Biological or surrogate?

The Aftermath:

While Ichigo and Orihime are facing off against Juha, we start off the chapter with Rukia and Renji, the other pairing who I hope end up together by the end. But shipping aside, where the heck have these two been? From what we saw, a bunch of characters got knocked aside by Gerard early on in the fight and so didn’t get the oppertunity to shine. We’ve also got Shinji, Momo, Soifon, Omaeda, and the rest of the vizards who should all be nearby. And let’s not forget Yumichika, Ikkaku, Hanataro, and Mayuri. Basically, there’s a bunch of characters still be to be accounted for, and I’m starting to think that perhaps Kubo doesn’t know what to do with all of them. Will we get to see some more bankais before the series is over, or is it too late? I sure hope not, but I imagine Rukia and Renji will have something to do in the coming months. As for this week, their re-introduction was mainly played for comedy, as they mistook Hitsugaya in his adult form to be his older brother. It’s silly, but it’s classic Bleach comedy, and I got a chuckle out of it.

The main character is back!

The Final Battle Begins:

The majority of the chapter was dedicated to the beginning of Ichigo and Juha, with Ichigo shouting most of the time and Juha sitting in his chair making snide remarks – and he’s still focusing on Ichigo being his true son. I’ve always read that as Juha being the “father” of all the quincy, as his blood flows through them all, and in the case of Ichigo there has been a version of Juha inside of him this whole time. Ichigo doesn’t believe that Juha is really his dad, and neither do I. And while the art and panelling is neat, nothing much else happens other that provocations and Ichigo getting angry over the passing of his mother. What action there was looked cool, but I foresee readers complaining that these upcoming chapters will be lacking in content, even when they are clearly battle chapters and that has always been the case with Bleach.

Still Getsuga Tenshou, still awesome.

Overview – What’s Next?:

It’s still surreal to me that we’re entering the final battle – or what looks to be the final battle. There’s still so much to be covered, so I’ll be keen see how it is all balanced. Will we switch down to Ishida and Haschwalth’s fight before Ichigo goes all out, or will we be privy to a bankai release? Gerard and Lille are still alive, so there’s got to be something going on with both of them. While it would be interesting to stick with this fight for now, that would mean the end of Bleach as well know it. While Ichigo is in desperate need of a genuine fight this arc, I’d rather we wrapped up everything else before we got into the thick of this battle with Juha.


    1. What is cringy, is the non-stop whiny-ass complaining all over the web a week after a week. Go, sit down, and reprioritize your life if the series is so cringy.

      1. You can like a series and still recognize its faults. I think that this was not very good writing compared to everything else that we’ve seen lately. It’s hard to take a ‘twist’ like this seriously, but perhaps it is less cheesy to the Japanese who are the primary audience due to varying cultures and ‘tropes’ in our writing.

  1. So Yhwach is the father…and the mother? Guess they hadn’t biology 1200 years ago. Or maybe it has something to do with Ichigo probably being one of these special Quincy.
    Definitely not the final battle. There is too much amiss and it just doesn’t feel like the final battle. Not to mention that Yhwach for some reason is not using the Almighty and that Ichigo is probably not nearly as powerfull. Also it looks like Yhwach wants to die.

  2. Like how Ichigo walks in there all badass… leaking reiatsu and shit… “like don’t worry I got this Inoue”

    then procedes to bust out getsuga tenshou like every other time… and remarkably.. is surprised when his initial attack is rebuffed….

    By the way note all the throne room stuff is adorned with Inoue earring style motifs… (throne.. sexy non-structural columns etc…)

  3. If God would say… Children i am your father!!… it’s the same here. Juha is seeing himself as the God of all.. the powers finally made him high nose flying in an other dimension. he see himself now not only as the Quincy god, no now also as the Shinigami God.. it still lacks the Human god…

    So, just an insanity rant of an villain being an God. nothing more

    1. Perhaps Juha will get defedend, but his Spirit form (like his Quincy Bodyguards) will take possession of his “Sleeping” placeholder.. So ishida will get an hard time

  4. Really? They are pulling an Empire Strikes Back? Is that where this is going? Goddammit KUBO. I haven’t read this manga just it’s shit but I thought it would be at final battle and NOW THEY START. Bleach is like the TV show Arrow, what was once good now turns into SHIT.

    Corey Lucas

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