cut down the distance required for the torpedo to hit home while increasing accuracy as they’re guided munitions.

      Nishizawa Mihashi
    2. @Worldwidedepp: Compared to modern warships – sure, but you’d be surprised how even rudimentary RADAR and computer gun fire-control systems played a major role with WWII warships.

      FYI – Some examples: Show Spoiler ▼

      @Jeffers: “and this episode also shows why modern ships have at least 1 cannon because CIWS dont attack cannon shells.”

      I honestly can’t tell if you’re serious or being facetious.

    3. It’s not surprising actually.

      During the late 1970s/early 80s, the US, once again, brought the Iowa-class battleship out of mothballs and outfitted with some modern tech (CIWS, Tomahawk missile launchers, updated radar/sonar, etc.) as a way to counter the Soviet Union’s modern Kirov-class missile cruiser. This is largely due to the Iowa-class’s long range, hard hitting 16 inch guns and thicker armor because of it being an old battleship meant to dish out and take punishment while duking it out with other thick battleships (and it also saved a lot of money by merely having to install modern equipment – I think it was only around the million dollar+ range to do so – rather than building an entirely new and modern vessel).

    4. But looking at Yamato v. DDH Akizukis, you get the notion that modern ships are designed more towards stopping stand off munitions rather than direct gun fire fight. Let’s be realistic, is 5″ gun unusually small for a ship that size?

      Plus with all the sensor arrays in/on the mast and those slabs seen at the top of the bridge, plus the nature of the Phalanx and a multitude of electronic and other forms of countermeasure, I’m of the opinion that modern ships are not fully designed for gun fights

      Velvet Scarlantina
    5. In a way, you could say that the ships of today are geared more towards land attack and anti-submarine warfare, therefore leaving carrier-launched aircraft as the primary means against ships; which in turn, requires the strengthening of anti-aircraft capabilities.

      Nishizawa Mihashi
  2. at last this “Angry German” Officer knows her place, she did not objective the commands of the Vice-Captain when the Captain gone from board to save her childhood friend, and did not gave up on her.

    i like the respect they have to each other when its getting serious

    But i do wonder how our captain get out of the water in this chaos, the yamato is not an small ship. It’s impossible to swim after her and climb on board without any help (ladder or this net to climb the wall)

    Also, so many modern Cruisers, and they are incapable to stop Yamatos movements? just because of this mouse? So who put this many mouses on their ships? as if they are remote controlled or receive orders from somewhere

    This is dereliction of duty, right?

    Yes it is, but since the Vice-Captain did not gave up on her and the rest of the Crew (and she gave an Order to stand outside of the Gun range), this “secret” stay on the Ship. if they rescue her, they surly want to join into helping getting the Yamato back to sense. But its a bit hard, they could use the distraction of the other ships (sand sack/bait) to come near the Yamato. perhaps that near to board an small crew to rescue the Captain. But how to cancel out this Mind controlling effect? They can not trow every crew member into the water, and the Shake up that put the Submarine crew back into their sense, do not work here. You already saw that this many torpedo did not have an effect. or there are another “trick” that can cancel the mind controlling out. Perhaps our Ship Doctor find something out about this EMP jamming, and this Ships has some kind of “forced Remote control” like in ST:TNG, but you need the captains general Key. Also if they really want it, they can sabotage this from the inside on the Yamato.. damage this override console…but perhaps the force controlling them, do not know this

    edit: of course i mean Musashi not Yamato. but since Musashi is an Yamato battleship class, its okay

    who bring this mouse on their Ships? what purpose they have? wo is controlling them? what they want to archive with this (i do get an gist here)? that are the Keys that propelling this show so far for me

    1. also the role of the “angry German” officer is there to bring them back to sense and rational thinking, when their emotions get in their way, she put them back on the line what its important. But only when the situation is needed, and not the “all known better” one. So how they write her so far, i like it

    2. …. easy solution, they take the cat to the Yamato, and then he begins to “take back” his “own Ship”… You get this joke when you research the name of the Cat and his History

      1. with 8 episodes left assuming they will go 13, is it enough to cover all of those? i think this will end on a cliffhanger then announce a season 2 since they are pretty successful on this anime.

  3. Kind of funny, but at that range, a Musashi (or an Iowa, or a Bismarck) would wipe the seabed with those modern cruisers. Since WW2 the design philosophy has shifted to “unarmed ships firing munitions against other unarmed ships”, and penetration power has been sacrificed for range and the ability to avoid interception.

    Why they wouldn’t simply pull back and monitor the Musashi from a range more favourable for them, though… Hollywood tactics strike again, I suppose.

    1. I haven’t watched the episode, but what ranges were they engaged at? Modern cruisers are far more accurate and far faster firing than WW2 era vessels, like 5-inch guns firing firing like 30+ rounds a minute and a bevy of anti-air and anti-ship missiles which can often let off a never ending stream of missiles every few seconds with current-generation setups. In anything but a point blank confrontation, a modern cruiser should be able to easily sink any WW2 ship.

      1. Very close. As in, VERY VERY CLOSE. See this screenshot. For a ship the size of Musashi, that’s practically close quarters. Heck, it’s probably too close for the main turrets to engage!

        Re: modern ships, I don’t have that much faith in modern cruisers… I mean, these ships nowadays are geared towards manoeuvrability and precise fire. They don’t have any armour to speak of, so most of Musashi’s armaments could knock them out. Those old WW2-era battelships are, on the other hand, very thickly armoured; any missile that relies on delayed explosion would be useless, they’d simply bounce off the armour (a 200kg warhead striking armour that was designed against 800kg shells… yeah). I think you could forget most “popular” missiles like Exocets or Harpoons. That said, ASROCs and other modern torpedo systems would be really effective. Still, large battelships were historically very survivable, of tanking 12-18 torpedo hits before going down. In an engagement where both sides exchange fire, a lot of the thinly armoured cruisers would go down by the time the battelship also sank.

        In culmination, I would put my money on modern cruisers – because they are faster, they could disengage and then lob missiles at the WW2 battleships from safe distance. However, at the range the movie depicts, I would expect such a monstrosity to rip the new ships apart… after all, it’s an engagement the WW2 ships were specifically designed for, whereas the modern ships are not.

        …mind, this is also in an “ideal world” where aircrafts play no role. The main reason for battleships going out of fashion were not cruisers after all – it was the appearance of aircraft carriers. No ship can survive a coordinated aerial attack, but losing a cruiser doesn’t hurt as much as losing a battleship.

      2. Well the issue here would be more of accuracy. WW2 ships were far from accurate in ship to ship combat. They were comparatively accurate against stationary targets, but when your target is weaving and zigging and zagging and your shells fly for almost a minute at optimal engagement range, hitting a moving and evading target at the speeds modern cruisers can achieve would be nigh impossible without a fair amount of luck involved, whereas today’s munitions are often led realtime by satellite gps, even some shells and bullets.

  4. So those Hamsters are not only make a person go paranoid/berserk (Not Mind Control) they had also capable of Distracting Electrical Equipment, Jamming Missiles and possibly controlling anything from military vehicle to Naval Ships…WHOA!

    Yup, i mean look at those hamsters…they are still many!
    and yes, That Musashi, I believe they had many on them as well…
    I remember the last episode, Some said that Rat Infestation is common so they need cats to hunt them, but i fear that they are not facing ordinary rodents anymore really…

    So, I wonder what’s next…A Foreign Nuclear Ballistic Submarine go berserk, And fire a…GASP!!…OH OH!

    1. Those two ability are actually related. Mind control (or any abilities that affect the mind of a target)is basically sending electrical signal to the target’s brain to mess with them. (Brief “Toaru Index” explanation of Mind-control ability). IF that ability can be use in multiple way, then we know why someone might put their time and money to create these rat/hamster.

    2. I smell THGTTG here. This maybe just one of the experiments of the hyperintelligent pandimensional beings or the mice. Cheeky mice, theyre going for cute aaian high school girls hehe. there are even dolphins, we might hear them sing the thanks for the fish song towards the end.

  5. ok, so swimsuit episode, check…
    dear miss steering-girl running away is ESSENTIAL part of naval tactics…
    it took 18 real torpedo hits to sink original Yamato, training ones won’t even slow it down…
    so those rodents not only can make people go berserk but electronics go haywire?
    I feel relieved the teacher didn’t open fire on purpose- and feels very bad about that.
    Her testimony should help “self-defence” line of defence for Harekaze crew.

    Anyway now we need to get answers what are those “hamsters”, why they act that way and where did they come from… Harekaze’s Doc looks like smart girl so I expect her to link them with the troubles first.

    1. @ewok40k: “it took 18 real torpedo hits to sink original Yamato, training ones won’t even slow it down”

      FYI – I think you mean Musashi, not Yamato. Musashi was sunk by an estimated 19 torpedoes and 17 bombs hits. One tough tough BB! So was Yamato though it went down in much more spectacular fashion (magazine explosion) after I believe at least 8 bomb and 10-12 torpedo hits.

      And yes, IDK WTF that boy’s HS instructor was thinking with the training ASROCs.

  6. Sadly, I think this show is starting to lose me. I mean… evil gerbils? Why? Why did you have to do this Hai-furi? Surely there was any number of other ways you could have used to set up the Herekaze having to fight alone against everyone else? It’s all just getting too damn goofy to get invested in. I’m going to keep watching, at least for a while because I like the cast and the warship action, but it’s looking like I’m going to have to wait a while longer for a truly great girls and battleships anime.

    Also, the Vice-Captain should really just be the Captain. As Passerby notes, the Captain seems a really irresponsible and just seems too much like a clone of the commander in Girls und Panzer.

    1. Plot twist – Brain is behind the mouse. Seems that Pinky died in one of his attempts to take over the world and that lead him to super saiyan depression. So much so that he managed to create legions of mind-controlling and “ECM” gerbil army in Abyssal Labs since staying at ACME Labs was too painful.

      But back to Akeno Misaki… I would not be surprised if her actions forced a mutiny by the XO or the crew to put the XO in command like what happened in K-19 The Widow Maker. Who would start it, sadly but possibly my most favourite crew i.e. Asst. Chief Engineer. If it goes the K-19 way, the XO would probably and with a heavy heart, put her in the brig and reinstate Akeno Misaki.

      On the other hand however, it would be the XO that would force the mutiny since Akeno’s actions have been deemed as dereliction of duty and putting the ship and her entire crew in harms way. Which I recall from my Coast Guard days, is one of the biggest sin a captain can do.

      Velvet Scarlantina
  7. Wow, we got to physically see a couple males this episode, lol.

    Though I must say that Misaki’s actions at the end of the episode annoyed me.

    As Mashiro pointed out, Misaki was the Captain and had a responsibility to the entire crew, her friends or even “family”, on the ship and yet Misaki was so quick and willing to essentially abandon them all because she ended up letting herself be controlled by her emotions towards just one other friend (dereliction of duty) and now Misaki is left adrift because of, once again, being distracted by her emotions rather than paying attention to the situation around here (she’s lucky she merely hit a piece of debris rather than hit by a stray shell or something), and unable to do anything for anyone while the Harekaze is now under attack by the Musashi without her Captain (while Mashiro is showing more of a Captain mindset in the heat of the situation).

    It’s understandable that Misaki wants to help Moka but what she did was just so selfish and really disqualifies her for being a Captain by showing that she can’t remain objective (for too long) if someone close to her is involved. She doesn’t even seem to give a crap about the rest of the Musashi’s crew – ONLY Moka.

    Although the anime will probably not do something like this aside from maybe Mashiro, but if I were a crew member of the Harekaze, I would be very hard pressed to trust Misaki as Captain with my life after this…

    1. Misaki already gave her order for HareKaze to get away from Musashi fire range before she left to help Moka. It’s their (her crews) own choice to follow her into the risk.

      Moreover, Isn’t what Misaki done so far as captain make you trust her? Mashiro won’t be able to do anything like Mike did in the past eps if she was captain.

    2. But yeah munity is probably coming for Misaki. Misaki will have to prove herself to her crews in order to buy back their trust. Sadly, that means something so bad that Mashiro can’t fix alone will happen to Harekaze….

    3. Well gents, I’m going to repeat what I replied earlier =)

      Even if Akeno has lead Harekaze into hell and out almost unscathed, her emotions put Harekaze and the entire crew at risk. I would not be surprised if her actions forced a mutiny by the XO or the crew to put the XO in command like what happened in K-19 The Widow Maker. Who would start it, sadly but possibly my most favourite crew i.e. Asst. Chief Engineer. If it goes the K-19 way, the XO would probably and with a heavy heart, put her in the brig and reinstate Akeno Misaki.
      On the other hand however, it would be the XO that would force the mutiny since Akeno’s actions have been deemed as dereliction of duty and putting the ship and her entire crew in harms way. Which I recall from my Coast Guard days, is one of the biggest sin a captain can do.

      Velvet Scarlantina
  8. Misaki disappointed me with that string of boneheaded decisions she has just made. In a real ship you would have been detained and sent to the brig to cool your head if you tried to pull a stunt like that. Even if we ignore the dereliction of duty, what was she thinking she was going to be able to do with that small boat of hers against a bloody battleship that is clearly not pulling punches against friendlies? Those last minutes made me rage so hard! Ugh….

    1. Yeah, I sorta agree and it’s a plot-hole. But it was a
      way to show us that her friend is in dire straights on
      the other ship, something not available to see from a
      distance (okay, binoculars maybe?).

      And, it gave a chance for Mashiro (vice -captain – do I
      have right name) to step up to lead.

      Despite it hijinks, I think the mystery is developing
      pretty well. Yeah, there’s silliness, but it’s explained
      in the context of blowing off steam, so it actually sounds

      But they’re high school girls, and will act like young adults.
      That was shown in contrast to the other ships manned by
      seasoned sailors whose disposition and approach to the
      ship Musashi was completely different.

      1. yeah, their High-school girls not Soldiers, also looks like the Ships Crew could read between the lines, and do not want to give up on her. even our German Officer surly want to help. Perhaps she has more battle evasion experience. i do not know

  9. You know what, the Ships can cross the sea. Friendly or angry at the World, shooting all to dust. But what they do when they run out of Fuel (Musashi bottomless Fuel eating monster!) and Food? Can they just refill it on some “random” swimming Shopping mile, too? i doubt that. So, in the end its an endurance of Fuel and starving

    you should come to an conclusion until them, or the ones controlling the Mouse, are “friends” and they restock them on the open sea

    1. do even the Musashi had that many food, fuel, ammo and all that, bunker in his belly just for an school exercise? Our Destroyer was not filled up to max either…

    2. reminds me somehow of an ST:TNG Episode. Where it began with an Game, they become so addict of it, that they lost the will to do their duties. Even the Captain got addict to this game. And in the end, it was a clever sabotage from outside to hijack the Enterprise without resistance. in the end Data saved the day, in sending an impulse to counter the “mind control”…

      This anime reminds me a bit of that. Also, do not get to addict to games that you forget to Live!!

  10. Well, I’ll say this. Even after alien (or “lab experiment gone wrong”) mind control, electronic jamming (and possibly telekinetic given Tama’s leap from the sea) not-hamsters, the show still managed to surprise me. I did not expect shooting down 3200lb/1460kg Type 1 AP shells out of the air. I mentioned how the Type 98 10cm/65 guns were known as excellent AA guns, but I guess I didn’t think “air defense” in general – shooting down shells instead of planes. Lucky for the Allies that the IJN didn’t think of such tactics. *sigh* Suffice it to say what played out was more than just “eyebrow raising” for me. It’s a ridiculously almost impossible shot, and frankly I have doubts whether a 29lb/13 kg 10cm HE shell could destroy such a massive AP shell anyway (FYI – AP shells have delay fuses so it would not blow up right away normally after hitting something).

    It’s not like the Harekaze crew hadn’t done some amazing things already (despite the show trying to play them off as “worst in class” underdog rookies). Incredibly difficult rudder shot on Graf Spee, simultaneously one-shotting four superlative Type 95 torps in the water at night on top of a bunch of other stuff, but this takes the proverbial cake. Any remaining suspension of disbelief is now shattered. What’s left for our plucky young crew to do? Shooting down bombs or missiles? Eh, you already simultaneously shot down 3 shells in flight so that would be expected. They can dodge almost anything, and if they can’t dodge they just shoot down the rest. The plot armor here makes Musashi’s 16.1″ (410mm) belt armor look like wet tissue paper.

    What makes this all the worse for me is that I erroneously thought a large part (i.e. pretty much all) of the crew’s amazing gunnery before was due to the main guns being mostly automated – some form of radar guided modern fire control system. Instead when it comes to weapons (including ASW), EVERYTHING is apparently done MANUALLY. When they shot down Musashi’s shells, Tama spots the shells via binoculars, instantly determines precise range, speed and angle of decent, instantly calculates the correct deflection shot targeting coordinates in her head (who the hell needs a fire control computer?), relays orders via voice tube (>_>), and then the turret crew MANUALLY adjusts traverse via a hand crank (I assume elevation is done the same way). Hand cranks? It’s not even WWII tech. The Type 98 and even older Type 89 twin gun had electro-hydraulic powered traverse and elevation. The show went BACKWARDS in tech here. Huh?

    “Alien not-hamsters” screwing with electronics confirmed. No surprise. I admit I’m curious to see how these not-hamsters came about.

    A couple things I liked. I liked that Rin (chief navigator) explained how she found the sea calming and joined the Blue Mers as a method of self-improvement. That works well for her character IMO. I also liked the fact that unlike the last two battles, Harekaze’s engines were not used as a plot device (i.e. Harekaze can only go 27kn against Graf Spee – 1.5kn slower than Graf Spee’s flank speed, and can only go cruising speed (18kn) vs. I-201’s underwater flank speed of 20kn).

    Lastly, in the camp that didn’t like Akeno (Capt) rushing off to save her BFF. First of all, what happened to all that stuff in the previous episodes about how you viewed a ship’s crew as family (why you were picked to be captain)? Second, uh, what exactly is she going to do anyway? HOW is she even going to board Musashi? She didn’t bring an alien not-hamster so she can’t jump like 10m on to the deck. Even if she does get on board Musashi then what? “Umm… please stop being mind controlled”? At least bring a couple of those “super-soaker” water guns we saw earlier as weapons to battle the mind control, water-fearing not-hamsters. Whether Akeno’s actions create issues with the Harekaze crew or not in the future, I’m not sure, but wouldn’t surprise me if they just rolled with it. After all, Tama went all Rambo out of nowhere, potentially threatening the entire crew’s safety, and they are cool with that.

    1. Oh man, at this rate, it’s as if the cruise missile hit the drydock before they even finished the ship. I may not know every single thing about the tech, but man do your observations strike me as eye-opening, haha. XD

      BTW, flank speed? Does that refer to the vessels’ full speed or what?

      Nishizawa Mihashi
      1. i dunno, but some Engines can go over their Safety Limit for an short time, others would call it “overdrive”. Submarines had this kind of Speed.. Well an PC Simulator had one “insane speed forward”. Others would perhaps calling it Ram speed in old times

        i s this what he means with Flank speed?

    2. @Nishizawa Mihashia @Worldwidedepp: “Flank speed” is a ship’s true maximum speed – akin to what Worldwidedepp said. It’s “emergency speed” use when the ship is in danger (e.g the ship is under attack, or needs to retreat from battle as fast as possible, etc.). However, it’s not sustainable for long periods of time = faster than “full speed ahead”.

      In retrospect, ship speed stats I used are probably “full speed ahead” (the number was just listed under “speed”) and not “flank speed”. So replace “flank speed” in my post with “full speed” (is “top speed” OK here?). I’ll try to be more mindful of terminology in the future.

  11. I had and inspiration today in how the ones behind this all, messed up with our Main Cast Destroyer

    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Also is Musashi would use timely explosive HE Shells (at some distance the Shell explode midair), the Shockwave from the explosion would create damage where you do not need to hit very accurate… But lucky? in WW2 these kind of Ammo explosion did not found any use….. or i am mistaken? this are then some kind of Shock wave shells… ahh…. i am an dummy… AA Shells are working this way…after reaching the destination high, they explode…

    1. and also, with this many Mouse on the Cruisers, do their Crew also fall under Mind Control? then they have even more Uptodate Weapons under their control…


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